• keepaneyeonus

    Your videos are a MAJOR component to anyone who is going to start their business. Going to kill the Michigan market! Thank you for your contribution to a subscriber's growth.

  • Delmar Wood

    Soon as i see it. I clicked. Max is the 🐐. I’m in the Air Force now just like he was. Thanks for all your great info!

  • Jack Cracknell

    Yo Max I’m a 16 year old doing heavy research into wholesaling atm, I really want to do it but do you think I’m too young? I wouldn’t want owners (sellers) to think I’m untrustworthy or won’t take me seriously

  • Davon Murray

    Yo Max I love what you do bro. I respect you a lot. I know one day I’ll be in your position helping as much people as possible. But I’ll definitely use these tools to help scale and progress my business in the future.

  • V’onté Marquise

    Great listing Max. It cost to be the boss but your artillery belt is key!! If you can’t make it happen with this list, you just can’t make it happen. #GreatVideo

  • King Coming

    Max you are the most efficient Investor. I have ever seen thank you for sharing so much. May you continued to be blessed my dude! I’m trying to get my first deal and build from there.

  • cratesofjr

    Great info as usual and I’m lovin’ that smooth beat running in the background. At my blog, I’ve got more music producers if you ever need some music scoring for your future videos.

  • Manny R.

    REIRail sounds great but u still gotta be in front of your computer to see who’s calling tho 🤦🏽‍♂️ 😆 what if your not on your PC? Is there an app?

  • Business Atlas

    max property data link isn't working! Also whats the difference between propstream and myreipro?looking to over haul my business after i close my first three deals. I'm a waitr driver working on fully becoming an investor!

  • Arnold Camueroa

    @Max can you recommend a company to host a 24 recorded message with campaign tracking numbers that's affordable?

  • Dwanell Warren

    Hey max do you just have your driver drive in the hot zip codes or do you buy a vacant list and have them drive those potential leads to check out?

  • Victor Dunson

    I usually don’t leave comments just read them lol but man your legit heaven sent. Always dropping knowledge and being honest at the same time about how you don’t need any of these to do business a lot of people wouldn’t say that they’ll try to get as much as they can. You solid fr ✊🏿

  • Michael Hardy Jr

    Great content as always Max. Definitely will be applying these tips at the right time. My main concentration is being accurate on comparables. Question….
    Say that you see a property that could be a potential deal for wholesaling. It's a 3/2 and 1800 sqft. I know that you can compare sqft 200 below or above a targeted property's sqft. What if the only comparable sales to the targeted property as far as bedrooms are 4/2's? Would one use this data? Again, great content! #levelup

  • kimmykatdiva

    Hey Max I have been following you since last year and I just saw your podcast on Bigger Pockets. Very happy and proud of you not that you need me to be but I wanted to say you are truly an inspiration to me and I learn alot from your videos!!! Keep up the great work you are much needed 🙏🏾

  • Chris Castro

    out of these 7, in what order does your data flow? from Property List Manager to REI Skip to Lead Gen Pros to REI Rail to InvestorFuse? Or from PropStream to REI Skip to Lead Gen Pros to InvestorFuse to REI Rail?

  • Chris Castro

    The Reminder feature exists in both REI Rail and InvestorFuse… so in which service does your team use call tracking and reminder feature? And, if a call status or reminder is created/updated in REI Rail, does it auto-sync with InvestorFuse via Zapier and vice versa? Since REI Rail also has some CRM features baked into it, which service resides your single source of data truth?

  • Chris Castro

    Skip Tracing already exists in Property List Manager… do you sometimes use it in REI Skip, and sometimes in Property List Manager? Do they have about the same accuracy/reliability? Is there good justification to only use REI Skip for that, and if so, what is that justification?

  • John Orji

    I just finished listening to you on Bigger Pockets Podcast. Geez! You were on fire in that Episode dropping valuable gems. What hit me the most was the part you talked about, "If 100 people started working at 25…."

    I kept replaying that particular episode you were on. It lead me here. I'm in my twenties and that episode of yours woke me up to push on again. A new subscriber from Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Brian Watkins

    Solid as always! Max you are important to our culture bro. I appreciate the info you share. Keep it up please. See you in ATL #WeLive2020

  • 3575 Ethel southwest

    But deal machine telephone numbers are not as accurate for code calling a lot of out dated info maybe my market

  • Chris Castro

    You mentioned in the video that you port your data from REI Rail over to InvestorFuse for your team to use, but that seems backwards. Why aren't you porting your data *to* REI Rail instead, since that's where the calls are managed/tracked? If your data then moves from REI Rail to InvestorFuse, do you have REI Rail either API- or Zapier- integrated inside of InvestorFuse so you don't lose the call tracking/management features that REI Rail affords?

  • Chris Castro

    Can you please call out exactly what those extra perks are that MaxPropertyData affords that raw PropStream does not?

  • Conscious Mind

    Hey @MaxMaxwell when you guys say get the property under contract, what exactly do you mean? Land contract or just a contract for a lender to see…what?

  • uneedmorepeople

    I've been looking at REISkip but it's only bulk list. We use Skip Genie because they'll do smaller list skips. Overall it you do bulk REIS is cheaper just wish they'd do single skips

  • Bettys Products

    This was another great video & info, so far I have watch 90 of ur vlogs, you have inspired me, I have become obsessed with all ur videos & with wholesaling. so THANK U!!! I have learn so much from you. You also have touch my heart when I saw what you did for that family for christmas, that was awesome! That's something I have always wanted to do & plan to do once I have enough money to do so . U ROCK MAX!!!

  • e K

    Love you Max. You are my man. My girl loves you too. I literally had uploaded 50 properties onto DM with screenshots only that I cropped. Took so much time, then lost access. Working getting it back, but I that brand new feature of automatically uploading Google photos is what I emailed the team about and told them it would make it easier on everyone to simply scrape those pics. I got a while new list of 70 properties to upload.

  • Erick Volquez

    To a degree doesn’t REI Rail do the same as ProP stream? From a perspective of subject property & info on that said property.

  • Tony Mandes

    I didn't expect him to say, you dont need these tools to get started, I expected "the sell" at the end. Thanks Max, you have convinced me to find local investor events in the area, and just get started.

  • Luck _

    I appreciate everything Max has done with his content and for the real estate game as well a educating us however I hope he's not mining data because that would be sad.

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