Those Who Can’t – Loren, the Realtor? | truTV
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Those Who Can’t – Loren, the Realtor? | truTV

So what did you say? I said, “Half bath? I’ll let you know when I need
to take a half dump.” [ Both laugh ] Oh, my God! Shane, your anecdotes
alone, bro — killing me. -So, get this.
-Yeah. I’m the exclusive
listing agent for some new
lux condos in SuTo. Lux condos in Sucktown? Yeah, no, I don’t think
that’s going — No, not Sucktown — SuTo.
We’re rebranding it. Real estate’s
all about spin. Take a house that’s
next to train tracks. Yeah. It’s not next
to train tracks. It’s
“convenient to transit.” Ah, okay. So, like, “mid-century modern”
instead of “asbestos vault.” Dude, you’re a natural. Why don’t you take
the Realtor exam, join my team? I don’t know. The Gables at SuTo
is only in Phase One. There’s a ton
of potential sales. If I join, do I get one
of these sick teal blazers? Or coral.
Your choice, bro. No, teal, all the way. That’s my team. -You know what? Try it on.
-Really? Want to see what you
look like in this bad boy. Okay. Oh, yeah. Dude, you look better
in that than I do. Right? I’m gonna take
some pictures. Cool? Hell, yeah. I can see the bus ad
right now. Boom. Oh, my God.
Where do I sign? On the signature line. Oh. Yeah.
That tracks. There we go.


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