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good morning people of the world how are
you doing it’s like 8 o’clock and we can’t load for about an hour
so since I wouldn’t fix whatever so it’s been a couple of hours but we can’t load
yet so I’m making us some breakfast I’m making us some omelet type stuff it’s
not gonna be an omelet what’s gonna be a scrambled omelette 1 2 3 4 5 how about 6
eggs 6 eggs put this way she’s making the bad guys can you believe that I know
it it’s more those rare things I make it mostly no she makes it all the time
she’s great so here the dogs down there they’re
playing really hard that’s a bit bad noise isn’t it and the camera really
picks up that Clank Clank Clank yeah we’ll just turn that off no I’m done okay she rubs her face like a little
child grab your little eyes all right there’s the breakfast it’s pretty good
looking our you know it’s not a big breakfast but it’s a breakfast no you
tell me big breakfast but we’re gonna eat this
up get the motorcycle loaded up go load our two big-ass jet engines and then
fire them up and lanta yeah they’re big big big big big you like a big big big
don’t you oh yes you know that’s much giving right God gave it to me he said
this is your special Parker’s to be a partner because you’re special
superpower dirty pervert let’s get this eat it up and get to work what are you
doing grace you licky fetish dog you how you
doing good morning good morning girl you just for you damn it’s hot out there I’m not white
people you guys and I melt out there that’s horrible the animation that’s
what it is yeah and get rid I would die save me
there would be a strong man okay so you people from cancer it’s mean you’re
gonna make them eat you know they say that skin cancer may not actually be
caused by the Sun because there’s more fat now than ever but mine because by
the chemicals and the FDA has recall or not recalled they have renounced the
sunscreens good for you they think that it has cancer carcinogens in it but
there does that include desert the mineral zinc that’s what everybody
believes the government I don’t believe in nothing and everything do you
remember when paper bags who are destroying the earth and we all had to
go to plastic and nano plastic bags are destroying the earth and we all got to
go back to paper it just depends on who’s running politics doctor care home
I mean anyway we are melting it’s time for us to get off this tarmac just
shower you’ll see that video of them skydivers I love loving you if they’re
all skydiving and having a good time and getting their hours in you know you guys
stay certified raw you want you up that plane girl maybe maybe we were gonna try
some indoor skydiving you don’t wanna go indoors we’re gonna go indoor skydiving
we’re gonna do that well if you jump out flying the first time you do it you go
do a tandem anyway right you know I don’t see why you have to I mean there
might be somebody rolls I think it’s like regulations or something
regulations stupidity anyway really all right look yeah alright let’s go out
here and take a shower you’re not gonna join me for the shower well if you
really want to sweat II cool up for a bank
hey that helps bragging I didn’t say that yeah right nice row okay guys we’re at the Los Cruces tea a
look at that this looks familiar to everybody right yeah hit the dog poop
spot girl where you gonna have to rob today okay well all right great place nobody’s gonna look up there
yeah I’ll see it guys it’s it’s ready for birds
let’s get it get to Brock get the rock good night y’all


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