The Gecko Sells an Apartment – GEICO

This is actually
under your budget. – It’s great.
– Mm-hmm. Yeah, and when
you move in, GEICO could help you save
on renters’ insurance! Man 1: (Behind wall)
Yep, GEICO helped me with renters
insurance, too! Um… the walls
seem a bit thin… Man 2: (Behind wall)
They are! And Craig practices the
accordion every night! Says the guy who sings
karaoke by himself. I’m a very
shy singer. You’re tone deaf! Ehh… Should we move
on to the next one? It’s a great
building! You’ll love
it here! We have mixers
every Thursday. GEICO®. It’s easy
to switch and save on homeowners and
renters insurance.

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