The Village Guru: Jeff O’Leary, Mississauga Real Estate Broker | MLS Realtor and Real Estate Agent

My name is Jeff O’Leary and I’m a Real
Estate Broker in Mississauga I grew up here I’m raising my family here I work here and I love this area. Before I became a real estate agent I actually did go through the process of buying a home working with different types of
real estate agents and frankly I wasn’t impressed by the experience I had with some of the Realtors. It wasn’t that they were bad by any means … but they weren’t
really offering a lot of service. That experience opened up my eyes to the real
estate market I realized I had a passion for this. Not only knowing about
houses but also about areas, lifestyle factors… market trends, neighbourhoods… things that I wasn’t really told when was going through the process myself. We know you have a lot of questions. Unlike myself who sells homes on a
daily, weekly basis… this may be the first time you’ve sold ever or maybe in the
last 5 or 10 years. We take as much time as possible, in order to ensure that you
understand the process… and that you’re comfortable with what’s going to happen. That’s what I’m passionate about when it comes to Real Estate. Helping someone find the perfect area for their Lifestyle.. …so that they’re happy in the
home that they buy. A lot of people from outside of Mississauga think the city is one big suburban sea of sameness and nothing is further from the truth. You can find a lot of different home styles, and lifestyle options in the city,
whether you’re looking for country charm whether you’re looking for country charm of Streetsville… …or maybe you’re looking
more for lakefront urban vibe of Port Credit, or maybe you are looking for that big
suburban house in Erin Mills. There’s a lot of different options in
the city for you, and I’m passionate about introducing people to the area… …and all that it has to offer. For me, real estate isn’t just about
doing a deal… …it’s more than that. It’s about finding someone the best location in order to live… …or it’s finding them the best price when buying a home or it’s doing the most that we can… in order to raise the value of our sellers home. It’s about building relationships, because I’m looking for clients for life.

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