THE WALKING DEAD: NO MAN’S LAND | Inanna Sarkis, Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi
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THE WALKING DEAD: NO MAN’S LAND | Inanna Sarkis, Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

This video sponsored by next games oh Hey Maggie, what’s up? Hey? What’s up, Michonne who the hell are you? I’m Jerry, I’m the new guy. The new guy? I’m here to make sure you keep your shit together. My shit never stops being together. I’m here to protect you You protect us? You look like my newborn nephew just went to the costume store and bou ght himself an outfit. Wait who’s he think he is? He reminds me of my toilet paper. He’s extra soft. It’s done. You have knee pads on It looks like one of my Legos trying to put on armor. Okay, we go Come on Is that Walking Dead? No-man’s land? Yes, it’s a season eight. There’s a new update every Monday My phone just died can I please play it? I love season eight. No. I’m doing fine Just let me take this mission on for a second. Okay, what’s going on? I think the games about to start I I swear to god. You better be good at this [Zombie noises] Ready? Oh, I’m ready. SUUUUUUPPPPP 😅 It’s on. Oh, it’s on. Oh, thank god, thank you. It’s not my turn yet. You guys go ahead. I’ll be here if you need me I have snacks, waters whatever you need Come on let me at him! She is so cool, you gotta let me play a level. Ready for this, huh? Are you doing I was going fine, let me play come on all right all right, I got you No no That’s my move Together ah Thanks, I’m putting in Geryon. I don’t want to happen yes welke. He’s a warrior Hey, I’m free! we’re free! No you’re not free yet All right, just just stay there okay, man look. I got some snacks and no Mess for me, huh Zombies, I’m coming for you you wanna mess with me, huh? Okay, what is going on? What are you doing? I’m not doing Anything they’re doing it. They’re just going and doing their own thing. Did you put in cheat codes or something? Are you accusing me of cheating? Westen Oh wow I can’t do anything she’s doing her own thing with Weston. Please hurry with the pizza bites Now it’s your turn My turn What is this I think the game reset ready for the game, bro, why am I here oh? Wow hey Justin I got the pizza Bites Hey you had to come from the walking dead yeah, yeah, yeah, you wanna have a seat Show me how to play this because I’ve never played it before No Hey, see you in the next round oh Boy doesn’t feel so good does it darzee’s what’s your friend’s name Dustin Dustin This is so much fun being like I guess I have again. I like your shirt. I like your thick pieces of hair Download the free game from App Store or Google Play now and get negan for free this offer is only available right now


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