• Dezrt

    "Now I'm gonna have to look for something new to want"…annnnnddd this justifies everything the poor guy said. Can't wait until he's broken things off and wheels his beautiful house elsewhere.

  • Wholesale Jewelry $5 or less

    We just need fair taxes.. Why do we even pay taxes anyway? Does anyone know? Are they sending our tax money to GOD for escrow when we die?

  • juan rosa

    Hopefully she at least cooks or something. This man deserves a medal. The house is wonderful, good job to both of them.

  • Amber V

    You can tell the guy is a good dude because of what he’s willing to do for his cats. I hope he finds a woman who appreciates him for that, and not his tiny house building skills.

  • golden dragon

    they look at each other like there's a million things under the surface they are suppressing about each other and come off as awkward trying to act normal and nice..although he has put work in he comes off as a non committal beta nerd and she comes across as a stealthy passive-aggressive alpha bitch who knows how to wear various masks for a purpose lol wtf? I tried to hold myself back but viewing the comments makes it seem less crazy of an appraisal…I think he needs to rough it in the bush to become a real man instead of playing lapdog to her in a converted shipping container which aint even a cage with golden bars as he stares out the windows at greenery and wishes he could be one of the birds sitting on a branch…able to fly away to brighter horizons…his morbid favourite colour of black which aint a colour but a shade provides more clues to the silent fart like awkward chemistry they have..she got her dream and he got a box as an achievement…next step is his evolution beyond her box and out of that box probably for another box inside a box to be boxed in by until he finds out who he is at 55 a broken down wreck hung over after waking up in the early afternoon in a filthy room littered with beer bottels in cambodia next to a thin dark sleeping whore on the bed who understood his dribble and needed the dough

  • nina12

    I don’t like the “yes or no” questions ALL the time. All you hear are, “yes, …..” . Can you switch up the questions? Try Open ended or just having the describe something or like, “hey, I noticed this. Can you explain more on it..”

  • George Wright

    That catio is the best I've seen for a tiny home! Nice effort! Plus 20 million views on this video!! WOW! Ignore the comments, the dude just seems a little nervous on camera. If you have ever been recorded like this, I'm sure you could relate.

  • xevious2501

    I think a tiny home is a GREAT idea. Mainly due to two factors.. 1st. most tiny homes arent so tiny as one may think, As most tiny homes are in fact as large if not larger than a standard studio apartment which most people live in quite comfortably. 2nd. tiny homes built from storage containers can be as large as a typical one to two bedroom apartment. meaning all the extra expenses that comes with having a full blown house including renting an equally sized apartment (lets not even get into buying a condo) , come at a fraction of the cost with a "tiny" home. As long as such places provide proper heat and water (hot and cold) a tiny home is truly a brilliant option. Lets also not forget, tiny homes are anything but new concept. generation past, families with considerable income often purchased vacation beach bungalows and woodland cabins. those were in fact tiny homes.

  • Ann Kaufmann

    This is one of THE MOST beautiful tiny homes I have ever seen!!! As a mother of 2 indoor cats I can especially appreciate the "cat run"! Very well done!


    Yeah, you're right! It absolutely blew my mind. From the tremendously amazing design & materials and the budget… truely an extra ordinary!!! I love it💗💗💗

  • Kate Whitley

    I just watched this for the first time without the audio. Then I read the comments about the seemingly awkward chemistry between the couple. So I immediately watched it again with the audio turned on and… I don't get it. They seem like two nice, private people who let a very tall man whom they don't know come into their home and film every inch of it for a world of strangers to gawk at. If they seemed awkward, it wasn't with each other, it was with the invasion of privacy they were somewhat hesitant to allow. The whole time they were filming, they were probably thinking, "Should we be doing this?"

    Their home is gorgeous and we should all be thanking them for sharing it with us!

  • Pink Magic Ali

    Aw, watching this is making me homesick, I live in the city but the Mountains is my home.
    I wonder where they are precisely, I suspect I know.

  • DatBoiDJGaming

    I was so distracted by the red mark on the dude face I didn't care about the house but what's going on with his face.

  • James Postle

    So there was a big bushfire that destroyed houses – that's why you'd have a massive pile of firewood right near your house? WTF?

  • Angry Dark Elf

    I don't get why people get into relationships without a hint of chemistry just to get some weird material gain from it. The house is dope, but… c'mon…

  • californiakayaker N6GRG

    I like the feature at the end of the counter with the knives ect on looks like magnets ? Inspirational design.

  • James Eger

    Nice…but…hipsterhomes are not my thing. Lots of little ideas here n there. Just my opinion. Nice score on the land. Ide jump on it too.

  • 1 million subs and I stop commenting

    Parents: "you're to close to the TV"
    Tiny house owner kids: "we're on the other side of the room!!!"

  • 0900McShizzle

    He truly loves her if he was willing to compromise and live in a smaller house than he’s used to. She’s bubbly and jovial and isn’t after a large expensive and luxurious house. She also makes up for his introverted personality and I think they make a nice cute couple. Can everyone please back off? Just be thankful that they’ve shared their beautiful space with us

  • Jude Roberts

    I dont feel sorry for this guy, not at all. He was very about himself the whole way through eg my tv, my house etc. He built the home to show he could but I think due to his nature, he would do that with any house he built – and he will build again. It really is a lovely house.

  • Angie Gutierrez

    This tiny house is my absolute favorite tiny house! It's beautiful and I like that there's no small tight crawling spaces. Great job on building it!!

  • Jay Fisher

    Sooooooo many relationship professionals in the chat. Leave them alone and appreciate the damn video. Has nothing to do with their personal lives.

  • Naomi Takimoto

    This tiny house is one of the best designed homes I’ve seen over the internet by far. The lofts which actually should be called as second floor because of the height of the ceiling which gives you plenty of headroom to stand up and walking around are amazingly beautiful, plus the connection bridge between the two lofts as well as all these skylights are brilliant. The bathroom is very spacious and looking beautiful as well as very practical. The kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous, and again as well as the rest of the house, it’s well thought layout works perfectly practical while giving you more than enough storage space in elegant setting. The outside living space for not only humans are gorgeous but for cats to enjoy a safe playground, are absolutely brilliant design. Over all, this couple has impeccable clean design sense as well as at most logical sense to achieve functionality while keeping the beauty of design and combined all elements into truly amazing dream home! Impressive 💕

  • rpmasse01

    So, she's a bachelor student who spent all her time on instagram looking at tiny houses and met a construction guy who was desperate enough to go out with her and then actually build her a tiny house. He probably paid for every and now she's happy cause she's featured in a YouTube video. Poor guy.

  • Col83

    So let me get this right? She bangs on about tiny houses and he cares for her so much that he's put his blood sweat and tears (MONEY) into building her what she dreamed of. Yet they met ONLINE! Yikes, no chance I'm getting with some hoe on a dating app.

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