Three Secrets Zillow Does Not Want You to Know-  Real Estate Advice Boston
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Three Secrets Zillow Does Not Want You to Know- Real Estate Advice Boston

Grab a pen and paper because what I am going
to tell you will change the way you use Zillow. First as a disclosure I advertise on Zillow
because it is a great way for a mortgage professional to build relationships with realtors and connect
with buyers. Tip#1 Finding the Right Property. Do you ever
wonder why you never see celebrities, athletes, and people of significant influence at open
houses on the weekend? Tom Brady where are you? Chances are they have exclusive relationships
with real estate agents that show them “pocket listings” otherwise known as “ off the
market listings.” As opposed to searching Zillow for a home and going directly to the
listing agent, try interviewing local agents that have significant success in the area
you want to buy. Once you found the best agent, sign an exclusive buyer’s agreement with
that agent. Without an exclusive agreement you have very little chance of seeing the
properties you really want to buy. Your agent will not only have your best interest at heart,
but will also have a good idea of what properties are available in the area, and ones that may
be coming on the market, soon. Tip #2 Home Value. Zestimates are a great
tool for a range of values, but not a specific value. Specific value is important to ensure
you are paying the right price for you home. Zillow does not go into the home to get it’s
Zestimate it uses general information to estimate a home’s value. Any real estate agent will
tell you, you need to physically look at a property and use specific data to really know
a home’s true value. Tip #3 Properties For Sale. The real estate
agents you see next to the listings for a property on Zillow are not the listing agents
most of the time. I say most of the time because Zillow does have agreements with certain real
estate companies to ensure the listing agent is listed with the property. The listing agent
will be the best resource for information on the property and can answer any specific
questions you have. If you want to meet the listing agent go to the open house. Here’s a bonus tip for you! Check the Facts.
Zillow allows the owner to claim the home and make changes to the property. You need
a realtor on your side to double check the facts on the property and give you an estimate
on the value. Don’t go into this alone. Contact me for a free consultation and subscribe
to my Youtube Channel to keep up to date on the latest mortgage and real estate trends.


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