The Stockton Home Tour VLOG 001 – 9/5/2019 – Stockton Realtor

Hey guys, good morning it’s David
McKeever here in Stockton and today is Stockton tour day. So, I’m going in to
host the Stockton tour this morning. It’s a great opportunity each and every week
to stay afloat, stay abreast of what homes are on the market. we get the tour
you know five to six homes each and every week and it’s super important to
stay on top of what’s out there for our clients. But, more importantly equally as
important is you get to network with other agents in the area. Local agents
who are it’s critically important to maintain that good relationship with
other agents when you’re in a transaction with them and when you make
offers on homes. They know that you are good with standing agent they know
you’ll get the job done. And you’ll have more success, more long-term success, if
you’re in good relationships with other agents in town but let’s go in and check
out the tour! hey, ‘get the donuts right now’ I’m with Advance 1 McKeever real estate.
Welcome to the Stockton tour, this first tour of September. Kicking it off
strong. A lot of familiar faces in the room, so I’m not sure if we need to go
over all the rules today but I do want introduce you guys first off to our room
sponsor this week’s tour. Mr. Joe Mabutus. He is with the Advanta clean here
in Central Valley. Thank you very much for the invite. Good morning everybody.
Again, My name is Joe Mabutas with Advanta Clean of the Central Valley I am your environment, I guess you can say,light environmental remediation company mold, water damage, duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning.
Thank you David for inviting me this morning. and yes feel to get
some donuts. something you’ll notice on the trifold handout, is you’ll notice, 24 hours
a day 365 days a year, if you have a client that has a water line burst, it’s underneath the foundation, or whatever Joe can come out and remediate the situation, turn off the water, clean up the mess that’s correct
thanks everybody for coming again this a great opportunity not see what’s on tour
but network with one another it’s powerful to be able to know the name with the face. Lets get on the tour! Alright guys we are at our 1st house on the tour. 2127 W. Rose Street the 3 bed 1
bath and it is $279K, 1365 square feet alright guys, so we are actually stopped
to tour a property that’s not on the market yet. It’s coming soon so that’s the
benefit of going on tours you get to view these off market homes.
awesome curb appeal, Whats the price on this one? no price yet?
Right what’s size of the house? 1,800 square feet. it’s a 3/2 inside and a
studio over the garage fully functional awesome, great part of town. anybody’s
interested we’ve got this house on Willow Street. 1 blocks south of Harding
way. Alright, second house, the third house the day, we’re at 45 West Walnut $360,000.
Walking distance to Miracle Mile. it’s right this one here on the corner check
it out. hey guys, thanks for watching the video today on the Stockton home tour we
saw 3 awesome properties. I showed you 2 of them, and 1 off the market
property which is pretty cool. So, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!

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