The Most Well-Built Land Rover Defender We’ve Seen | Outside
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The Most Well-Built Land Rover Defender We’ve Seen | Outside

(upbeat music) – Good day, we’re Shayne and
Sandra from Aussie Expeditions. And this is our 2006
Land Rover Defender 110, which we’ve prepared for
round the world travel. Sandra and I have a love
for the wide variety of cultures, cuisines
and everything available throughout the world and with the current economic climate and the
war going on throughout the world, we wanted to
see as much of this world as we can while it’s still
relatively accessible. And the best way to do that, is land based travel. Let me show you around. This is the side where all of the cooking, feeding is done. Everything is designed to
be as organized as possible. Um, everything has a place
and everything should go back into that place, makes cooking, traveling, nice and easy. Everything is incorporated,
it’s all custom built, by myself. With a lot of input from my wife as to how she wanted everything set up. We can cook from this side, once it’s all packed up, everything’s
nice and secure and stops it from rattling around. We can either cook here or we can cook on the back tailgate. This has also been heavily modified, so any climate so we’re also prepared for snow, mud, the vehicle has been designed so we can access the rooftop
tent from inside the vehicle. With a folding floor
system, so that we can get into the inside of the rooftop
tent in snowy conditions, several times. All of the storage wall
has been custom built. Once again, so a work station, it’s all on marine latches so it can all, everything, uh, stores
away and doesn’t fall out during rough road travel. My wife is a veterinarian,
so she also carries trauma kit for our two dogs that travel with us as well. As well as any human accident. So, that was the cooking side for my wife. And then we have what my wife likes to
call the ‘man cave’ side. Where should we happen to
get stuck in any situation, I have everything
immediately available for self recovery. Just about everything we
need to get out of any situation that I may get ourselves into. Rooftop tent is a BunduTec system that is electrically operated at the push of a button. It raises and the awning self deploys. And then ordinarily, we access the tent from the outside of the vehicle. So, this is the interior of
the BunduTec rooftop tent. It’s basically, a double
sized mattress fits in here. We have a four inch memory
foam mattress and we’re basically ready for any sort of climate, it’s nice and cool in the summer, and then with the windows
all zipped up it’s very well insulated for the winter. We also incorporated an
external shower system with hot and cold running water. The water is heated
through a heater plate on the vehicle engine so
as long as the engine is running we have endless water supply. And it’s temperature
regulated by a dial here. So we have the ability
to have either a cold wash down, hot water shower, and we also have the
ability to take the water supply from a stream or
any other water source, or plug in to a hose
outlet should we need, and then everything is
just available on on demand pressure pump from the vehicle itself. Which also supplies all of our
drinking water capabilities. We need to be prepared for
any sort of situation so this vehicle was developed so that we could easily access all
sorts of different areas, sample cuisine, immerse
ourselves in the cultures and see as much of the world as we can. So the whole vehicle has been designed around facilitating that and making it as readily accessible as possible.


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