The Nation’s Pioneer Land-Grant University | Michigan State University
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The Nation’s Pioneer Land-Grant University | Michigan State University

– [Narrator] In 1862,
President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill that revolutionized higher education in America, a revolution that started with
Michigan State University. (upbeat music) In 1855, the Agricultural
College of the State of Michigan, now known as Michigan State, was founded as the first US
institution of higher education to teach scientific agriculture. (upbeat music) The college opened its doors to provide a practical education to all citizens,
regardless of social class. It was a bold experiment that
meant for the first time, higher education was an opportunity for all, not a privilege for the few. (upbeat music) This revolution culminated
in the Morrill Act, signed by President Lincoln in 1862. This bill allowed for the
creation of Land-Grant Colleges, across the nation, and Michigan State was the prototype. For this reason, Michigan State is known as the nation’s Pioneer
Land-Grant University. (upbeat music) Today, and throughout our history, true to our land grant mission, Spartans continue to change the world, working for the common good with an uncommon will. (upbeat music)

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