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Things To Know Before Renting An Apartment | AskRigs (Sharyn Rigsbee)

In today’s video, I am giving you 10
things I think you should keep top of mind if you’re looking to rent. Keep
watching. Hey there, it’s Rigs here. A Realtor with
Coldwell Banker King Thompson bringing you all things real estate here in
Central Ohio. As you guys know we are a community here, so make sure if you’re
new, you hit that subscribe button and you hit the notification bell too so you
don’t miss any of my videos. So several you have been asking for my tips, the
things that I think you should keep top of mind if you’re looking to rent here. So for today’s video I got you covered, let’s get started. The first thing I definitely think you should keep in mind is what are the
upfront costs for you to rent, being an apartment or a home. We’re gonna think
both and those will vary depending on which you’re choosing to rent but the
costs or the categories of costs are typically the same. So most of those are
gonna have application fees which keep in mind are for typically every person
who will reside in the household who is at least 18 years or older. So keep that
in mind. You’re also in many cases gonna have a security deposit that is due as
well as possibly first month’s rent and last month’s rent. This will vary based
on what landlord, what property management company you’re connecting
with but certainly plan for some of those costs. The second thing to think
about is what are your ongoing expenses or your ongoing cost. If you’re looking
to rent a much larger space much more square footage your utility costs are
higher than possibly a studio size apartment, right? So ask the landlord or
property management company or the rental community what are the average utility
costs for where you’re considering living. In most cases you’ll have gas,
electric, water, and some places we’ll cover some of those costs for you in your monthly rental amount but I don’t know of many, if any, that cover all of
them so find out what they cover and then you can gauge what is still needed
for you to pay. What I have been seeing though is that many apartment communities are adopting this model now where they are requiring tenants to have renters insurance. So definitely find out if that is part
of their lease agreement so that you can start shopping around for the best quote
for you. Now what I have found is renter’s insurance is not as expensive
as I know I honestly thought it was. In my opinion is quite affordable. I was
able to get a quote just playing around for about $22 a month. I
thought that was pretty good to give you some peace of mind that if something
happens, your belongings that things that are important to you are protected. So
make sure you know if your apartment community that you’re considering
requires rental insurance. But then also don’t forget the basic things we need
your groceries, your gas, your entertainment – all those other things
that you’re gonna spend money on that are not rent. Definitely consider what
are those ongoing things that just make you happy that you want to do month in
and month out. Number 3: What are things you know you have to buy right
now in order for you to be comfortable in your new space? I’m thinking furniture,
maybe towels, shower curtain, new bedding, etc. Things that you know even if you get
the apartment or the house to rent if you don’t have those things it’s not
gonna be fun for too long. So make sure you’re considering that because the next
step here is super important. The fourth thing is to plan a budget and I think
it’s always good to go in with some level of knowing what the the end is. Knowing what all of those expenses potentially are so you can evaluate and
help you determine what is realistic for you in terms of where you’re gonna live. Let’s be real I would love to live a lot of places but it doesn’t always quite
work out with the budget that I currently have. So number four is plan a
budget. Look at how much you make, what are those expenses I’ve just mentioned and
what are some other things that are important to you that you have ongoing,
to really determine what room do you have to pay per month for rent. The fifth thing that I think is going to be helpful for you while you’re planning
your budget is location. Now that you’ve gone through a
budget and you’ve seen kind of bottom line what you’re working with it’s
really going to help you determine where can you live based on how much you can
you pay. No matter what area you live in that’s always a driver. Some areas cost
more than others and some areas are less than others. So location is key but the
other part I think about location is it’s not always on cost. For some people
is important to be close to where they work or their family or friends or
grandchildren or various services that they have to use. So it’s going to be
different for everyone but make sure that you know what that is for you so
that you can choose an area that works best for your needs. Now the fun part
starts. All the adulting stuff is done. The sixth thing is to get on the phone
get online or go visit some of those places that you are considering. To me
this is the fun part. You get to see the amenities that they’re offering for the
rent that you’ll pay. You’ll get to see the floor plans. You get to see the
community. You just get to ask all the questions that you need to as well. So
start doing that and really narrow down what you like and what you don’t like
but again stick to your budget. Don’t go outside of where you know you’re
comfortable. In my opinion it’s so best to live below your means. That way if
anything changes in life it doesn’t have to rock your lifestyle as significantly
as it could, so keep that in mind. The seventh thing while you’re on the
phone or you’re in those offices and you’re chatting with these property
management companies and landlords, make sure you ask them what the terms are for
the lease agreement you would potentially sign, okay? You definitely want to know what those terms are. Many of them will have various restrictions around
adults living in the home, any pets that you’ll have in the home with you. Many
will have weight restrictions, breed restrictions, so keep that in mind. Also
you want to know what documentation they need from you as well. You’re going to
need obviously a driver’s license or state-issued ID card. Your gonna need pay stubs, your gonna need references, work history, etc. but some of them may require some other things as well. So make sure you pose those questions too. Now
going back to your lease, you definitely want to keep your lease handy once
you’ve signed it but I want to stress to you how important it is for you to read
it before you sign it. You want to know what any limitations or
restrictions are. For example many places don’t mind if you make changes to the
home and you paint the walls or adjust some fixtures but they tell you you have
to put everything back when you vacate. That’s something you want to keep in
mind because you may decide it’s not worth doing all that if you plan on
leaving in a year or two. So make sure you read the lease, ask any questions you
have – just make sure you understand it and then tuck it away once you sign it
in a nice place that you can access very easily. The eight things is you’re truly
thinking about moving so now is a great time to start decluttering and
consolidating your stuff. I personally think whenever you move it’s just great to
purge and get rid of things that you haven’t pulled out in months and months
and years. It’s a great time to donate things, give things back to the original
owner or simply discard what you don’t need but definitely start thinking about
that so once it’s time to pull the trigger and move day is just days away,
you won’t be stressed out trying to make all this happen. The ninth thing I want
to come back to is the question do you want roomies? And when I say roomies I’m saying roommates and that’s being pets or
people. Remember I mentioned that most apartment communities require that they
know anyone in the home who is living there, children and adults but it
also comes down to pets. So if anything changes from when you originally signed
your lease and maybe those things didn’t apply, review your lease because if now those things have changed circumstances you
have to give notice to your apartment community if your lease says so and if
you don’t you’re in violation of your lease and they could possibly evict you from
the property for non-compliance or maybe in most cases charge you a pretty stiff
penalty to comply. So make sure you check that. I think of pets many of them do
charge a pet deposit and some even charge a monthly pet rent if you will on
top of what you already pay. So again when things change you have to make sure you review your lease, make sure you’re not impacted and if you’re not sure make
sure you check with your landlord or apartment community for clarity. And the
tenth thing here as we wrap up the things I think you should keep top of mind if
you’re looking to rent here in Columbus would be have a moving plan. Here’s what
I can tell you when it’s move day you do not want to feel the stress but then
quite honestly moving is already somewhat stressful but if you just
follow these tips and you really consolidate and declutter and get all
the packing stuff done, hopefully you are so fortunate enough to have great
friends, great family who are willing to offer you their time to assist you
because that is the best and the easiest and the one that you remember the most. But definitely make sure you have your space packed and ready to go because
their time is valuable too. And then also don’t take them for granted. Make sure you offer pizza, drinks, whatever they need, that’s reasonable to
show your appreciation and to say thank you for them assisting you because the
flip side isn’t so fun. To hire a moving company is so wonderful to do to have
someone else do the work but the cost is pretty significant in comparison to
having good people that you love and care about most helping you but if you
have to go the route of a moving company I would certainly start exploring that
now get some price quotes because it is going to vary depending on when you’re
moving in how much stuff you’re moving to. There are some that are very
affordable and they do a wonderful job and there are some and that can be
pretty costly and reviews are not so good so I would suggest reach out to
folks you know, ask who they’ve been happy with and start there. I certainly hope that was helpful but if I’ve missed anything or you have any
questions, do leave me a comment down below, let me know – I’m active in my
comments and I will answer any question that I actually can and then quite
honestly if you’re looking to move here I want to hear from you too where are
you looking to move where are you moving from – let’s engage there because we are a community so leave any comments below. Again if you’ve not already subscribed
please do so and hit that like button as well. That’s all I have for now. Thank you
so much for watching. You stay fabulous and productive and
I’ll see you in my next video. Take care.


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