The Rising Team – Zillow Premier Agent Video
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The Rising Team – Zillow Premier Agent Video

here the rising team our goal is to
really improve the home buying and selling experience for the average
person can be a new and sometimes daunting process so what we like to do
is meet with everyone in the beginning to explain how the process works from
start to finish so you know what to expect I’m Jeff Rising team leader here with
the rising team and broker owner of Remax Main Street Realty in downtown “unintelligible Greek Person from Cyprus” He took the stress out of buying, he was open and communicative and really worked hard, very very hard to find us our dream home. “unintelligible Greek Person from Cyprus” “unintelligible Greek Person from Cyprus” “unintelligible Greek Person from Cyprus” here the rising team we have a
team model set up so everyone has clearly defined roles my job is to list
and sell homes we have buyers agents for their only job is to work with our buyer
clients so they’re not splitting their time between listing working fires
they’re completely dedicated to helping you find a homemade you’re looking for
negotiate the best deal for you our customers become our friend we truly are
vested in there but it is important to us that whereas our clients do a few things
differently than most people don’t do we do professional photography really heavy on
social media marketing order to get the maximum market exposure big benefit that
a lot of people like is our 30 day listing contracts we only have 30 days
to make sure your satisfied with the job that we’re doing things I don’t really
believe in liking people into a six-month contract forcing them to work
with us you’re not satisfied with the job but we’re doing here in NYC team we
not only worked get your business but to keep your business you want to make sure
that we’re doing a great job for you please get in touch with us you can call
or text me at 517 6:05 128 64 Gmail Jeff rising at Remax that net

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