the real estate in Minecraft is terrible
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the real estate in Minecraft is terrible

Hello. How are we all doing today? My name is Chelsie Claire but you can call me Cece, and today we’re playing Minecraf. I have never played this without my friend before. I did try and play it
yesterday or whenever this video goes up so that’s not… Whatever, you don’t need
to know that. I did try and do that yesterday, my yesterday but it didn’t record
properly and it made me very mad because a lot of things happened. It was wild. Anyway, let’s get into the game. I know vaguely what I’m doing but I still don’t know
much as my friend was teaching me to play the game and so I am a little bit
confused on a few things although I have seen other people play it, too.
I’ve already got a house as I built it yesterday. Not a good one but it’ll do. I don’t
know if I’m gonna be thrust into the night again becaus I ran into a
zombie Let me on. Thank you. I thought I had a house. I don’t know where it is. Okay. There we go. There’s sheep over there. Right. Let’s find this house, because I did build it. I just don’t know where it is. I died in it, too, so it should still be around. I have a terrible sense of direction, so this might take a while. If I jump down there, will I die? Well, not die, but I will hurt myself, yes. Oh, my God, what is that? ( noise of terror ) Where are you? I hear you, but where are you? I’m so confused. Ah, there you are. Hello! No, please. All I have is this pasty, white arm. I don’t have a weapon. I’m not equipped okay at least give me a
fair fight sheesh your friends are have I died the
last time oh good god no oh shit all right um it’s nearly morning
anyway so no please leave me ah great I’ve just made myself
vulnerable haven’t I go away go away don’t hit me you’re not allowed to hit
me only I’m allowed to hit you you’re the spider I’m a human hmm I’m
bigger than you well not in this game anyway God all
right so it’s morning now let’s cover see if I can faint nor my houses if not
we’ll just have to build another one so I’ll take some wood with me beat just
like really that’s heavy chop down trees and Tim the
real world yes so last time when I tried to record I was over there I think
somewhere and I how’d you get on top of the tree because there was some bees at
the where there were skeletons everywhere at their creepers everywhere
and there was just this one chicken who can’t just coming up to the top of the
tree with me just to stare at me and there was a zombie who – zombies
actually who just kept hitting their head off the tree row okay magic in the mad that I didn’t get that
recording properly as it was it was so good I could not make that out so
beating that wood with dirt that’s that’s how it works in real life –
there’s that fucking chicken what what do you want where is my house
can you take me to my house chicken you can all right come on then let’s go look
I can’t leave myself to my house you have to leave me to my house listen I
will turn you into a roast chicken if you don’t take me back to my house okay
I don’t know where I am my house meant even been destroyed I don’t have any
food why are you over there hmm explain yourself running come on move
your arse go come on you’re just going to miss circlin you don’t know you’re
going unless she can have attached a little chicken now I was gonna kill him
but I think I hate him too much to kill him he doesn’t deserve deserve the sweet
release of death I’m curious to see where things go with this chicken and
not like not like that if you can name chickens in this new we all got a
nametag for him and just name him chicken
that’s what I’ve been calling him this entire time he doesn’t deserve a name
so I’ve got four stacks I found it’s gone now but I found that traitorous
chicken I don’t really want anything in my hand that I don’t need
otherwise is just going to annoy me what the fuck was that what what was that Oh was that squid oh wait okay so I guess
we’re swimming to the edge no I don’t want nothing there’s chickens again
they’re waiting for me I’m like their queen
I am chicken Queen what is that I want that that wasn’t okay queen of the
chickens hello see we’re all gathered over here for
whatever reason where’s my house do you know what it is you know my houses do
you please take me back I don’t know where I am
please hey I’m talking to you whoa Nick no take me take me back where’s your friend coming over to judge
me fuck you what screw you too got these chickens are assholes
fuck you guess I’ll just have to find it myself can’t rely on anyone here I think
I’m going the wrong way what what do you want no why did you
just nod at me do you want me to follow you this is that it do you know where my
horses what you nodded at me you did it again
yeah your friends are these judgmental chickens I’ll take that as a guess
fuck you I’m Jesus I can walk on water I don’t know where I’m going I don’t
know where I am need food I’ve lost my house what a thing to lose you know oh there it is a beautiful house
don’t know why I spawned all the way over there when my house is here and
it’s also nearly nighttime so I better get to that quick look at it isn’t it
gorgeous good morning you’re all on fire that sucks for you anyway where do we want to main I don’t want to
mean too close to the house just in case things you say too don’t over here I wish had some cool oh
yeah finally some cobblestone can faithfully make a furnace kill that
chicken but horrible horrible evil little chicken not logo there’s some
cool thing I should go up and get some wood so I can make chests down here when
I eventually get to a cave I can’t see shit okay no I think I’ve locked myself sort
of trapped myself in here because I just saw coal and just immediately started
hitting it oh my god oh so I need to find my way out of here again ah fuck
great am I gonna die down here no no if I just keep hearing it I will
find my way out of here alright jump up here yes this is why
they call it survival mode finding a way to survive I’m stuck I thought I wasn’t
breaking there for a second I was like please let me out
I’m having a crisis alright the good thing is I got school now so we can cook
something maybe well maybe we’ll kill that chicken once I get out of here if I
hadn’t been for my pickaxe breaking and needing to take out an old fuck I’m like
10 minutes to climb outta here I would have had you I can’t find my way out of
here see I think the reason it doesn’t take
me long to die in games is just from sheer stupidity but it’s okay I can see
my way out so awesome I think we’re okay it’s like I’ve been locked in like a
basement or something oh my god I see the lights we just need to keep hitting
these rocks and it won’t be free just keep hitting just hit the rocks with our
pasty weight arms and miraculously get no blood on them also must have some
strength in her arm to be able to break rocks tongue
apparently dirt isn’t that hard to break okay so let me go find some food first hey you what come here come here you’re
mine no stop running stop it stop running come back here fuck you hey hey
die bonjah come on come here stop running
away from me stop it stop it stop it stop running from me stop it
God stupid fucking chickens the rest of you can live from Oh till I get hungry
again probably no look I killed it with an SRE you might throw up yeah you see
what happens huh you see what happens when you’re an
asshole you have that egg that want me to do that but have it anyway what the hell whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
what the fuck man no way you’re supposed to be on bloody fire what the shit i well okay that was a very dedicated zombie I’ll
say that I have a song start stored I have a stone sword now so you might come
for me huh yeah I want to do it I don’t want that running flash you can own that
the chickens can have that that’s their food and the pickaxe so oh Jesus I just
saw coming towards with him I was like new no thank you
that’s so that’s okay I’m happy enough not being you know
mauled by zombies let’s have something to do it’ll give us something to do I’m
gonna come for me huh are you just gonna stand there oh jesus no I don’t want
that little fucking tiny tail no no no no no no bloody way no way go away
oh fuck shut up isn’t it your snoring oh never mind you know we’re just gonna God
noisy neighbors huh like that and they’re just waiting for me to come out
cuz it’s not gonna happen I’m a coward it’s not invitation go away I opened my
door I’m checking outside I’m not inviting you in sure nearly morning
so you leave back to them meaning oh they’re burning
I hear them being set on fire there’s sneezing oh fuck me no no no no
no no no no no no no no no no no no no oh shit I was trying to run back in Oh
fuck’s sake I was trying to run back in and my keyboard just fucked up seriously
come on Oh God’s sake I’m gonna stop stop moving
stop moving I was not touching anything at that time
and I’m back here again at this random spawn spot foxi got an egg at least love that Iran
I don’t even mean to but I ran right into the creeper I was like Oh
everything’s dead it’ll be safe out there I was so wrong I don’t think I’ve
ever saw wrong in my life where am I going
I think I’m lost again at least I’m failing eggs from my free-range chicken
farm yeah that’s right you are my chickens shut up
hey you’re lucky I’m letting you live shit stop talking back to me oh fuck me
what the hell no I’m not about to be murdered by two zombies on Palani fire
die I’m running away you’re gonna die eventually please fall
over oh thank god what do you want Jesus don’t judge me I need a moment to
recuperate and say my house seriously why am I always so far from it and I
don’t know which way I’m going anymore either all right so we’re back with the trees
so this is probably the wrong direction trying to finger hose in Minecraft so
I’ve got killer chickens got creepers that wait right outside your door for
you and zombies he’ll like to chase you and set you on fire I was told this game
was peaceful am i a farmer now is this where I live because there’s pigs and
sheep and chicken everywhere never seen that movie homeward bound you know with
the cat and the dog the two dogs even trying to find their way back home this
is what this reminds me of except I’m not a dog I’m not a cat and I don’t know
where the fuck I’m going yes it’s getting to make time again and I still
haven’t found my house so I feel like I’m gonna be running away from a lot of
things this is amazing I heard that I heard that please please no just just
run away just run away there’s skeletons over there too but
just just run from them as well get up you want some eggs I got plenty
of them them skeletons just congregating over
there a black sheep no they’re not interested in me so that’s okay how do
you think I’m not even worth killing they’re just like yeah she’ll eventually
die she doesn’t even have a weapon mister creepers done this see there’s
nowhere to go if I can get past them and on top of
those trees I think I should be okay Shh don’t give away my position you
especially big let me up let me up safety perfect hey Balu hey pal how you
doing you want to be killed with an egg yeah I
you just said I I guess I can’t allow you that oh my god there’s another one
you piss off both of you piss off yeah no no place I was winning no no I’m
not dying on top of a tree to a zombie I will beat you with this egg this gives a
whole new meaning to beat the eggs Oh your turn just die already please oh my
god this is all miss fucking resilient Jesus Oh carrot that’s the thing this
would be a good place to end up otherwise they’ll just be watching me
run around trying to find my house until I eventually realized that I can’t find
it anymore and we’ll just have to build a new one I hope you enjoyed the video
and thank you for watching if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and
appreciate it if you would subscribe as well right thank you
I see you next time


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