The Truth About Trulia And Zillow!
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The Truth About Trulia And Zillow!

Hey There Dave Millar with Millar and Company Real Estate I have a lot of clients come to me and they
say … usually they’re buyers and they want to know about Zillow they say my god I just
looked at zillow and my house is a hundred thousand
dollars less than what my neighbors house sold for and I know my house is worth more money you hear that
quite often um what the the issue with Zillow is Zillow is uses a formula that takes dollars per square foot so take the
average at the homes around yours average them and then give you a value on your home if you are in a rural area where you may have an acre your
neighbor has a quarter-acre you may have a great view maybe by
River Zillow doesn’t take any of those things
into account so if you’re if you’re neighborhood
where every third house is the same Zillow will usually give you a
pretty good estimate of the value of your house so zillow should be used with a grain of salt and as a tool. Now truly up provides
just for basic information for buyers and sellers and hoooks buyers and sellers up with
real estate agents and so does the same thing Zillow and Trulia
actually Trulia was bought by Zillow they’re owned by the same company now
they provide the same service to people regarding information on real estate homes for sale what they do is they have
access to the MLS so they can be good tools for you if
you’re just starting out don’t wanna be talking to real estate
agent yet and just kinda put your toe in the water
Zillow and Trulia are really good for that but once you get really serious you
need somebody that knows the marketplace so you wanna hook up with the real
estate agent knows your specific area and um thats where you gotta be careful with Zillow and Trulia because they’re selling leads to real estate agents so those agents
may be buying leads from an area that they don’t even service so make sure that the agent you hook up with before you get
new car with them and start a relationship with them that you know that they are specialized
in the area where you want to buy a house if you like these videos and you are appreciating the information
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