The Land Before Time (10/10) Movie CLIP – The Great Valley (1988) HD
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The Land Before Time (10/10) Movie CLIP – The Great Valley (1988) HD

Littlefoot.Littlefoot.Mother!Littlefoot.Mother? I tried to do
what you told me, but it’s
just too hard. I’ll never find
the great valley. [Wind Blows] Mother. Mother! Don’t go, Mother! Don’t go! The great valley.Cera, Spike,
Ducky, Petrie, over here!Littlefoot,
you found it! Yep, yep, yep. We did it.
We did it together!


  • Mckenzie .Latham

    Jame Honer's brilliant and emotional score aside, that shot of the valley lighting up is simply just amazing…

  • Katelyn Bodiford

    This scene is so sad and heartwarming Littlefoot and his friends avenge his mother's death by Sharptooth drowning he deserved that for killing Mama Long Neck

  • Katelyn Bodiford

    And the heartwarming moment is where Littlefoot's mom's ghost shows him and his friends where the Great Valley is

  • Giano182

    I'm a grown up 24 years old boy and I'm crying to this scene which I found randomly here on youtube. It reminds my lost father 🙁
    I'm crying like a baby..damn song at 1.22. Because this scene reminded me also one of my best childhood moment when I was 5-6 years old and I still have this flash in my mind.
    Me sitting on my father legs on the sofa, while my mother was cooking and we were watching this masterpiece all the 3 together for the first time on TV. Since I was fascinating by dinosaurs when I was a kid I remember clearly myself "dreaming" of this Great Valley, the dreams of a child.
    And I can't never forget my father's expression that time. You were in that instant the happiest man of the world because you could see the young me in that moment as the happiest child of the world. His smile when I watched the T-rex scenes were priceless…
    If there was one of the moments of my life that can encase perfectly the happines of a family, for me THAT is THE MOMENT.
    I know this is a scene that is mother-son related but I want to say a thing to my father…that I lost a couple of years ago.

    FATHER, if you could hear my words while I'm crying, just know that you Succeded in life, in everything. Because when I will have the luck to have my own son I WOULD PAY EVERYTHING to LIVE JUST FOR ONE SINGLE TIME THAT MOMENT THAT YOU MADE ME LIVE, making true the wish of a kid.
    You are my light and if I'm the man I am and the father I want to be just know that is thank to you and how you taught me to be rightful and and honest person, no matter the difficulties.

    This is why I'm crying to this scene and to this animation. Because for me, this is one of THOSE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU CAN TOUCH THE HAPPINESS OF A MOMENT.
    Thank you all.
    I feel the needing to write this.

  • Michael Laws

    That moment you realise one of his mother's last teachings was "some things you see with your eyes. Others, you see with your heart." Then the beam of light that reveals the great valley emerges from where her heart would be on the cloud. I swear I'm not crying, I'm just sweating from my eyes!!!

  • Katelyn Bodiford

    We need a My Little Pony Dragon villain who behaves like the original Sharptooth in this Land Before Time movie that would be the greatest MLP villain EVER

  • Eduardo Trevino

    1:04 "I'll be in your heart, Littlefoot. Let your heart guide you."

    That's exactly what Littlefoot's mother did. Just like any other mother would do for their child, even when we can't see them.

  • Arthur Jr. Guy

    Littlefoot never lose a moment to show how stupid he is…I hate him, why the sequels don't have a new main character ? Littlefoot is not like it seems in the next movies

  • Grainy Gaming Or

    Its like a funny joke that you can be ironic about crying to something like this, but honestly its amazing how the music and your own memories can just overpower you. Theres nothing wrong with that however it happens. Very few things move you as time goes on. The swell of the music, every element is moving, the story, voices, like if one part were taken away it wouldnt have the impact. But the music and the art especially. Its sublime. Always was.

  • Pink Lotus

    I cried at 1:03 because his mother used her heart to light up the darkness and to show littlefoot that he had found the great valley without noticing it.

  • Kawayoporu

    Am I not the only one who thinks it's so sad and makes me cry in too much tears(blowing my nose, eww slime stuff comes out to blow on a tissue) so when I get burst in tears coming out when Littlefoot tries to make his mom answer him, again he says at 0:40 and 0:41 – 43 after she did answer 3 times, before Littlefoot cries, again after she was calling his name and she never answers back, again just leaves of the cloud that looks like his mother he sees, but sadly not being alive of seeing her face similar I cry to the part her angelic echo voice when the starleaf falls to the footprint to Littlefoot after saying his name when water appears in it, before telling him where the Valley is and back to the ending part so why she never answers, again when Littlefoot didn't know where she's going and tries to make her answer by calling mother to her, like it's so teary sad she doesn't answer, again and it's like she fades away from Littlefoot I mean when goes to the tunnel cave, before getting Littlefoot to find the Great Valley, anybody know why does Littlefoot's mother in her spirit don't answer a lot makes me cry, before her cloud spirit disappears at 1:07 like poor, poor Littlefoot that it looks like fading away no answer, again like Littlefoot misses her speaking, again worries him?

    Even I want to know what is that mean in his heart, her spirit is in his heart like where a heart helps you keep alive pumping blood so am I correct or is it a heart in your mind, like the mind of your brain, because I have a learning disability and don't understand that much?

  • Lea Seberg Fladstad

    So sad that Littlefoot's mother couldn't come with him to the Great Valley and died in the Mysterious Beyond when she didn't even never been in the Great Valley.

  • Alexander Edward Pytko

    In the original cut, this scene happens after Littlefoot and Cera have that fight, the others decide to follow Cera because her way is easier and Littlefoot decides to press on by himself.
    Then after finding the Great Valley, Littlefoot starts to head into the valley but then either remembers or hears his mother's voice telling him about his 4 friends. Littlefoot realizes that he has to find them and tell them that he's found the Great Valley. So he starts heading back, leading us up to the scene where we see Cera and the others walking among the volcanoes/ the mountains that burn.

  • Gui Correia

    I saw this movie when I was young it's so beautiful! it's the most beautiful nostalgic of the life, we can agree that the movies of the 1900 years are more creative and have better story and designs right?

  • ladyaceina

    my favorite movie of all time i just love this film so much its such a big part of my life

    and i wish more childrens media would handle death with the respect this movie did

    we try to hide death from kids when we need to be teaching them how to grieve

  • superzilla784

    From what I've heard, the writers had a different plan for the ending when they originally made this movie. but big plot twist was that Littlefoot and his friends all secretly died from starvation and none of the characters knew. the big reveal for this was going to be Littlefoot meeting with his mother again, and the Great Valley was actually heaven. I'm glad they didn't go through with that because this movie is sad enough without all the characters dying in the end. sure, Littlefoot is with his mother again, but he's dead too

  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin

    This has to be the most bittersweet ending period. Littlefoot runs after what is presumably his mother's spirit in a cloud form, which leads him to the great valley. The friends finally found the safest, happiest sanctuary to live out their days, and they return to their loved ones as well, yet there is still an underlying sadness about the hardships they faced along the way, especially with Little Foot loosing his mother. The final musical score when Littlefoot discovers the Great Valley is, though happy, derived from the sad score that intiailly featured his mother's death and his mourning for her. He clearly still mourns his mother, and although he found sanctuary, that sadness will always be with him along with those tough times that all the friends went through. This scene makes my heart wrench; it is so sad in the most bittersweet way :')

  • Katelyn Bodiford

    Littlefoot's Mother: Littlefooot
    Littlefoot: Mother
    Littlefoot's Mother: Littlefoot you have forgotten me
    Littlefoot: No how could I?
    Littlefoot's Mother: You have forgotten who you are so forgotten me look inside yourself Littlefoot you are MORE than what you have become you must take your place in the Circle of The Great Valley
    Littlefoot: HOW CAN I GO BACK? I'm not who I used to be
    Littlefoot's Mother: Remember who you are you are my son and the one true leader… remember who you are
    Littlefoot: No please don't leave me
    Littlefoot's Mother: Remember
    Littlefoot: Mother
    Littlefoot's Mother: Remember
    Littlefoot: Don't leave me
    Littlefoot's Mother: Remember

  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin

    This ending is so bittersweet. They found the great valley, have reunited with (adopted/grand)parents, but have still faced a long difficult journey in doing so, which included Littlefoot loosing his mother and Spike being separated from his family. The music playing is still sad, but lighthearted. Perfect for this scene.

  • Regular Invader

    Littlefoot is so lucky to see and hear his mom when he noticed her spirit in the form of a cloud. I always wished something like that would happen to me with my deceased loved ones.😔

  • Captain_ Shredder

    DAMN haven't seen this movie IN YEARS and maybe i avoid it because of how sad this was. I'm a 22 year old guy and when i was a kid i was born with only my mom grandmother and grandfather, so i had a comparison or similar life to littlefoot

  • S M

    I really wish this movie didn't go through so much editing and i wished they made the director stick to his normal plan because I think Littlefoot finding The Great Valley first and then going back to tell his friends fits better and its so obvious they were doing that I mean throughout the movie u can see a lot of editing mistakes like in 1:48

  • kyhallock

    If you remember from when Littlefoot's mother was dying and told him to listen carefully to his heart, and look at the scene when Littlefoot's mother is just above the Great Valley, you will see a ray of sunshine come through the spot where her heart would be. What a beautiful reference they did. <'3

  • Dino Crisis Enterprise

    I love this movie. Me and my girlfriend just watched this last night and we both cried. I remember watching this when I was really young but forgot how emotional it was. However me and my girlfriend love the movie. This is truly a masterpiece in my opinion. I love it. I love my girlfriend so much more. I love you babe and thank you for playing this movie for me.

  • Patrick Tommy LLC

    28 year old man.. Forgot that this movie was my childhood ages 1-6. Absolutely lost it when I randomly stumbled upon these clips. I watched all 10.. Damn if it doesnt remind me of my grandma and dad who I grew up watching these movies with. All the feels. All of them.

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