‘The Tyler Oakley Show’: A Haunted House with Hannah Hart

[MUSIC] Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and
I’m here with Hannah Hart.>>Yay it’s me.>>Hannah.>>Tyler.>>This is going to be
the end of our lives.>>This is the end of our friendship for
sure.>>Today, to celebrate Halloween we are here at Universal
Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. Are you afraid of anything?>>Everything, I don’t do this stuff.>>[LAUGH] But
like specifically, like clowns?>>Yes.>>A chain saw?>>Yeah.>>A Trump supporter?>>Yes.>>All of the above are inside right now. Hannah’s here to promote her book. It’s the best thing ever. What’s it called?>>Buffering,
Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded.>>Hannah, I think the only thing scarier
than not having the book is what’s inside. Are you ready?>>I’m not at all ready.>>Let’s do this.>>Aah.>>I don’t like it already.>>I don’t like this at all.>>Aah. It’s okay.
What if he’s real?>>This is fine.>>Okay.
>>Aah>>[LAUGH]>>[NOISE] already.>>Tyler!>>I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-
>>I can’t see anything! Okay. We’re fine.>>Okay. We’re good.>>Aah!>>[LAUGH]
>>[SOUND] No.>>Tyler stop saying we’re good,
you’re jinxing us.>>I don’t like them.>>I don’t like any of this,
my gosh, my gosh, woah!>>I’m over that.>>I don’t want to see it,
thank you for your time.>>It’s loud.>>Okay.>>It’s so loud.>>[NOISE]
>>It’s fine, that’s fine, you’re fine.>>My gosh get some Winterfresh. This is fine.>>This is fine.>>This is fine.>>There’s nothing in
here it’s just a stroll. [SOUND] I hate it.>>I hate it so much, taking a stroll. Are you a person?>>Hello?>>Aah! [CROSSTALK] The other way,
the other way, the other way. Hello, goodbye.>>Aah!>>I hate this. I will actually-
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Did you just hear that?>>Yeah, it’s okay.>>This is fine. Aah!>>Aah! [LAUGH]
>>Thank you. Good bye. Thank you. Okay, we’re good, we’re good, we’re good. We’re good, we’re good.>>We’re good.>>Aah!>>[LAUGH]
>>Was that children singing? There’s nothing more- aah!>>Aah.>>No, this should be changed.>>Aah.
>>Okay, you are done.>>No thank you.>>I don’t look at her. That’s gonna be something. That’s a mirror, that’s a mirror. They’re gonna be-
>>Aah!>>Aah. [LAUGH]
>>This is your worst nightmare.>>Okay so far, so good.>>You again! [SOUND]
>>Aah! [LAUGH] Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.>>Aah!>>So he’s so he’s behind a thing,
he’s behind a thing!>>All right.>>Okay, we’re good,
we’re good, we’re good. Was I-
>>Aah!>>Your hand, okay.>>Aah!>>Well, I’ll just be.>>Aah!>>Dude, we’ve had enough of you!>>[LAUGH]
>>Aah!>>No.>>I knew he was there. Smoking kills.>>Aah! This is not good.>>You’re done. No, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your fun. [MUSIC] Aah!>>I’m done I’m done, my god,
okay, we’re good, we’re good.>>No, no.>>That’s fine. Aah! [LAUGH] Okay, thank you.>>Thank you.>>We did it. Is it the end? My God.>>Thank God.>>I hated everything about it.>>My God, I’ve never been so
happy to be outside.>>My throat->>Hey.>>Okay. [LAUGH]
>>No.>>Yeah.>>I’d say thank you so much for
having me, but I just don’t feel that way.>>That’s okay. If you guys liked this video- [SCREAM]>>I- don’t. If you like this video, give it
a thumbs up, and go get Hannah’s book. Okay, I love you guys, bye.>>Bye. [MUSIC]

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