The Loud House Family Band Guide 🎸| #TryThis
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The Loud House Family Band Guide 🎸| #TryThis

Now who wants to have fun? The Louds are starting a family band. But before they start rocking the crowd,
we gotta figure out a job for each Loud. Put your hands together for
The Loud House Family Band Guide. Let’s jam! You can’t have a band without music, so we’ll start with
a rock goddess, Luna. She can play guitar and
write the music to all their hits. ♪ Who is that in the mirror? ♪ ♪ Looking back, I don’t know her ♪ Just promise to stay
true to yourself, Luna. [playing guitar] That’s more like it! Now that we have the music, we
need lyrics. So who’s gonna write those? – Lily?
– Pooh-pooh! Well, since the only word
she knows is pooh-pooh, I don’t think she’d write
the catchiest tunes. What about Lisa? ♪ Yippee-ki-yay, yo, yo, yo ♪ ♪ I make this Bunsen burner
Start to overflow ♪ ♪ Mix some dope rhymes
With a little H2O ♪ ♪ My idiom for indium is shine like gold ♪ Those rhymes are fire, but we need some
lyrics that are a little more relatable. Lucy on the other hand,
is a poet and we all know it. Her lyrics will be scary good, and stick with us for days
like a haunted spirit. The end is near, give up all hope. Ooh, I just got the chills. And what are lyrics
without a voice to sing them? Who’s gonna be our lead singer?
Maybe Lily can do that. [crying] Hm, maybe not. Luan? I couldn’t carry a tune
if it had a handle. [laughing] OK, so Luan’s out. [howling] Dudes, Charles wants to sing lead! While that is incredibly cute,
I think we should leave this to our verified vocalist, Luna Loud. ♪ Play it loud, play it proud ♪ ♪ I live it, I breathe it
Don’t tell me I don’t need it now ♪ This is coming together. So, we’ve got music lyrics
and someone to sing ’em. Now we need someone to slap that bass. That’s it, bro! You got it! It looks like Lincoln is the man
with a stand-up bass plan. Groovy! Now we need a DJ
to complete the rhythm section. Could Lisa be our DJ supreme? He beats are scientifically proven
to make you shake your booty. And have you seen her moves? You know, being in a famous band
can come with a lot of pressure. Uh! Come on, Luna.
What are you thinking? You just used the word ‘yolo’. So, it’s nice to have a therapist on hand. Luckily, Lisa’s got
experience with that too. I’ve been known to dabble
in the soft sciences. Take a seat. So, that’s when I started hearing things. All signs indicate that Lisa
will be our group’s DJ and therapist. She can handle two jobs, right? Precisely. Now, we’ve got a fever and
the only cure is a whole lot of cow bell. There’s only one Loud we know
who loves cow bell, – and it’s Papa Loud.
– Ka-pow! And while he’s rocking the cow bell,
Mama Loud will be rocking that tambourine. Heaven help us. This is music to our ears. Speaking of music, let’s crank it up
by adding some back-up singers. Leni, can you sing back-up? ♪ Back-up, back-up, back-up ♪ That’s not what we meant.
Leni, maybe you can be a back-up dancer. Hey guys, I’m a back-up dancer. Ah! OK, that’s too dangerous. Let’s let Leni do what she does best,
and design the costumes for the band. Look, I turned this night gown into jeans. Oh, wait.
Now I don’t have a night gown. Now Lola’s the glamorous one in the fam. And no band can truly jam
without the glam. Should Lola be in charge
of hair and makeup? Yes, yes, yes! OK, Lola. The job is yours! ♪ It is hard to make
Lookin’ this good look easy ♪ ♪ And it takes a few mistakes
To be just right ♪ Looking good, really good. Oops! That is not looking good. No bass for Lincoln,
but what is he gonna do? I know, he can be the choreographer. And since it takes two to tango,
Clyde will help. ♪ And the beat goes on and on
Even if we get it wrong ♪ ♪ ‘Cause friends don’t think
They’re just in sync ♪ ♪ Best buds, amigos, the list goes on ♪ Looks like Lily wants
to help choreograph too. Let’s see those moves, Lily. ♪ Best, best, best thing ever ♪ ♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ Oh, baby! Everyone’s gonna
want to learn that toddler two-step. This band’s gonna be amazing,
and that means a lot of fans. And a lot of fans means
we need security. Hi-ya! Lynn already kicks butt,
so this job is perfect for her. You wanna go? OK Lynn, just don’t hurt the talent. And if she needs help,
Charles can be watch dog. Now, a killer band like this
needs to put on a killer show. And for that, we need lights
and visual effects. Luan is already a master show woman,
should she tackle this job? ♪ Every now and then
I think the world’s a scary place ♪ ♪ But I remember it looks better
With a pie thrown at your face ♪ Well, if the effects look
half as good as that, then we’re in for some
pretty funky shows, dude. And if we’re putting on shows,
then we need a way to get there. That’s where our tour bus,
or Vanzilla, comes in. But who’s gonna keep it running? There was a crack in the cylinder block,
so I just rerouted the exhaust manifold past the carburetor and then… Don’t ask if you don’t really wanna know. Lana will make sure
Vanzilla’s in touring shape. But more importantly,
that all the toilets at the venues work. ♪ A plumber’s job is never done ♪ ♪ Especially in this house ♪ ♪ I’ve been dubbed the number one
To get the number twos to go down ♪ And finally, we need a way
to promote this band online. Who do we know who’s
a wiz with their phone? I know, Lori’s the perfect
PR professional. Not to brag, but I kind of
feel like I’ve mastered the selfie. That’s it, we did it!
We are ready to rock! Luna, take a solo! Nah, this is a family band, dude. Yeah, but you’re the only one
who can actually play. Wait a minute.
This band doesn’t have a name. What should we call this band? Smooch! – That’s already taken.
– Pooh-pooh! Uh, we’ll think about that one, Lily. What do you think The Loud House
family band should be called? Let us know in the comments below,
and we’ll reply to the winning name. See you next time on
The Loud House Family Band Guide.

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