The REAL Reason Your Realtor Ignores You
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The REAL Reason Your Realtor Ignores You

Gary Wong: Hey guys, it’s Gary Wong with
again. People know me as the Christian Realtor. I’m also the author of the book, Vancouver
Real Estate. Today I want to share with you, do you know
what the real reason you real estate agent doesn’t get back to you? Before I tell you that, a lot of people call
me and they try to pick my brain and ask me how do I manage all my clients and how do
I manage all the people who call me. I must be on the phone 24/7. You know what? I’m not. I’m not on the phone 24/7 because I block
off times. When I meet with my client, that time belongs
to my client. I’m not busy texting or emailing, I’m focused
on my client. There are certain exceptions, like if I’m
going through a very through a very urgent situation. There are minor exceptions, but a majority
of the time, my phone, I’m not picking up the phone. I put it on vibrate all the time and I just
answer the phone when I’m not with a client. I have meetings as well and appointments with
different people. Their time is valuable. I don’t want to use that time and be fiddling
around with my phone, or email, or something like that. I want to be present with my clients. I really want to be present and really want
to listen to them and understand. Having said that, when you call your realtor
and your realtor doesn’t get back to you, there are a number of reasons why. It could be that they’re in the middle of
doing an open house. They’re in the middle of doing a showing. They are writing an offer, they are in a meeting,
or they’re simply just off work. Some realtors work until 9:00 at night. Some realtors get off work at 6:00. It’s a self-employed business, so everyone
has their own way of doing business. Some realtors are just lazy. They don’t pick up the phone or they’re just
busy. I don’t have much beef with people who are
like that, that yeah maybe they are busy, but what I do have beef with is realtors who
they get a call, or they get a text message, and they just don’t respond. They don’t get back to the client. They don’t get back to the inquiry. I would say, you don’t have to respond within
5 minutes, or within 10 minutes, or within the hour. 24 hours, like that’s pretty reasonable, 24
hours. 48 hours, okay. That’s pushing it, but not even responding
at all, that’s just unacceptable. I’d say, the real reason is realtors are busy. They really most, okay, let me rephrase that. Many realtors block off their times. They cherish, treasure their clients’ times,
and their appointments, and they don’t turn on the phone. Maybe they’re on a date with their spouse,
or something like that. I respect that. I really respect that. When I text a realtor, or when I leave a message
for a realtor, I expect the realtor to get back to me. I really do. Whether they do, some get back to me, and
some just ignore me. I don’t think that’s very professional, but
anyways, hopefully that answered a question that you’ve always been wondering, why my
real estate agent doesn’t get back to me? If they get back to you in a timely manner,
within 24-48 hours, that’s pretty good. If they get back to you sooner, that’s awesome. If they don’t get back to you at all, that’s
just unprofessional, in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed the video. Gary Wong with Until next time, God bless you. Thanks guys for watching my video. Please subscribe and share with your friends. Email me if you have any more questions. Thank you.

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