The Untold Truth Of Property Brothers

The untold truth of Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, the stars of Property
Brothers, Brother vs. Brother, and Property Brothers at Home, seem like a couple of guys
who were born for reality TV stardom. But there’s actually more to them and their history
than just flipping houses. Let’s see what led them to their growing TV empire, and what’s
going on with the Scotts when the cameras aren’t rolling… Surprise twins That’s right. When Drew and Jonathan Scott’s
mother went into that delivery room, she thought she was only getting one kid: Jonathan. Early start The key to success is starting early, and
the Property Brothers have been at it a long time. According to Glamour, Jonathan and Drew’s
first remodeling job took place when they were 7 years old in their childhood bedroom.
However, that’s not as impressive as their first house sale. They sold their first house
in college, for an impressive $50,000 profit. With a first act like that, it’s safe to say
they know what they’re doing. Tough guys Sure, some people may give Drew and Jonathan
the stink eye because they’re good looking and successful. But the Scotts aren’t worried
about the haters…because they’re karate experts. They’ve been studying karate since
childhood. These martial arts masters have attained 2nd degree black belts. So anyone
looking to start some trouble with them is in for some trouble. Singing Scotts Even though they began buying, renovating,
and selling houses at an early age, the Scott Brothers once had musical aspirations, too.
According to Glamour magazine, their plans for attaining music stardom have ranged from
plans to start a boy band, to… (record scratch) …competitive bagpipe playing? (bagpipes playing) Well, despite going into the real estate and
reality TV business, they haven’t yet given up on their musical dreams. In late 2015,
they released a music video for their country song “Hold On,” as The Scott Brothers. And
it’s not bad! (music playing) Now, if only they could work the bagpipes
back into the act… (bagpipes playing) Clowning around Before they became known as the Property Brothers,
Drew and Jonathan Scott made ends meet working as clowns. Faces smeared with blue and red
makeup, they did a bunch of birthday party gigs, bringing joy and entertainment to children,
according to Parade magazine. Considering that they’ve parlayed their talents for real
estate into a television career, the brothers were clearly doing more than making balloon
animals and creeping out little kids—they were honing their performance chops. There’s a third brother While most television viewers have poured
love and adulation upon Drew and Jonathan, their older brother, JD, has mostly gone unnoticed.
JD previously worked in Las Vegas as a celebrity impersonator, drawing on his resemblance to
American Idol’s Adam Lambert and the late, great David Bowie to feed his hunger for the
spotlight. Since his brothers’ TV shows took off, JD’s been hosting the network’s online,
behind-the-scenes coverage of Brother vs. Brother, as well as earning hosting duties
on the show All-American Amusement Parks on Great American Country. Who says three’s a
crowd? Turning down other reality TV gigs Though they gained their fame as reality television
stars, it doesn’t mean Drew and Jonathan Scott are willing to do anything to make a buck.
For instance, Jonathan turned down appearing on The Bachelor. He told People in 2014: “It’s not my thing. I like to think that I
don’t need to date twelve women at a time.” That might sound like Jonathan thinks he’s
too good for the show, but that’s not true. The fact is he’s actually too well-adjusted
and mentally healthy for it. Meanwhile, a show that ends with marriage may actually
bring back some bad memories for Jonathan, because… Jonathan is divorced During a 2013 interview with love and relationship
site Your Tango, Jonathan admitted that he was once married. Though he didn’t go into
too many details or even give the name of his former love, he did say that it happened
when he was young. Supposedly, the two of them weren’t right for each other, but they’re
still friends. They were underwear models So the Property Brothers have had a lot of
other jobs in their lives before finding their niche. And fans may be happy to hear that
back before they gained their fame, the Scott brothers worked as underwear models, which
they admitted in an interview with OK! Magazine. They didn’t name any of the companies they
booked jobs with, but they did admit that there are pics of them in their skivvies floating
around out there on the Internet. Put a hold on the house hunting…and let the photo hunting
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