THEY WON’T LET US LAND – DA62 & “My First Time”
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THEY WON’T LET US LAND – DA62 & “My First Time”

(bell tower dings) So we’re just taking off
from Baden-Baden, Germany. Heading to Weiner Neustadt, Austria. Gonna go hang out with Diamond tomorrow. Fly some of their fun new toys (speaking in German) Echo Uniform. MATT: So what’s the status on the fuel? JP: Yeah, we have to be patient. That’s literally what he told me. MATT: Did you tell him that
the airport we’re going to closes soon and we have to be
in the air in like 20 minutes? JP: I tried it but he wasn’t interested. Matt: So it’s kind of interesting, they’ve got all these
hangars here that are just covered in grass and potentially look
like they’re straight out of World War II? I don’t know. We’re trying to fix the flight plan. LOUIS: It’s broken? MATT: I guess, yeah. JP: Okay. Direct… Hello? Oh, for f***’s sakes! And then somewhere over Austria, we’re gonna convert to VFR. MATT: So the only instrument approach
that they have at, what is it, Weiner Neustadt? JP: Yeah. MATT: Is this JP: Look at you being a nice little German. MATT: Oh yeah. The only approach they have
at Weiner Neustadt is this sort of circling approach
but they won’t let you complete the approach, technically, IFR. So you have to cancel IFR
when you descend below the minimum descent
altitude on this approach and so as a result, we have
to file a Y flight plan, which instead of an
IFR or VFR flight plan, is simply an IFR flight
plan that at some point changes to VFR, in this
case, when we get to wherever we want or– No, it’s not a thing in the
U.S., you just cancel IFR. We keep things simple. And like, in the U.S., if you go
to an airport that doesn’t have an instrument approach procedure, all you have to do to file
IFR there is have an alternate and so like, you could
still do it and everything but here, they just won’t
even let you go there on an IFR flight plan. It’s crazy. MATT: Ground, november
two one zero echo uniform, request IFR clearance to
lima oscar alpha november. [Air Traffic Controller]
N210EU, you’re cleared to LOAN, via the GAGSI-5 departure route, climb initially flight
level 70, squawk 6-7-3-3. MATT: Yeah, could you just say again, was it the GAGSI-1 or 5? [Air Traffic Controller] GAGSI-5P. Okay, we’re cleared to
LOAN airport via the GAGSI-5P departure,
then flight plan route, maintain flight level 70,
squawk 6-7-3-3, N210EU. [Air Traffic Controller] N210EU, correct. (atc talking over radio)
MATT: 19.575… Okay, we need 328 feet per
nautical mile until 5,100. So yeah, we’re gonna be 210
to 8 DME, left-hand turn to intercept this other course. It should all be in the GPS. And there are no altitude restrictions
or anything on it, so. [Air Traffic Controller]
N210EU, wind 210 degrees, 4 knots, runway 2-1 cleared for takeoff. And the airborne frequency
is Strasbourg, 119.575, you have a good flight sir, good-bye. MATT: Cleared for takeoff runway
2-1, we have the frequency, N210EU, good day. JP: Alright, here we go. (engine revs) (atc conversing with pilots) (airplane beeps) [Airplane Computer] Traffic 10 o’clock, same altitude, zero miles. MATT: Strasbourg approach, N210EU, one thousand climbing flight level 7-0 on the GAGSI-5P. [Air Traffic Controller] N210EU, bonjour, climb flight level 7-0. Flight level 7-0, 0EU. Passing 5,000 feet, we’ll
switch to standard pressure. And it was 2-1-0 on the heading, right? Yeah, it was 2-1-0 track,
so just follow the line. Track? (atc talking over Matt) What’s that? You just follow the line. It’s a 2-1-0 track from, climb on 2-1-0 bearing
from KBA to DME 8 from KBA, turn left, intercept the
0-8-5 bearing from SE, intercept the STG radial
2-6-1 outbound to GAGSI. So, just follow the line. (laughs) Okay. MATT: Got some mountains on every side, really. Mostly to the east, though. LOUIS: So is that France over the river? MATT: Yeah, I think that’s,
what is it, the Rhine? [Air Traffic Controller]
NEU, go direct to RIXED. Direct RIXED, 0EU. I love how windy the roads are. JP: Control, N210EU with a request. [Air Traffic Controller] Go ahead. We’d like to know what’s the
latest we can fly into LOAN and whether you’re able
to help us with that? [Air Traffic Controller] I have to check, I’ll call you back. Thank you. We’re gonna fly directly
over my ex’s house. Like 100%. [Air Traffic Controller] N210EU, Stuttgart Go ahead, 0EU. [Air Traffic Controller]
NEU, the latest landing time at LOAN is 1-9-2-6 local. We’re gonna be 12 minutes late. 12 minutes? I mean, we can’t really go any faster. We can’t make up 12 minutes. So what are they going to do
if we’re a few minutes late? Not let us out of the airport. Like tell us we can’t land and if we land, they like arrest us or
something, I mean I don’t know. You could try calling them and sweet talk your way in German. LOUIS: I’m down for a
little cheeky arrest. DIMA: That’s a good point, if he
can talk, then tell them we’re 12 minutes so, might be, MATT: So this guy sent some photo of some chart that claims to back up
his claim of 19:56 local. So I think it’s definitely worth calling them. Control, N210EU, flight level 7-0. [Air Traffic Controller]
N210EU, identified, and NEU? Go ahead. [Air Traffic Controller] Sir I can offer you direct destination, Weiner Neustadt, at level 100. So would you mind climbing
to flight level 100 to transit our Munich TMA? Yeah that’d be great, flight level 100, direct for Weiner Neustadt, 0EU. LOUIS: Are we worried
about getting in in time? Yeah, we probably won’t make it. I mean, I think we’ll be fine if we landed 12 minutes late. [Air Traffic Controller] N210EU 0EU, go ahead. [Air Traffic Controller]
Are you interested in further climb in
order to gain some speed? (laughs) 0EU, I don’t think it’s
gonna help us, unfortunately. [Air Traffic Controller] Roger, so
maintain flight level 100. MATT: Flight level 100, 0EU. Control, N210EU. [Air Traffic Controller] Go ahead. Just wondering whether
you’re able to help us. Looks like we’re gonna
be about 12 minutes late for LOAN, Weiner Neustadt
and just wondering whether it would be okay
for us to arrive after their closing time? [Air Traffic Controller]
Okay, that is a question I can’t answer. You can check, maybe with
your cell phone on your own with the airport. Do you have a phone number for them? [Air Traffic Controller] Say again? We’ve tried a couple of different numbers and haven’t been able to
get through to anybody. Do you happen to have
a phone number for them or for the control tower there? [Air Traffic Controller] I
will ask and let you know. Great, thank you. We have a 70 knot crosswind right now. If only we that from the back. [Air Traffic Controller] N210EU. Go ahead. [Air Traffic Controller]
He just called us so your latest landing
time will be 1-7-5-5. That is the latest possible. Yeah, that will work. This feels very similar
to the U.S. right now. The way that they’re
dealing with IFR traffic. Just because there’s no like, do you want this service,
do you want this service? They’re not vectoring us
around airspace or anything. The only place you’re
gonna get that is the U.K. So on long instrument flight plans, do they usually abbreviate your clearance? Like they’re not gonna
call out every way-point? Most places aren’t going
to accept you flight plan if it’s not what they’re
going to give you. So in general, you’ll just be
cleared via flightplanned route. So we’re here at 8,000
feet, just cruising along on the last flight that I’m joining for, on the way to Weiner Neustadt, Austria. We’re gonna do a little in-flight Q&A. Somebody said, “Have
you bought the aeroplane “or is it rented? “Really cool series, by the way.” JP: Louis owns the airplane. He bought it. LOUIS: Yep. MATT: They saw you speaking German on Instagram. How many languages do you speak? There’s a video on my
channel you can check out if you wanna know that. It’s called, “How many
languages do I speak?” (laughing) What’s your next big flight adventure? Has this inspired you to do more? Maybe, I think I’m definitely
gonna try to do more like, Greenland, Iceland kind of thing. Northern Canada. I don’t know exactly when. Probably next summer. But, yeah, I definitely need to do that. I think what you should
do and what would be great for the aviation community
is to have an annual trip where all the YouTuber’s come. SteveoKinevo, Steve Thorne, you, and then just go on a trip somewhere. MATT: So, what is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? JP: Uh Matt peeing in the plane. LOUIS: That was hilarious. MATT: What preparation do you guys go through to be ready to fly to airports
in different countries? How different are procedures and rules? That’s a whole video
in itself, pretty much. In short, they’re a little
different everywhere. A lot of the stuff is the same,
so you just kind of show up and try to figure out how
to file a flight plan, things like that and just
take it one step at a time. So we’re almost to the airport. I think this is probably
a good one to end on, “What so far, has been
something you’ll remember “those most about this trip?” Flying over the Greenland icecap. Oh, yeah. Just flying in Greenland, in
general for me was just like, I didn’t know if we’re
gonna beat the landing we had in Greenland in
terms of epic scenery. Like the mountains, the
icebergs as we were coming in. Right, and also just like, I would say the whole Northern Canada and going to Greenland,
’cause you just get so remote. There’s no one out there,
you’re like some of the only people in the world seeing that. That sunset flight we did
and the sun was setting for like 3 hours and it just felt so epic. It felt like we were just– [Air Traffic Controller] NEU? Go ahead, 0EU. [Air Traffic Controller]
NEU, you can expect runway 0-9, with a
long final if you like. Copy that for 0-9 and yeah, that’s affirmative, we have the field in sight, 0EU. [Air Traffic Controller] NEU, just to confirm, you
are cancelling IFR now? JP: Should we cancel? Yeah, we can cancel. Yeah, sure we’ll cancel the IFR now. [Air Traffic Controller] NEU, roger. IFR canceled now at time 1-7-3-0 and further VFR descent is approved. VFR descent approved
and IFR canceled, 0EU. [Air Traffic Controller]
NEU, you may contact Weiner Neustadt now, on 122.65, goodbye. 122.65 and have a good night, 0EU. [Air Traffic Controller]
Thank you, same to you. LOUIS: We we’re supposed to land by 7:30? No, they said 7:55. LOUIS: Oh, nice. This is a pretty incredible view, too. Circling down through
the mountains at sunset. Pretty epic. LOUIS: So typically, would’ve
we dropped altitude sooner? Well, so the problem is
these mountains here. We just couldn’t, we
had to kind of stay up and then come down into the valley here. LOUIS: Oh, okay. [Air Traffic Controller]
NEU, wind variable, 1 knot, runway 0-9, landing your own discretion. Land 0-9, 0EU. MATT: There’s Diamond. (tires screech) [Air Traffic Controller] NEU,
welcome to Weiner Neustadt, landing time 3-7, your
flight plan is closed, and please park your
aircraft on the right wing, beside the Hotel-Papa-Quebec-Quebec. (engine stops) Well time to use your chocks again. Hey Matt. MATT: Yeah? We know were at a Diamond airport when the strap is made for a low-wing. (laughing) (relaxing music) MATT: So JP, how’s that
veganism working out for ya? This is the best vegan wienerschnitzel I’ve ever had in my life. So we just landed in Weiner Neustadt. One of my favorite things
in the whole world, as you guys know, are airport restaurants. So this airport has two airport cafe’s. Thank you so much. Good food, great place. Maybe we’ll check out the
other restaurant tomorrow. So we just hit up all
these airport restaurants. (upbeat music) Today, we’re here in
Weiner Neustadt, Austria. At Diamond Aircraft, we’re
gonna go fly the DA62. (upbeat music) PILOT: (speaking in German) (upbeat music) (engine starting up) PILOT: ECU test. (airplane beeps) Each engine is controlled
by two engine control units and now it’s switched
to one, cycle the propeller switches to the other one cycling the propeller again and finally the fuel pumps. (speaking German) Pretty fun place to go flying. JP: Yeah it’s awesome out here This is now an aircraft,
with envelope protection, you see the double line on here? So when you cross this double line, you will feel that you get
a push back on the stick. MATT: Sure. So if I just let go,
it’ll bring it back to about 30 degrees there? So I’ll switch off the
critical engine, the left one. (airplane beeps) [Airplane Computer] Check gear. (airplane beeping) Okay, so it automatically feathers it. Okay, I’ll switch on the other again. MATT: Sure. PILOT: So if you fly less than 85 knots, (airplane beeps) it unfeathers and here we go. Do you want to fly a stall? Sure. Okay. [Airplane Computer] Check gear. [Airplane Computer] Check gear. PILOT: Okay, so I’ll give
you landing configuration. MATT: Okay. It handles very nicely. Yeah, it’s pretty quiet. Just taxiing. These are just truly innovative airplanes. (upbeat music) We mix them in the
correct ratio and finally, this mixture device can
apply the correct amount of this mixture to this blue tape, where those will lay down the fabric. So at the end, you have wet fabric. JP: So the wet fabric has
the blue plastic on one side? Yeah, so it this is our handling, yeah. And then the workers pick it up from here and either laminate it layer
by layer to the mold. Or a make a multi lay-up on the table, and transfer this multi lay-up, one time. (upbeat music) (machine beeps) On the DA40 fuselages, we have some added some
carbon reinforcement around the cockpit. (upbeat music) We have these reinforced foams, that are reinforced with
carbon fiber and enamel. So they absorb energy. So this bends, and then
this absorbs the energy? MAN: Exactly, yeah. JP: Awesome. MAN: And this one, also here, installed for the front seat. It’s not finished at the moment. JP: That’s very clever, I like that. (upbeat music) Each of these welded areas are ribs with smaller holes to avoid the uh MATT: So these are the fuel tank. It’s cool because they’re these individual little aluminum cells that
are all just plumbed together. Then they just slide them in the wing. So these are kind of my final
moments with Baloo here, the plane. It’s kinda crazy, we made it
all the way here to Austria from Boston in this little 210. All the way across the ocean. It’s still a little surreal but this is the end of the trip for me. Gonna leave the plane here for a week to do some maintenance,
tune up a few things. JP’s gonna head to Canada for
a week to get some stuff done. Louis’s running around
Europe filming things. Sad to go, but now I gotta figure out how
to actually fly commercial. I’ve never flown commercial
across the ocean before. Got so many bags. Gotta check all that. It’s just such a pain in the– (slow piano music) (train approaches) So we just dropped into this little restaurant called Huth. We got some traditional Austrian food. This awesome goat-cheese appetizer. Some really sweet wine and Tafelspitz, which is like boiled beef
with all kinds of sides and it’s really good. And gonna go explore Vienna a little bit and then, have to fly back
to Boston in the morning. (train passes) (upbeat jazz) What is happening right now? They just shut down this
entire street and intersection JP: And I was like, so sure. Yeah, we thought it was like somebody important coming through. I was so sure it was gonna
be somebody important. Like some VIP that
they’re just shutting down the road for them and
it’s actually a bunch of people for Friday night skating. (upbeat jazz) (upbeat music) So today, I’m doing something I’ve never actually done before and that is crossing an entire ocean on a plane that I’m not flying. So far, it’s pretty nice. It’s been a little stressful. (upbeat music) (jet engine) So far, so good. I have to admit, the food here is a little
bit better than the Bonanza and the ocean still pretty
much looks the same. Enjoy. Thank you. (upbeat music) Cheesecake with berries or cheese? Uh cheesecake. Thank you. So overall, I’d say this has been a pretty stressful experience. Certainly compared to flying yourself. While, business class makes it bearable because the seat’s pretty comfortable, you get all kinds of
snacks, the food’s great and admittedly it is
nice having a bathroom. I spent like four or five, maybe six hours waiting around, standing in line, carrying around heaving
bags through the airport going through checkpoint after checkpoint, stressing about whether
they would even let me take all of my bags on the plane. It’s just, it’s an awful expierience. I’m kind of surprised
though, that it’s like 2017 and they still don’t have internet. But, I don’t have that
on the Bonanza, too, so suppose I can’t complain. We’re like, right in the
tops of the clouds right now so it’s really bright outside. Here we are, we’re back
in domestic airspace. It’s actually kind of familiar, St. Johns, Newfoundland is off the right, or we just passed that. That’s where I flew from into the Azores, when I was doing my trip around
the world in the Bonanza. So this is kind of a familiar route, but of course, a lot higher, and a lot faster, but I’d still
rather do it in the Bonanza. More food, I like it better every minute. I thought we were basically done and there’s, I don’t
even know what this is. This might be the main
course, I don’t know. (upbeat music) They keep bringing more bread, I love it. It’s so weird because from up here you can barely even see the waves. It’s so different from doing this
down at like, 10,000 feet. (upbeat music) Oh and don’t tell anyone but I
think I broke the armrest. (upbeat music) Yo, are you heading somewhere?


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    Great bit of filming – I felt like I was along for the ride. Those survival suits were a hassle but so very necessary just in case. The pitot clog was a problem but luckily the heating and rebooting while you were more or less VFR did the trick.

  • Xaver Lustig

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