• Lioness006

    This might be one of my favorites. Probably bc it isn't so tiny. lol I like the huge bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen. It is well designed.

  • Kensington Station

    Bryce, thank you for these. You must know how much these videos and your amazing attitude help when some of us can’t get out of bed. I’m gonna check out your patreon. I appreciate you and your partner so much.

  • Calvin Hicks

    Ugh! I knew it wouldn't take long to "Americanize" the entire movement by making it a mass-produced, oversized tiny house, used-car salesman thing. I hated the sales pitch from that guy. He made it seem like all the other tiny houses that aren't "steel framed" are dangerous. Pfft…whatever.

  • Matthew Herrington

    It's amazing that even in a 40ft home you still have to settle for a tiny washer/dryer combo. They do two both tasks half as well. Just get a stacked washer and dryer.

  • Djohn Snow

    Actually l found this video very interesting and no matters which reason it was made for. And it is because of this particular house. I think this is a model where l could live in! They could place two bedrooms in this by moving bathroom close to the existing bedroom!

  • Ebony McKickass

    Gorgeous build, I really like hearing the educational information from knowledgeable builders. Great video Bryce !

  • Reeble Snarfle

    GULP! $ 9 6, 0 0 0 … Granted, it was roomy, had headroom new appliances, but $100K for a tiny house? Nonononono… Only reason I would be in one is cause you can bypass certain codes, and build cheaply with used materials! It was gorgeous, but not THAT gorgeous!
    I like the one the couple built for $17I using Declan.ed materials. Makes more sense. The idea is to get out from under big payments & be debt free, not strap yourself to The Titanic!

  • Hercules Golden Retriever

    Whatever this house cost .
    its 2 expensive,but nice and huge and heavy to drive around.
    paying that much money!😪
    Shoukd stop esting for a whole year…☺️ oh my !

  • evalina Warne

    It was FABULOUS to see you standing up. ☝ I would want a taller place. Thank you . GOD BLESS YOU CHOW from m

  • ZalthorAndNoggin

    I love looking at these Tiny House videos but I'd not want to swap from my two bedroom flat but this, much larger Tiny is awesome.  When one of these sells and people add their own character on top of the excellent design already on show I imagine the result will be extra special.

  • Christina Stone

    While I appreciate the captions, they hinder being able to see the homes. Perhaps they could be smaller?

  • Darren Chipman

    Mike Bedsole truly did a wonderful job on this build. Myself would have liked a double pitch roof. Stain on the wood work is wonderful. Could use a drape rapped around the stairway ban aster for privacy. White in this build has kind of over taken the kitchen because it is hard to keep clean. But love the length wow. The tiny bathroom sink is sooooo cute. Great job Mike, something to be proud of.

  • Velma Durost

    I live in New Brunswick Canada,My husband and I live in a two bedroom apt.I have been following all the tiny home shows and I am amazed at all the storage space I am so cramped up there are no closets and the washer and driver is is in my bedroom my husband reads real late during the night his has a hard time to sleep I am so unhappy living here my husband and I have been married 51 years and plan to be together till death takes one of us I wish with all my heart that we could

  • Irene Meyer

    I love this. I would have liked to see a seating area, living area and bathroom though. It isn't clear whether the price of 96k would include any of that. I must check out whether I could have such a large tiny in Germany. I reckon it would be classed as a perm dwelling and moving it would be prohibited. Stunning tiny. Thanks.

  • Steve Lira

    So, (most) people buy electric cars because they want to save on money not wasted at the pump. The (we'll call them the hands held out powers that be) tax collectors, smack a huge price on their insurance to compensate for those pesky smart electric car owners…………..I'm assuming the people who buy these types of homes are people (just like said vehicle owners) that are either wanting to get away from bills of conventional homeowners, are the earth eco friendly, off gridders……(don't know if thats a word)………truck drivers(?)………….(myself being one/already lived the tiny home life)……..gypsies, nomads, or all the above………….In other shorter words. How much a month does the Man smack you with cost on insurance upkeep of one of these things?

  • Jennifer _Spycie _ Loxx

    This is the first tiny house I see that I would sell my house and move into… it's practical for me

  • Mess Over

    Finally a tiny house that doesn’t feel claustrophobic! I love the minimalistic approach to life but I’m also claustrophobic, this is the perfect solution.

  • Kalia Kalia

    Something off about the other guy spirt , notice how angry he sound and pay attention to eye connect . He doesn’t like him.

  • Cece

    You should go interview the Minimalist based in Quebec, Canada. They custom build tiny homes on wheel for their customers in Canada and US.

  • Jeanne Wagner

    Yes this is a tiny house. The sq ft is under 400 so it's technically tiny. This is an amazing TH and I really like this builder. They are doing innovating things in the TH world. The thing I love about Bryce is he welcomes all TH walks of life. You get everything from this 'mansion' to the tiny hut with no modern conveniences covered. Great show, and I really liked this episode too.

  • shubus

    With homes this big, we're going to need to talk about the differences between a mobile home and a (larger) tiny house.

  • angie38

    Depending on your location that's not a bad price. Just consider the fact that you can move your whole house if you don't like the neighborhood.

  • fatima Khalid

    I don't like the design ….the only plus point is that it is so big. ….but it was a boring house …. I have seen tiny house videos where things weren't custom made …. space was significantly less but those houses were more interesting with regards to design , use of reclaimed material and the people who made their own homes .

  • ihearthikary22

    I really like how the stairs is in the middle and lead to the bedroom. I think that’s a first time I see stairs designed like that in tiny house.

  • Megan Garcia

    I am sorry to say I don't like this at all. For as big of a "tiny" house as it is, it sure is lacking in space in each room. They almost feel as cluttered or compact as the smaller houses. That's a shame! I feel like so much more could've been done here. I also am not a fan of the way it is designed (interior-wise). Oh well. Was hoping to hear info on how easy or hard it is to tow. If I missed it, please comment the answer below. 🙂

  • G8Thunder

    I know it's an older video but this interview is so much different. It's nice that Bryce does so many more personalized and DIY homes. This was definitely neat to see but maybe because he was more of a salesman than the homeowner, or because it was a more commercialized house than a personaly built one, but it just felt… like a mcmansion. Not super well designed and tailored, just Craftsman grade build and very … Americanized? I love the more custom and unique builds.

  • jb hann

    The great thing about a gooseneck trailer is the stability when it’s being towed. The bad thing about a gooseneck is that it’s best to have a dually truck, which can be expensive. Plus the gooseneck hitch setup.

  • Victor Buford

    Can someone please explain what is the difference between these tiny houses and Mobile Homes? To me they are just a way for people to live in a Mobile Home and don't want to be considered trailer trash.

  • Diane Morgan

    Dude…that is NOT a Tiny House…it is a 5th Wheeler RV. Different animal. I owned A 5th wheel…42ft long. It 's just a luxury RV…period

  • Adam

    How much for that? Give me a break, a regular sized house where I live is cheaper than that, and you get more privacy and amenities. I get the whole tiny home thing, but with costs like that, it defeats the whole ideology behind it. Might as well be a fucking double wide at that size and price point.

  • Tonie Paolo

    Perfect. No compromises. Although 96kUS is about 140kAU and you could build a 3 bedroom house with 2 baths for 180k in Australia. Nonetheless I appreciate the complexity and detailing involved in a transportable quality custom build. This is definitely one of the best designed tiny homes I've seen.

  • Amber Coffey

    In reality if you wanted someone to build a home just like this you could very easily say give Me a little more hight to the bedroom. And under it you could put a closet and your washer and dryer.

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