This Land is Our Land
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This Land is Our Land

You know I only have a few years left in
life, maybe 20 years, 15 maybe. So I thought about what’s the most
important thing that I could do in the time that I have here, and taking care of
my grandkids and making sure that they have a place to enjoy, that they have
streams to enjoy, that they have wildlife to enjoy, that’s probably one of the most
important things I can do. Nestle is drawing water from a spring or
a well within the National Forest, within public lands that are owned by the
people of the United States. It’s drawing that water and then it’s
diverting it in a pipe down several miles to outside of the forest. Nestle has an expired special use permit
issued in 1978 that expired in 1988. That permit allowed them to occupy national
forest land with the infrastructure necessary to remove water, and they take
anywhere from 50 to 150 million gallons a year depending on certain conditions. The Forest Service
maybe is getting a pittance of what this water is worth. We’re subsidizing a business that
depletes that public land resource, and that then creates a cost on down the
line and its life cycle as well in the waste management costs. The drought drags on, the watershed grows drier. Why is a foreign corporation like Nestle
being allowed to withdraw millions and millions of gallons out of our watershed
making a huge, huge profit? Do you have any intention of ceasing bottling operations in in California? Absolutely not. In fact, if I could
increase it, I would. We feel good about what we’re doing. Strawberry Creek is just barely hanging
on basically, because there’s so much water removed. And then when we saw the
drought is currently going on that’s the worst drought in recorded history here So all of that together made me really
worry about Strawberry Creek. I thought, there’s a good chance we can completely
dry strawberry creek up. The Strawberry drainage is is a critical drainage for our plant and animal communities, and it
becomes more and more critical every year because as the urban population in
Southern California grows, the national forests down in Southern California are
becoming more and more isolated islands of plant and animal communities. This is a dry habitat, which means that
those riparian areas, those areas that are wet, are essential especially in dry
years like this year to wildlife. And it’s at .18 now, .18 cubic feet per
second, which is nothing. I mean it’s almost no water. Species that have lived
there over eons of time could be lost. It’s just a, it’s a terrible thing. The Forest Service hasn’t looked
at this in a number of years, and so they can’t say, “Yes we’re protecting those
public resources. Yes we’re making sure that there is sufficient water for all
the species. Yes we’re making sure that we are holding this in trust for the
people of the United States. We’re using it in a sustainable way.” And they’re obligated by
law to use the resources of the National Forest in a sustainable way. A year ago I started begging the Forest
Service and Nestle to start meeting together, to start talking about
Strawberry Creek, to work together on their permit, and on
protecting the National Forest. And I was begging them to do that, and still
nothing’s happened. There’s still no meetings, there’s just talk. Everybody in California is affected by
the drought, but not Nestle or any other water bottling company. I mean this is our water. The water
in those mountains belongs to every Californian and every taxpayer in America. Personally I invested 40 plus years of
my life being a professional Forester, and I care a great deal that public land
in our country is properly managed. Especially in a manner that makes sure
that the goods and services it provides are there for future generations, and that’s not how it’s being managed
right now.


  • phototartuk

    This video makes me angry and sad at the same time. I despise Nestlé and have boycotted them for years, but more people need to do the same. However, the Forestry Service are guilty of gross negligence and should be taken to task by the Governor of California for allowing Nestlé to continue to steal a national resource 18 years after their license expired.

    I would also suggest that it might be helpful to the cause if that very accessible pipeline sprung a few leaks! ahem

  • Leonie Lyall

    I'm a long way from California, but Nestles is now a definite on my boycott list- will never buy another Nestles' product until they clean up their game.

  • Mark Anderson

    It would be great if USFS didn't have to draw money from other programs for emergency firefighting. Lawmakers need to ensure that USDA/FS has adequate funding for both.

  • japhy2230xpl

    THIS VIDEO MISDIRECTS THE REAL ISSUES!!!  If this pipe was such a problem then why the hell didn't these two retired Forest Service guys do anything about the permit during the TWENTY SEVEN YEARS since it was expired. They could have reissued it with strict conditions on operation or flat out denied it. Twenty Seven years is the length of a career for crying out loud, couldn't they have found 5 minutes a day to look at it?? This video paints them as some sort of environmental heros instead of the "sit-on-their-ass-do nothing" government employees which they probably were!! Here is an idea for Californians – look at your own personal water use (ie watering lawns), wasteful agricultural uses, 100 year old leaking infrastructure, & failed water right policies!

  • Up Hacker

    "This land is our land" This just make me cry a lot inside when I think of Native Americane people… But at least I totally agry the fact Nestlé is doing wrong.

  • Andrew Sal

    Definitely boycotting Nestle. Let's do a nationwide, global boycott of them. Who else should we add to that list? It's something we the people can do. Let's find ways to provide ourselves with water. Become self sustainable as we Fight Back.

  • Derek Oxenreider

    When I stopped for gas in North Platte, Nebraska last month, I saw pallets and pallets of Nestle water at the Love's Gas Station there!

  • cindy garay

    Good Job people — We are the POWER Not the Corporations!  YES, Stop buying their CRAP!    Also be KEENLY aware of Geo-Engineering & WEATHER WARFARE!

  • Gangster Gringo

    While I'm happy this has been brought out to light and I will not buy nestle products if my research turns up all this is true; I find it pretty messed up that you were donated funds to make a mini documentary that you are now charging $250 to watch, only $150 if your a school though. Nestle is using resources for almost free that we in a way pay to preserve, then uses that basically free resource to profit. How is that different than what your doing with the dvds?

  • danceofthedruids

    We all have to pay for the water we use … Nestle got their billions of gallons for only $524 per year. Someone in government got bought off … again …

  • Jamie Dallas

    I recommend reading "Taking Care of Business: Citizenship and the Charter of Incorporation" for insight into how we might regain control over corporations and prevent them from causing harm to people and the environment. It was required reading material in a political science college course on theories of power.

  • Forbiddenjadetheonly

    Are you aware that Nestle' claims to be perfectly in line with federal laws on this? They are claiming that as they are "awaiting a renewal of the permit" – since 27 years ago, what a joke! – that allows them to exploit the reservoirs "within federal law" permits. I posted on their facebook page to shame them, everyone should do the same! These are greedy and shameless people that are taking from others to make themselves rich. We (the people) have the power to shame them and have them held accountable: we must campaign against Nestle' on all our social media accounts. Many don't know what they did, and even if it was – which is not – in their right to take that water, it still is WRONG! Let them know what you think of their doings, boycott the company and stop providing them money which they use to do wrong to you, your kids and everyone's future.

  • Rob Gallagher

    So I can't wash my car, water my lawn, or shower more than 5 minutes, but nestle can take millions of gallons of water, while everyone else tries to conserve through a drought of which we have no idea when it's going to end?

    Sounds like typical America to me.

  • cybertigress

    Oh ya we are BOYCOTTing Nestle ! They have quite a list of products

    Baby foods
    Bottled water
    Chocolate & confectionery
    Culinary, chilled & frozen food
    Food service
    Healthcare nutrition
    Ice cream

  • Q Zhang

    Summary: These companies take water away to aggravate drought in California and force the residents to buy bottled water because there is no clean water any more, then make profit while taking more water way, creating more drought… You are kidding me.

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    they are moving onto Oregon now, the Local State Officials are tripping that it will bring jobs to outer areas. But, we know that's a misleading guarantee. Made by a greedy company, that money is no#1.

  • Hashké Tsiishch'ilí

    Just get the hell off our land. If you do not have the common sense just to destroy a pipe to stop a criminal activity you become part of the problem and enable them.

  • XTT

    Hey idiots, stop complaining and cut the line! Break the pipe and that is it! "Oh look, that guy is raping my daughter… let me do a video on how unfair that is with cute music".

  • jabbermocky

    I never "got" the whole bottled water thing. Remember when yuppies first started toting imported single-serve containers with fancy water around, to show how "special" they were. Then, suddenly, everybody began to do it. I thought, "what a bunch of pathetic bottle babies, probably weaned too soon or something." Then, gradually, it dawned on me that the boom in bottled water sales was more about advertising and peer pressure. A corporation's cynically engineered dream come true. The fact that most bottled water comes out of municipal taps, just like the free water you get at home or work, has not been understood by the masses of insecure, fearful consumers in America. Maybe now it's time to grasp that fact before they begin to push expensive bottled air with fancy labels on the outside. Made in China, of course. Cough, weeze….

  • Jiaelle

    We people of this planet have to wake up! These videos have to be shared worldwide! All the big companies have no interest in supporting us. They're only interested in increase of their already enormous profit. No matter if they're called Nestlé, Monsanto or whatever their names.

  • Xyz Same

    They are trying that everywhere – but in the "First World" countries the population can push back. In the moderate climate zone in Europe there are companies (Nestlé and smaller players) allowed to remove water – usually there are regulations so that they do not damage the aquifers or drain the supply of the other participants in the system. But in these countries they have plenty of water so that is no problem, these happen to be the countries that usually are very aware of water quality and where you can well drink the tap water.

    That includes certainly Switzerland where Nestlé is from, Germany (at least the parts that are not subject to heavy industrial agriculture). The Netherlands not so much (too much big AG) but I guess also in France there might be regions where they have good tap water – although Big Water is really big in France too. In Paris a contract expired for private corps managing the water system – now the community takes care again of the public water supply.

    The citizens were sick and tired of the corruption and shenanigans. Of course it does not work if you hand over a quasi monopoly to for-profit players (and big players at that).

  • Media Design

    Can you imagine if the civil rights movement just sat back and make youtube videos. We would still have separate drinking fountain. SMH you environmentalist talk to dam much. Cut the pipe and everytime they fix it cut it again.

  • Brenda Robinson

    Water is LIFE! And NESTLE is stealing our water and selling it back to us! Wake up people! BOYCOTT ALL NESTLE PRODUCTS. EVIL GREEDY BULLY.

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