This Is Iowa: Real Estate Stunt in NYC
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This Is Iowa: Real Estate Stunt in NYC

Nicole: Hi, I’m Nicole. Woman 1: Nice to meet you. Nicole: Hi, who is this? Man 1: This is Emmitt. Nicole: Hi Emmitt. Follow me back. You guys can take a seat here. Hi. And tell me a little bit about
where you live right now. Woman 2: So we live in
Long Island city, Nicole: Ok. Woman 2: but we’re living in
like, a large studio. Man 2: Now we want something bigger Man 1: A bigger space,
we’re ready to buy. Nicole: Uh huh. Woman 3: We need bigger space. Nicole: Ok so it’s small,
what’s the square footage like? Woman 3: It’s about 650 square feet. Nicole: Ok. Woman 2: 550 or something. Nicole: When you move, what would you like
to maybe stay the same, what would you like to change? Man (R): I think I would
like to be near a park. Man 1: Definitely parks. Woman 2: So like would love to
have a washer and dryer in the unit, would love to have a balcony. Nicole: So this is the first one, it’s a one bedroom,
one bathroom. So these are all up and coming neighborhoods
close to like microbreweries, a bunch of these properties are near
like James Beard award-winning restaurants, Man (L): Oh wow. art museums. It’s 710 sq ft and it’s
$875 a month, and you can see here,
nice natural light, right. Man 1: $875 a month? Nicole: Uh huh. Man 4: Well that’s just the maintenance right? The maintenance fees are $875? Nicole: No this is rental, so its Man 4: Oh this is, oh whoa. Nicole: Ok so now were going
to move into purchase. It has a private outdoor yard space, and then you can see here
there is a balcony as well. Now this is the mud room. Woman 5: Oh that’s nice. Nicole: Do you have a
mud room in your apartment now? Man (R): No. Both: *Laughter* Nicole: And this is $290,000. Woman 2: I mean that’s dirt cheap so… Man 1: Our last two bedroom
they wanted 1.8 Nicole: Million?! Man 1: Yeah. Nicole: Ok, well… Man 1: For 840 square feet Nicole: Wow. Woman 1: Yeah. Nicole: This one is
four bedrooms. Man 4: Ok. Nicole: Has that open kitchen
you were talking about, this is a walk-in closet for food,
it’s called a walk-in pantry. Man 4: Oh my god,
that is so nice. Woman 4: Yeah. Nicole: And then off of this walk-in
pantry is the washer/dryer. Man 4: Sweet. Woman 4: That’s awesome. Nicole: This is four bedrooms
for just shy of 500. Man (R): Really? Wow! Woman 2: What?! Man 4: Where is this? Nicole: These are all a little
bit outside of the city but, average commute is
19 minutes. Woman 2: Ok. Nicole: Ok and then we’re
moving on to the last one. Man 6: Oh my god! Nicole: So this is 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, it’s 3,600 square feet, and this is $379,000. Man 6: No…. Seriously? Couple 2: *laughter* Man 2: Come on! Where is this? Nicole: So I’ll let you guys
in on a little secret. Man (R): Mhmm Nicole: All of these properties are in Iowa. Man (R): Oh my gosh, ok.
I was like. Man 2: *censor beep* Couple 1: *laughter* Nicole: I’m an actor, this
is a fake real estate office, I am not a realtor. People outside are actors Man (R): This whole thing is fake. Nicole: It’s all fake. Man (R): What? No way! Nicole: Those snacks are actors,
this is not a cup. Both Men: *laughter* Nicole: So we set-up this office to talk
to people about how Iowa isn’t just corn fields. So whenever I said it
was 19 minutes to the city, that’s true, just not this city. Couple 2: *laughter* Woman 2: I was like what? Man (L): These were like apartments I very
much imagine you would see in New York. Nicole: Yes right, just not for that price. Every property I showed you today is
in an up and coming neighborhood in Dubuque, Des Moines,
Council Bluffs, or Waterloo. It has a bunch of job
opportunities in sectors like, global finance, technology,
life sciences Man 4: It’s not just a flyover state. Nicole: Yeah, exactly. It was ranked last year by
US News and World Report as the #1 state in the country
and the #5 place to raise a family. Man 1: That’s incredible. Man 2: You know, pretty much everything we’re
looking for, modern properties, the best amenities. Man (R): I was thinking, like, there’s no way this is in New York,
the prices were so fantastic and the spaces were so large. Man (L): Yeah there was a lot of style. I mean all of those were places I would
very much want to see myself living in. Woman 3: I didn’t think that the homes
in Iowa would be that modern. Man 3: It makes me want to go. Man 5: This has opened my eyes,
I’ve got to look into Iowa.


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    This is for real! Everything you are looking for can be found in Iowa. We welcome you to Jefferson, Iowa in particular!

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  • Billy C

    As an Iowan (family here since 1848), it's a great place, but don't expect much once you leave any metro area. Rural Iowa is withering and doesn't offer much opportunity outside of agriculture, healthcare, or truck driving.

  • Victorian Sculptures

    A completely STUPID idea put together by an idiot governor wasting tax dollars on this scam, scamming people and wasting their valuable time in this fake real estate office. Hopefully we'll be rid of this idiot governor next election, and replace her with a governor who is concerned about the PEOPLE ALREADY HERE!

  • slynnefrizell

    They forgot to mention how the population is mostly white, has deteriorating water quality, too many hog confinements, ranks poorly for animal cruelty (e.g. puppy mills, egg factories, etc), GOP majority in state gov't, the corporate/factory farms, and tornadoes. And I won't live anywhere else as long as my family is here……plus, it's better than KS, MO, or OK.

  • Management Resource Group, Ltd.

    We have been recruiting the best and brightest to Iowa and Illinois for 30 years and can honestly say the communities in Iowa are fantastic. Come for the connections and make an impact!

  • Eric Weiman

    I love iowa but my rent in iowa city is crazy high cuz of the university. Davenport is literally a third of the price for the same stuff. University pays well but it is taken out with high rent and paying to park anywhere you want to go.

  • Greg Yokanovich

    My friends feared for me when I moved back to Iowa…I don't regret it for a second. When the school system I left had scary statistics such as, "50% of all students who enter high school do not graduate"…we moved. I pay a third of what I was paying in rent for an efficiency apartment and I have 5 bedrooms, a 10,000 square foot yard and I have no idea what a traffic jam is.

  • Stephen Lombardi

    I'm sorry, but this is a ridiculous marketing campaign. It is all relative. By trying to ignore the relative costs you aren't being truthful, which goes against everything you are trying to say about Iowa and Iowans. Imagine me setting up a shop in Red Oak, Iowa and doing the same thing. Except I am showing a 900 square foot apartment selling for $2.5 million. And telling the small town Iowans they can sell their 900 square foot apartment for $2.5 million. When the couple from Red Oak start to laugh and say where is this apartment? I tell them it is New York, and they simply have to move to Manhattan. They would laugh me right out of town, because Iowans don't want to live in a big city like Manhattan, or they would already be there. And the couple would leave the meeting thinking I was an idiot. Which is probably what these people think about the sales and marketing person. Give the New Yorker's a job in Red Oak working at the local cafe or cutting meat at a pork slaughtering house and the Yankees living in Red Oak can't even afford that cheaper house in rural Iowa. Are we Iowans paying for this? Are these our tax dollars that are paying this marketing firm to present this inane stunt? Really? Why not just keep the illegal immigrant here and let them do the work? That was costing us nothing and they were even paying into the Social Security and Medicare Funds along with paying payroll taxes. Who the heck is in charge of this fiasco? They should be fired. The inmates are running the institution.

  • OnlyVintageLenses

    I think this is a well-meaning marketing campaign but it won't be effective. There's a reason New Yorkers live in New York and you're going to need more than cheaper housing to convince them to come out here. And honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. People like different places for different reasons. Why try to make Iowa out to be something other than what it is? Also, the whole "real people, not actors" style ad just feels weird and disingenuous.

  • teerexness

    The Omaha area has the same benefits, if you want to be in a larger city. Higher taxes are a downside though.

  • Kc Tennant

    Iowa is run by BLACK ROBED PREDATORS & Psychopathic Prosecutors. It’s a NAZI Monsanto Plantation, a transgenerational Culture Of Corruption!
    You Tube: Iowa Corrupt Judges Courts Police THiS is Ongoing Corruption. NO OVERSIGHT. NO ACCOUNTABILITY.
    After decades of sexually abusing children Iowa Judge Marlita Greve fined paedophile Priest James Jannsen $750…Unconscionable or Professional Courtesy ?
    Watch: Cancer Patient On Trial for Cannabis, Mike Wise Show!

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