Three Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Investing
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Three Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Investing


  • cai

    I have a question should I use rental property as an type of heloc or should I creat an llc and move the property in to the llc then using llc as type of business loan

  • David Underwood

    All my friends thought I was foolish in our early 20's. They would brag about how they would make like 10 thousand on a flip in like 3 months. They wondered why the hell would I rent out a house because my profit was only like 300 a month. Even I self doubted myself. Fast forward 18 years to the future  and now I own 20 houses, half of which are paid off and I no longer need to work and can literally save 5 thousand a month. They still are working everyday with no choice in the matter. I can take most days off and am focusing on other opportunities. If you have the patience, work ethic and foresight, buy and hold is what will get you wealthy. It's funny looking back on how I would beg banks for loans, now they beg me to borrow with all their crap they send me constantly. I don't need it anymore!

  • Cory Moszee

    What's the difference between paying off the property so you can have the maximum ROI per property and then use that ROl to purchase more properties? Instead of leveraging?

  • Sniper Paint Correction

    How could someone like me with no money learn real estate and make money. How would I get to that point to be able to buy my first house for some cash flow

  • Gee purrs

    I haven't held a home over 12 yrs yet but from what I understand is that from a tax depreciation perspective it is best to sell or let's say do a 1031 exchange at around that 12 yr mark and start with a freshly acquired home with a new depreciation schedule. Thoughts??

  • Gee purrs

    One of my customers just flipped a house. Man did he run into shit. It wound up taking a year to sell after he was done with it cause the city wouldn't give a COA. They were making up lies saying he didn't have permits. They even said he didn't get a permit for the new furnace they claimed he put it. He DIDN"T put in a new furnace! He wound up having to sue the city. He recently won his case. I know he got paid back a lot of money for the months of mortgage payment he had to make and the taxes he had to pay. This particular city is known to be a pain in the ass for landlords and renovators.

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