THE I-LAND (2019) Trailer | Netflix Original Series 📺
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THE I-LAND (2019) Trailer | Netflix Original Series 📺

Miss Chase, can you please tell us the first thing you remember
from the simulation? Where am I? Nobody can remember
anything at all -about how we woke up here.
-Then what? You mean
our plane went down? I don’t know. I just wanna
figure this thing out. We haven’t seen half the shit
this island’s gonna throw at us. We’re gonna die out here. -We have to be ready.
-Or we try to get out of here. It’s all about to get
a lot more intense now. If you do something wrong,
the island, it pays you back. Something’s off with her. -Check her.
-Get her! Did you see something too? I’m finally beginning to understand
the rules of this place. Help me! Somebody, help! If you die in there… you’re dead out here too. Each choice… determines the next challenge. Do you think they’ve got
a chance in there? Not if I got anything
to say about it. I just remembered my life.


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