The Loud House | Thanksgiving Seating Arrangement Trouble | Nick

NARRATOR: It’s the Loud
House Thanksgiving Dinner. But with so many Louds,
where’s everyone gonna sit? Let’s get cooking. So, we know that Lincoln can’t
sit next to Lana and Lola cause they’ll keep poking
him with sausages all night. C’mon, man.
Stop! NARRATOR: Oh, I know. Let’s put Lincoln next
to Lily, because no one changes diapers like he does. Uncle– uh– NARRATOR: An easy
one is that Lana and Lola have to sit together. You can’t separate the twins. And obviously, Clyde
sits next to Lincoln, because they’re best buds. All right, that’s
a lot for Lincoln. Mama’s little baby loves
shortening, shortening. Mama’s little baby
loves shortening– Bread! NARRATOR: Well, we
all know that Clyde is gonna want to
sit next to Lori, because he has a
major crush on her. LINCOLN: Are you picturing
her on the beach again? Uh, no. NARRATOR: So can Lori
sit next to Luna? Yeah! NARRATOR: Oh, no, no, no, no. That won’t work
out, because Luna’s constant rocking will get in
the way of Lori’s conversation with Bobby. Bobby, only 12 messages today? I thought you cared about me. NARRATOR: Oh, but Luna
can sit next to Lynn, because they’re both
stuffed with energy. Lisa definitely can’t
sit next to Luan, because her jokes are too corny. Did you hear the one about
the thief who stole a calendar? He got 12 months. [LAUGHS] Get it? NARRATOR: But Luan
can sit next to Lori, because she’ll give Lori
funny things to say to Bobby. Score! I think Leni has
to sit next to Lisa to teach her how to use a fork,
very important for any meal. I got in here to show
Lily my fashion magazine, but now I can’t get out
of this baby prison. [CRYING] NARRATOR: Oh, shoot. Lisa can’t sit next to Lana
though, because they’ll get into a food fight. [LAUGHTER] Hey! What? NARRATOR: I know, we’ll
give it the old switcheroo. That works. Lucy sits wherever
the spirits tell her. And Lola can sit next to
Lucy, because she understands her unique sensibilities. Hey, Lucy! I want to suck your blood! NARRATOR: Oh, man. We did it! I think we really– Oh, no. We forgot mom and dad. No! NARRATOR: Well, maybe we’ll
get it right next year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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