The WORST Realtor EVER
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The WORST Realtor EVER

Gary Wong: Hey, guys. It’s Gary Wong, with People know me as the Christian Realtor. I’m also the author of the book on Vancouver
Real Estate. Today, I want to talk to you about something
that really pisses me off. Let me start with this story. My client and I are working at looking for
an apartment for her downtown. We’ve been scheduling showings, and we’re
seeing listings. A lot of the homes are getting accepted offers,
and we’re not having the opportunity to even look at the home because the moment we see
a home that’s right for her, we call, and the listing agent says, “Sorry, we have an
accepted offer, subject removal two weeks later,” or “Subject removal a week later.” The homes that she likes, they’re all being
taken up. Unfortunately, it’s already frustrating for
my client, and then there’s a home … We’re looking at one bedrooms, and then in a particular
building, we’re looking for a two bedroom home. They don’t come up very often, and when they
do come up, they’re sold right away, like they have an accepted offer. We see a home that has an accepted offer,
it’s two bedroom, one bath, and we’re like oh, we can’t see it because it has an accepted
offer, but the subject removal is whatever date. We wait, and then I get a text message from
the listing agent that the buyer didn’t remove subjects. Great, I call the listing agent, but for some
reason, he never picks up the phone. I have no idea why. I just text him, and he doesn’t respond to
me, and these are during normal working hours, nine to five, even 6:00 and 7:00. I keep texting, and I never get a response
from him. Then I really want to see it for my client. My client needs to see it. Then he just texts and says, “oh, it’s tenanted,
so it’s really hard to get a hold of the tenant, whatever, yeah, I’ll let you know.” I’m like, okay, and then I don’t hear from
him for like two days. You know, in this market, two days is a long
time. Homes sell within 24 hours. You’ve got to follow up, so I called the listing
agent again and again and again, but he never picks up the phone. Later, I text him again, and I text him again,
and he finally texts me, “Sorry, I’m in my other job. I’ll get back to you later.” The pieces start coming together. Oh, okay, this guy has another full time job,
and real estate is just his part time gig. No offense to part time realtors, I just haven’t
seen very many effective part time realtors. That’s how they do their job, and that’s how
they choose to do their business, and if the client wants a part time realtor, and they’re
okay with it, good for them, but to me, it’s doing a disservice to me and doing a disservice
to my client because my client needs to buy and needs to see it. You know? We can’t wait two or three days or a day,
we need to get an answer quickly. This listing agent represents the seller. I don’t know why the seller would hire him
to represent his listing. I don’t know how the listing presentation
would go. Like, oh, you know, hi, Mr. Seller, I’d like
to list your home, but I have another full time job, and I do this part time, so I’ll
kind of respond to inquiries after work, and between nine to six or nine to seven, I’m
just out of office. This will go on regularly. This guy doesn’t have a team. He doesn’t have a partner or an assistant
to help showings. When he finally got back to us and said, “Oh,
yeah, the showing can take place this particular day.” My client goes there … That particular date,
I’m like, “Oh, sorry. I have an appointment. Can you show the listing for my client? Can my client just go through it?” And he goes, “Yeah, sure.” Great, so I send my client through. My client goes there, and then half an hour
before the listing, obviously, I’m caught up in my own appointment, half an hour before
the showing, I get a text message, “Oh, I can’t make it. The tenant will show you. Here’s the tenant’s one number.” I didn’t get the text. I wasn’t looking at the text messages until
after the showing. After the showing, my client calls me, tells
me the tenant showed the listing, not the listing agent. I’m like, this listing agent, not only is
he working part time doing another job, he doesn’t do his own showings even on that occasion,
and he makes the tenant do the showing. I don’t know how the seller would react. If I went to the seller, and they’re trying
to sell their investment property. I’m like, “Hey, you know what? I’m working part time, and I can’t do showing
either because I’m caught up with stuff and I’m busy, so have your tenant sell the home
for you.” Some tenants are nice, but some tenants, they
don’t want to move. They don’t want to sell. They don’t want the seller to sell the home,
so they’ll screw up the showing. I don’t know if that’s the best interest of
the seller. I don’t know. It’s just frustrating. It’s like what they hell? Anyways, that’s definitely one of my pet peeves. I think that’s basically one of the worst
realtors to deal with. I’m not saying all part time realtors are
bad. It’s just the ones that I’ve met, and I’ve
met quite a few of them, they’re all bad. Okay, that’s it for today. Gary Wong with Until next time, God bless you. Thanks, guys, for watching my video. Please subscribe, and share with your friends. Email me if you have any more questions. Thank you.


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