WE HAVE COME TO THE LAND OF MN MN..MN…..MN I hate early morning flight man Welcome back to the channel everyone. It’s 5:55 in the morning. I know it’s still too dark. It’s very early morning for me. I am going towards my uber. The reason i am walking is.. because there is still construction work going on so cars cannot enter from that side. I am pretty sure you guys already know where i am traveling to, in case you don’t know. I guess you are new to the channel So, press the subscribe button. I am traveling to Imphal with.. Shanice and Ashish. Good Morning Ashish…..Good Morning. I will just go inside and then i will tell you why i am going to Imphal. I am pretty sure Most of the people already know why we are going to Imphal. Good morning madam. How are you doing madam. Ashish We are already late We are already late thanks to Shanice……Hmm……OK Today we almost missed our flight. There was a long queue on security gate i can’t tell you. and Shanice completely made use of her being a girl and passed through women security check but then she waited for us That’s the problem of coming last. There’s no place to keep the bags. Any more bags? Shanice give me your bag. NO i want to…… Shanice are you mad. Give me your bag Alright so because of the hassle in the morning i forgot to tell you why we are going to imphal The Reason we are going to Imphal is Because My Friend Cum Brother Debu (O.W.O.R) Debu is comming Back to India Because He was on a world Ride And all of us are going to pick him up And Ashish ! I gave my Camera to You to record the Lovely Time Lapse And this guy has not even slept for an hour. Till the time you reach Imphal your brain will stop working. We don’t have to collect the bag right? we have to ask them We are going from indigo right? Yes.
then we don’t have to collect it. Escalator this big are not even in the malls Floors in the malls are not this high that’s why. I have seen the world’s biggest escalator in china in a hotel and it is double of this escalator.
and its too long. and this is atleast 3 floors long.
If its get stop then.
then go by walk. you have stairs there if it gets turn off then what tension you have. Security check i have turn it off. Atleast we have rested for a while, because when we don’t rest we feel sleepy and when you feel sleepy you will do mistakes and the biggest mistakes happen is you lose your stuffs So here we have more half an hour for boarding, we are doing nothing just sitting. I’m taking the timelapse. Hotel?
Call hotel we didn’t book a Hotel Which number plate Where should i keep this?
Keep it here. first you sit sir. We are travelling in Omni. Can i sit at front? I don’t know after how many years i’m sitting in omni. have you ever sit in Omni.
No. You know people used to call it kidnapping van. What ? what ? Because of CID. Its not because of CID its because of Bollywood movies in the 80s and 90s In every movies Kidnapping happen in this car. My Wrist is hurting i don’t know why. After looking at this place i think it was raining alot here. Right ? it rained too much. yes.
hail storm happen here i heard. yes last night. Hail storm last night What you will have? i’m deciding. we have checked in this wonderful hotel but there is a little problem occured When we landed on airport and i was vlogging one guy came and asked me ‘are you here to cover anything’ Who will enter from Moreh border me and aashish were discussing about the rooms because we haven’t booked yet so i told him to search fast online to book the room. It was showing full on all the hotels in Imphal. so we thought there will be some problem we will find the room and book it when we will come here right ? When we reach here it was still showing full. So we thought lets go walk-in in any hotel. So a guy told us all hotels are full Junaid said nikhil bhai all the hotel here are full because our prime minister is visiting.
15th march 2018 Modi ji is visiting Imphal and that’s why every hotels here are full booked and it over booked. who was talking to us and from his team 2 members cancelled the room so 1 suit room was cancelled and 1 deluxe room was cancelled so we have taken those rooms for now because we don’t have any option and on that the problem is after 15th that was also not available So now what we will do we don’t know. we will manage. i don’t mind extending even though its expensive but we should get the room. Its better to be on the road. It Doesn’t matter we come by flight or bike Some adventure also wait for us Always. If we didn’t find that man we didn’t get this room. This is a mini suit This is the room and this is kind of a drawing area. and i’m pretty sure that will be washroom if i’m not wrong. we will see how is the washroom.
oh my god its a balcony. Its good that we got a balcony.
we can take the Timelapse We slept so well that i said aashish and shanice that get up its already 6 in the evening we don’t want to sleep that much if we sleep more we will wake up at night. whole we will be wake up and here its 6:10pm and i will show you guys how it looks outside. see this. It look like this at 6:10 pm outside. You won’t see lots of people and only few shops are open If we go that side we will get a good Dosa If you want to eat Dosa at dinner so tell me or we will eat tomorrow morning.
With tomorrow morning i remember he is not entering on 15th because on 15th here is some rally what was that?
congress rally. some friendly rally something like that and Modi ji is also coming. so that day it will be tough to travel.
and here to do 100km it takes around 3 to 4 hours in car.
and we asked about the rental of car Now because all the hotels are booked in Imphal we are not getting the car forget about the motorcycle. Debu is coming tomorrow on 14th by the time you are watching this video. we will be on the way to pick Debu. or some like that we will be rushing. I don’t know how tomorrow is going to be. he tell us the timing tomorrow when he will be entering Imphal so we have to leave accordingly and from here the Moreh border is 100km away so for that reason we might leave early or late. Debu will inform us 4 to 5 hours before. Because whole road is under construction they are widening the roads so he stuck over there and its cold right now its 15 degrees in Imphal and guwahati is also cold. at Dhaaba he will sleep for 2 3 hours and leave at first light in the morning. I can’t handle this so please share this to your friend and family members watch and subscribe. It will be done. If it will be done in Imphal it will be good. Tomorrow i’m going to pick Debu so i’m very very excited and happy that i won’t get sleep.

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