The Loud House Funniest Moments from NEW Episodes! | #FunniestFridayEver
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The Loud House Funniest Moments from NEW Episodes! | #FunniestFridayEver

– Howdy.
– Liam, it’s Lincoln. Which Lincoln? I know a few. Lincoln Loud, your friend? Oh, hi Lincoln, my friend. Are you busy tonight? I’ve got an extra ticket
to the Amazing Braillester. Oh, uh, I’d love to but… It’s wiener season here on the farm. You know, that magical time of year
when we wean piglets from their mamas. I need to be around in case
there’s some kind of a wean scene. – For example–
– OK, OK, I get it. Lincoln, what’s good? Hey Rusty. How would you like to go to
the greatest magic show on Earth tonight? Tonight? I totally would,
but I’ve got a hot date. In fact, I better go iron my jeans. – Hello?
– Stella, buddy old pal! I’ve got an extra ticket
to a magic show and– Ugh, wish I could go,
but I promised my granny I’d help her set up a dating profile. She said she’s ready
to get back out there, so… Hold on, I’m getting another call. Oh! It’s Lynn. Hey, LJ.
Do you wanna go to a magic show? No, I wanna go to the bathroom, Stinkin. – Now get outta there!
– Ah! Now, we’ll start with Act One, Scene Five,
better known as “The Kiss”. Romeo, Juliet, center stage.
The rest of you, take five. Come on, Mr. Coconuts.
Let’s grab a seat next to– Huh? Go, Mr. Coconuts! [screaming] [whistling] Oh, hey Benny! Did you see last night’s episode
of the Real Mimes of Miami? Yeah, I really felt for Magda
when she was trying to order pizza over the phone. Mime life, am I right? [laughing] Here, your stomach might
find this “appealing”. [laughing] Thanks. A bunch! [laughing] – Good one.
– And… action! Like, saints do not like move,
though grant for like, – prayer’s sake.
– Then, move not! Hang on. While my prayers effects I fake… No wait, that’s a T.
Take. Not fake. No, no, no, no, no. This is all wrong! I’m just not feeling it. [laughing] Ruby, Spencer, this is the hardest part
of any director’s job, but I’ve decided to go another way
with my Romeo and Juliet. Don’t be discouraged.
If you keep working your craft– So, like, I don’t have to memorize,
like, any more of this? Phew. I sweated off the rest
of my lines in gym class. Fear not, thespians. The show will go on. The perfect Romeo and Juliet
have been with us all along. Benny and Luan! I’ve been watching you two, and I know you are going to be wonderful! Well, howdy.
Welcome to my family’s farm. Your challenge is to collect
a dozen eggs from yonder hen house. Oh, and you city folk might wanna
breathe through your mouths. [clucking] Oh, aren’t they cute? I don’t know, brah.
Those beaks look pretty sharp. All done! One dozen eggs. Chill, dudes! Zack! How would you like to hit
the flea market with me tonight? Hm. Last time I had fleas,
I had to stay home from school. It’s not a market for actual fleas. They have antiques! We don’t do antiques. My parents won’t decorate the house
with anything they can’t see through. You never know where those government
spies put their listening devices. So, is that a no? Eh. Let ’em listen. I’m in. Phew. Clyde? I thought we were gonna
ride bikes to school this morning? Hey, bud. Sorry about that. I wanted to get to the library early. Gotta research all those
antiques I bought yesterday. Wow. Looks like you got a lot of stuff. Did we ever! I got some cool old plates,
a globe from before Hawaii was a state, and these sick glasses. Well they’re not my prescription,
but who cares? So, you had a good time? Good time? I had a great time! I never knew old stuff
could be so much fun. He’s really got a knack for antiquing. You should have seen him
haggle with the rug guy. And I’m so glad I did. This baby’s gonna look sick
in my family’s panic room. – You just hit Clyde.
– Oh, sorry Clyde. Of, sorry Lincoln. Hm. Good thing I didn’t buy the sword.


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