The Worst Sales Agent Ever! – Funny Skit – Ascension Parish Realtor Stories
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The Worst Sales Agent Ever! – Funny Skit – Ascension Parish Realtor Stories

– You know, sometimes I
have lenders tellin’ me, know your lane Tiffany. But I have a mortgage
calculator, and I took a webinar, and I’m pretty sure I
know how to use this. (futuristic instrumental music) – [Interviewer] So, how many
homes have you sold this year? – Well, the year, like,
officially just started, so really the key to making
people think that you’re busy is to constantly update
yourself on social media. Okay guys, today’s gonna be super busy. I have five homes to list, six contracts, #Tiffanyisselling. So that way, even though I’m not busy, it appears that I’m busy, and
people will believe I’m busy. You have reached the voicemail
of Tiffany Selling Homes. I’m so sorry I missed your
call, but your call is, like, super important to me. (telephone ringing) This agent, she just keeps calling me. She wants me to go and
give her some feedback. What I’d really like you
to do for faster service, try me on Instagram. – You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me. – [Tiffany] Snap yourself
a selfie and hashtag it, Tiffanyselling. But, I mean, we didn’t
fill out the feedback, because we didn’t write a contract, so why would I bother
filling out the feedback? (camera clicking) (slow instrumental music) So, I’m so glad you’re recording today, ’cause we’re gonna actually be going to one of my client’s homes, and we’re gonna be putting up a sold sign. But I’m actually put it on Instagram, so I’m gonna have my
picture taken with them, with the sold sign, so
that way it can appear that I’m busy when I’m
not really that busy, ’cause I’ve had this listed
for about six months. Make sure you don’t put that in the video. And I worked really hard to get it sold. I put it in the newspaper, I told all of my friends on Instagram, so I just don’t understand
why it took so long, and I really got them a good offer. Granted it was about 20,000
less than they really wanted, but they seemed pretty happy about it. Alright guys, we’re gonna be
right here, okay, alright. And then, I just wanna make
sure that it’s mostly me. Okay, you’re gonna have to stand, like, a little bit more this
way, no, like, yeah. Is my makeup okay in here? ’cause, like, I know that
lighting in the car is, like, the best. That’s where I take all
my Instagram pictures. Okay, and then, maybe
the sign needs to be, like, more, like, this maybe. More yeah, like, more like that. (car horn beeping) Oh, you can go. You can go. (car horn beeping) I’m takin’ a picture, go! Yeah, like that, right, okay. Are we ready? Alright, so, yeah, more up. Take the picture. (camera clicking) Did you eat peanut butter,
’cause you, like, really stink. You know, being a real estate
agent is a very difficult job. Even though, that I only spend
about two hours a week on it, it’s supposed to be passive income. Make sure, can you Photoshop
them out of the photo? Just make sure they’re completely out. Last year, I sold four homes,
but it was all from Instagram. It was mostly my friends. Actually, it was just my mom, and my dad, and they’re getting divorced, and then, so they each bought a house,
and then they sold their house. So, that was, like, three sales. So yeah really, it was only three sales. I just want the signs to be floating. Can you do that? That would be great, thanks. – [Interviewer] What
do you think the secret to your success is? – I really think it’s my
sense of professionalism that makes people wanna come back to me. Whoever said that you need
professional photographs for your home is absolutely crazy. And let’s face it, I’m super cute. – You don’t want to fall for
a sale’s agent like Tiffany. Make sure you call me today. My name is Kristina Smallhorn, Your Real Estate Whisperer
for Ascension Parish, and I tell you all this
Because YOU Matter. If you’d like to see some
more comedy videos like this, make sure you subscribe. If you’d like to see some of
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