The True Cost of Using a “Rebate Realtor”; For Buyers Only Realty
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The True Cost of Using a “Rebate Realtor”; For Buyers Only Realty

hey gang welcome back to the for buyers
only realty to YouTube channel and dwight’s famous windshield tours today we’re
gonna do something a little different okay we’re on a job side of a house that
we’re starting to build for a client it’s an out-of-town client and it’s
gonna be a beautiful home when it’s done I want to go and give you guys a little
look-see as to what’s happening now you For Buyers Only Realty may have seen these on other job sites
and other construction areas but I just want to kind of give you guys a look-see
for two reasons okay one is what are these boards that I
see all the time nothing inside of them well they’re called form boards form
boards are the outline of the house The dangers of using a rebate realtor essentially okay
everything that’s in season the fingers are everything that’s inside there will
be foundation so they put the form boards up to one site the house on the
property per the survey per the approved survey from the client okay and to get
the finished floor elevation which is the top of that board over there okay
that’s why they do this all right so For Buyers Only Realty everything that’s gonna go inside here
all the plumbing that’s in the foundation the foundation itself
everything gets put inside of here before they pour the foundation of
course that okay now with this specific build what the value that Sharon I bring
to the table I’m on job sites once a week from the time we sit with the site
agent inspect the job all the way The real danger of rebate realtors through Design Center pre-construction
meeting all the way through the build process I’m on our job sites once maybe
twice a week working with the builders this house was actually cited wrong on
the lot it was not cited per the way we signed off on the survey that our client
wanted it was actually cited about 20 degrees it kind of they cocked it a
little bit on the site I came here about two weeks ago to just kind of see where
things were at and as I always do and I For Buyers Only Realty, your new construction specialists found that the house was not cited right
on the property we were able to catch that we were able to get with the side
agent get what the Builder and get that fixed before they poured the foundation
and the client had to live with it amen great builder but mistakes do happen
sometimes so you always have to watch For Buyers Only Realty that’s what we do there’s some real
estate agents lately out there wanting to talk about new construction given
rebates to clients that’s all well and good five or six thousand your
closing could be sound like a significant number but could you imagine
building this half-a-million-dollar house and not having it right ever
because once they pour the foundation you’re gonna have to live with the
positioning of it on the lot and it’s gonna look funny every time you drive up
to it it will not look right so the value we bring we don’t do rebates we
don’t play those kind of games I call them we do what’s right for our client
and that is be with you 100% of the way okay so I guess at the end of the day
you have to understand what do you want five thousand in your pocket six
thousand in your pocket at closing or a house that you know that Dwight has done
everything in his power to make perfect for you okay so it’s a lot of money to
spend four or five hundred thousand L thought to have it right okay
so anyway just want to let you guys know what’s going out the job site and kind
of how we do business we do appreciate it any questions or comments you know
you can always reach out to share and I For Buyers Only Realty we’re always honored and blessed to give
you great information so until next time have a great day

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