The Realtor | BUMBLD S2 | Episode 2
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The Realtor | BUMBLD S2 | Episode 2

it can’t be happening I’m gonna go me
thanks for the soft pizza and lifetime supply of diarrhea at least I got a good
news oh my god I’m so sorry that’s just a
nice oh I cannot believe my eyes I’m seeing her in real life is me do you
know what she needs a boyfriend if my husband was your barrier we should take
a picture where’s my friend right over you come on come on all right all right
look over here at me oh my goodness Oh No oh wait you look fabulous
yeah yeah did you got it yeah those look good in that picture I love my shoes
let’s go shoes Oh Bernice the shoes always look at the shoes hi
I’m Samuel Baker from compass he’s beautiful
which one of you is Penelope Oh me me Pippy
hi I’m Penelope Pippy for short I just looked at his penis water just look at
his list Sam for sure me isla oh definitely of coffee bread okay can we
go check out this bar Maine or what yeah so we’re gonna see two Studios in one
bedroom today I think you guys are gonna love this building the amenities there
fantastic I’m cool I look better looking twin are you a realtor
I am yeah nice to meet you juice huh this apartment search has got a lot more
interesting what I’m no wedding band you’re single I’m not asking for me I’m
engaged well the apartments this way okay okay there tap shoes – what else do you tap
besides the floor a little creepy


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