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Throughout the years there has been talk
of hauntings Native American curses mysterious lights or for gravestones
and several tales of a large wolf like creature standing on its two legs around
the Land Between the Lakes area just south of the Land Between the Lakes in
Tennessee a man and his dog were in his living room. When his dog started to growl at
something outside the door. He sees what he thinks it’s a large dog trying to get
through the dog it reaches his arm through the door trying to grab his dog it didn’t have normal paws it had what
looked like human hands the head of this dog looked three times the size of a
normal dog it looked as if the dog was got to break through the dog door he
goes to get his nearest gun as he returns the creature is gone there
have been strange sightings of a large canine creature around the Land Between
the Lakes area over the years a common characteristic between them all are red
glowing eyes an unusual howl and violent attacks on animals in the early 1980s a
family was brutally killed outside their camper near an area called the bunkers
in the LBL the camper was torn apart and their
limbs were completely separated from their bodies. The attack supposedly could
not be attributed to any known animal around the region. it is said that the police kept the
story quiet and out of the media in order for tourists to keep coming to the
LBL there were claw marks on the back of the
father’s body that were made by four long claws and a smaller digit that
looked like a thumb a clue that was left behind was attached to the decapitated
arm of the father. In-between the fingers with a clump of dark brown fur. One of the police officers went inside
the camper and notice rips along the walls. At the time he thought they were
just a result of a knife being swung violently. But at the same time they kind
of looked like claw marks. He wasn’t sure exactly I said what kind of weapon can
make this kind of damage. One of the children was in the camper. The other one was missing. The coroner later determined that there
was no sharp object but claws with brute force behind it. The animals that were
ruled out were bears, wild cats, and wolves. Others arrived on the scene and
combed through a wider radius of the area in search of the missing child.
There were clothes scattered around the site. One of the officers is following
tracks. And stops at the base of a tree. The
tracks have suddenly stopped above in the tree is the missing child she had
been dragged up to the tree and it was obvious that there were bite marks on her body.
Her severed hand was dangling from the tree dripping blood on the officer.
Within an hour most of the police have left but the officer that found the body
stays behind. He searches around the campsite Everyone was given instructions not to
talk about the incident especially to the media. The case is still on confirmed
only kept alive by rumors. But the locals around the Land Between the Lakes know
the truth.

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