THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Nick Offerman Movie HD

People say to me
“I wonder what it’d be like to be on a spaceship” You don’t really realize you all live about a beautiful little spaceship called Earth Hey there! I’ll be down in a minute This is the St. Peter’s Lutheran youth group. I’m Sebastian Welcome to the future. That’s my Nana. She says there’s the traditional way to live and then there’s the dynamic, independent way: Buckminster Fuller did. “Every time man makes a new experiment… ..he always learns more” “That old lady’s like your overlord.” “She’s my guardian.
She made sure I stayed on the right path.” Wow What is it that you listen to.. in those? You better prepare yourself, dude. Sebastian what are you mumbling? It’s nothing sorry Nana. Hey, Sebastian. That’s my sister Meredith
if you probably met, she totally sucks. I want to know more about Punk. Hey, this is a pick. Yeah DA NA NA NA NA NA NA!–You have to sing that.–DA NANANANANANANANa Where did you run off to? I was with my friends. Why do you take so much medicine? I’ve someone else’s heart. We could get overworked Why don’t you let me decide what my heart can handle? -Are you worried about dying?
-Hell no. 1 We gotta start a band. What are you guys doing? Please don’t tell dad. -We’re playing a gag.
-Gig. Right, a gig. We’re the rash mother– Whoa!
Nice hair. What is wrong with you? You can’t keep him locked up from the world This place could be sick for an overnight. What is an overnight? It’s like a party where people sleep over What about if you steared us to the future? What would the future be? I’m gonna change the world. You’re so weird

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