• ONE Media

    The 3 intense first clips of the movie are available right here >> https://youtu.be/CqYBOeHQRYs

    Can't wait to watch it!

  • Carlo isokessu

    This is sick movie to tell you the truth, but sometimes movies like these are good if something bad happens in your life, maybe then you don't want to watch cartoons

  • TetraFoot

    I'm here after the movie, (I watch a lot of movies btw) and I'm telling you this: DONT FUCKING WATCH IT!!! Not bcs of the violence, but bcs towards the end you won't understand anything… The trailer is 100% like a click bait, the movie is long boring and the end u won't understand 🙂 Probably most of the actors didn't understand a damn thing out of it 🙂 U must be a fucking Ace in philosophy to understand it 🙂 I bet you'll take the challenge, as I did, and here I am 🙂

  • MsNick991

    Spoiler alert: If this piece of shit ever made it to the other side at the end of the movie,it would be as satan himself came down to earth and wrote a scenario for this movie.

  • Bryan Awkwardson

    LvT has made his fair share of shitty movies throughout time – "Idioterne" / "The Idiots" – being one of them. But this movie is actually quite good.

  • nina Khalawi

    I just came back here to do you a favor, DO NOT WATCH THE FUCKING MOVIE, I swear it’s the worst movie I’ve seen, it looks like it’s been directed by a kid and the plot is fragile and it’s so fucking boooooring and the end is ridiculous and have no sense, worst 2 and half hours of my life

  • Chantel

    This movie is definitely not for the faint hearted, but if you're in two minds about seeing it there is obviously part of you that wants to watch it – so do it! Matt Dillon is fantastic in this role. The actor playing Verge in the movie (having a mental blank on his name but RIP) has a very soothing voice. I enjoyed it, it held my interest and entertained me, which is all one can ask for, right?

  • Florent Devier

    Just seen it, way too soon to comment about it. But there is one thing that struck me : this could be one of the best character development I’ve seen in movies. Subtle yet perceptible, from chaotic introvert to confident killer, yet always faithful to his fundamental characteristics.

  • chargen

    I suppose this movie even made the anonymous Marian Dora collective cry, "..wept" it's sick cinema very disturbing, beyond compare, fame++ art ++beyond I must see it again… good acting, surprises, and shocking conclusions/… cudos to the Director, circle++

  • Tony Johnsen

    This movie is so dark. And I don't mean in a explicitly morbid and gore manner, but the atmosphere and the dead colors. The lack of people and animals. You never see many people at once, which gives me the feeling of an isolated and empty dystopian society. And the climax with the screaming of hell, its such a original idea. Lars could have made him go to a date with a woman and kill her and show his occupation, working with people on a building or whatever, but no, Lars justs isolates the incidents as if they were the only 2-3 people in the world. "nobody wants to help", nobody sees you, nobody is there.

  • elviros01

    WOW noch ein film!!!! Wo die fresse des Kameramannes, eins aufs Maul will!??übelst schlecht 30 sek. Später ausgemacht!

  • mike presseopfer

    I always was against censorship … i never liked horror, splatter, but have a "little" love for violence in action films, games, there it is a must have … it can be art. BUT this film is ILL. This film wants to be art … but it's the pure illness. This film is not worth more than shit.What should this be good for? To become a perverted serial murder? This film is nothing but a bad joke no one wants to hear. A pure wasting of time from perverted – for perverted minds. BULLSHIT! Revalue shit with some historical references – which means nothing.

  • Devin Crum

    This movie has moved me so deeply, changed me. I'm not sure why (I'm not a psychopath, i promise haha) but there is something so intense about this movie that moves me deeply. This is THE movie that made me fallcin love with von Trier

  • Suryo Ardi

    The problem of this movie is she dont have a story plot, just show 2 hours boring scene serial killer killing a victim with naration conversation with unknown people.

    i hope some twist ending but it dont have twist ending. I still confused what a conclution between built a house and the reason why he kill people.

    This is firsf time i skip the movie because there no conflict and unexpected scene but i think me not the only one, i see many watchers that say skipped this movie to the end but still get nothing. from Imdb also write many people leave this movie in the middle.

    i m sorry for bad review

  • SimplyLimbo

    When he said his name was Verg, and the dark scene with the sour taste, i knew it was Vergil. Lars Von Trier did an awesome job ! Jacks character, the Blake reference, etc. Good movie !

  • ValmisFilm

    this movie was just disturbing, disgusting. The satire was… not funny. The movie was not scary(I saw it under that category in the movie rent for some reason). Not for me, I guess. Would never watch it again. It is a movie that had no reason for being created – it does not make any impact on anything. Just Lars von Triers one more kind of sick projection of his dirty mind – I do not believe you can do anything behind the "it is art" BS excuse. Like he does all the time.

  • Konrad Kondziovsky

    After watching this "movie" some time ago, I came across these comments, of people full of hope about this "shitflick". And i gotta say, i was too. But just thinking about all of you that were like "what the fuck did i just watch? this is absolute garbage" makes my heart sing. And for those you who didn't watch it. Don't. It's shit, Lars von Trier is absolutely overrated, and don't give me this "ha, you're just not intelligent enough to get it" bullshit. this movie is shit, and I bet Trier himself had no fucking idea what he was directing, and when he was writing it I bet he was shitfaced. I stopped watching when Jack and the old dude went underground to some kind of hell, oh my god it's so fucking dumb! Don't get me wrong, the real reason why i hate this movie it's because I know it was made by Lars von Trier with the sole purpose of making something shit and people are still gonna love it because it's Lars von fucking Trier! I'm not kidding, the guy either is a stuck up fucking asshole who thinks is a genius, or a fucking troll who makes idiots out of people who like this shit.

  • Darrell Houston

    All the Tigers stand up and the sheeple sit doooooowwwnnn…..this movie was so artistic and seen from the side of the primal instinct predator in human form….The food chain. Matt Dillon a fool

  • Tania B

    They tried to make it look smart tho at the end it's just stupidity at its best, format taken from "NYMPHOMANIAC" did not work out here, last hell scenes destroyed all the previous impression of the movie, now I can really say it's worst.

  • Jirka Moravec

    Great trailer, but holy shit it showed EVERYTHING. For example, the scene where Jack was held at gunpoint was completely ruined.

  • Patrick Majewski

    Movie dragged on, and contrary to popular belief, critics disliked this movie because it was tedious, and I agree.

    The killing was probably the most interesting part and I didn’t really like that either.

  • Sparkz Mentalz

    Lol this flick was pretty lame. Just shock value killings with bullshit philosophical nonsense trying to justify a psychopath. Definitely Matt Dillion's worst flick to date.

  • medschool2626

    This is a very interesting film. I watched this film putting myself in the shoes of each individual he kills/nearly kills. It left me feeling victimized, terrorized, and empty. I slept very poorly for 3 nights afterwards. I highly recommend watching it. If you're a fan of literature, you will very much love the last 30 minutes or so.

  • Susan Hinson

    such bullshit. it's about a time they make a movie about what woman really want, to painfully torture and destroy the male body!


    I had never even heard of this movie before the trailer. My immediate thought was that there has to be a deeper meaning to this. No trailer (movie) would show the tiger and a lamb imagery without trying to throw people off their tracks? Right?! Unfortunately I was wrong. I liked Antichrist but this simply falls flat.

  • ARP

    Matt dillon is the most underated actor of this generation! !!
    But i couldnt watch all this film it really is fullon, just shows how cruel some people really can be on this planet ,yes its reality but its still makes me ill to watch even if its" just a movie".

  • Karl Marksman

    Disturbing, interesting, entertaining and a damn good movie. I love Von Trier as an artist, but it's not often he gets all four of those.

  • Veronica33 S

    The piano song are so similar to the dogville’s soundtrack. In fact i got dogville vibes watching the movie. And they even reference it towards the end. It definitely inspired this movie

  • Jack T

    Why victimise Jack? There are many building equally impressive houses. Weak Trope from Trier. How many movies can you think of which feature White serial killers, now try to recall Black or Asian equivalents, then go look at the incarceration statistics for violent crime.

  • Romani 02

    A masterpiece.
    How daring the way in which the movie shows us the exciting feeling that the character has to be satisfied by committing murders, reflecting to what extent the madness of a serial killer can come. He has sincerely left me speechless and I hope another movie is made the same. 5/5 stars

  • dingo1666

    Can someone let me know if there are animals hurt in this film? And if they are, is it real or hopefully just effects. I want to watch this but not if there are scenes of direct animal killings.

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