The Fastest Way To Research Any Property In The United States
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The Fastest Way To Research Any Property In The United States


  • saldana benny

    Hello Seth.. When your making your offers.. 10, 20 , 30%  Is this a lease with option?  Can you help me understand the mechanics of this deal that allows you to be able to make such a low offer… I am new to investing and would like to talk with you… I have taken steps/action.. I have a virtual office, a receptionist, an 800 number and a local number to which state i reside, a mentor/teacher and a plan. much i must learn on my own. Anyway i could go on and on but with all this said obviously as a newbe i could use all the advise i can get. thank you for your time seth.   Benny…


  • ma theresa Antonio

    Hi Seth, how are you? I just heard from your video that you mentioned about the getting a title company so you can get a full list of delinquent property owners..
    Can you give me a full details about that..I may have the impressions its really a good points. Thank you and I appreciate your immediate response..

  • Bill Noonan

    Seth, Hello. I have now watched a couple of your videos, and love them. I am trying to locate owners of abandoned properties and am trying to get phone numbers. Does agentpro247 provide them? I have just tried Spokeo and gotten a bunch of bad #'s. Any suggestions? Bill    So.Cal

  • Irene Wright

    I want to download that page you write your information on.  You said there was some link at the bottom of the page, but I can't find anything.  Could you please let me know what actually I'm looking for – what it says.  Also is there a way to change my e-mail address?  Thanks.  Irene Wright 

  • Irene Wright

    Seth,  I am having a problem getting set up on AgentPro247.  We tried it Saturday, and then backed out before putting in credit card information, deciding to wait until the first of the month.  Now I can't seem to get the discount.  Is there a new Partner #?  I used CFGRSH when I started on Sat., and then today trying to get it set up, and it doesn't give me the discount. Also, it has a place for a promotional code?  Is that something I need as well?  In AgentPro247's disclaimer (or whatever you call it) it says "Each Document and/or Leads Package includes 5 Profiles" – I'm not sure what it means by "document, and Lead's Package.  That isn't saying with the program I selected (Profile Package), we only get to check out 5 People or properties per month, is it?  Thanks for your help.  Irene Wright

  • Irene Wright

    Seth,  I finally got on AgentPro247.  But I thought I had downloaded and saved the Excel form you showed us in this video that you showed us how to use – but now I can't find it.   I know the info for Agent Pro is here, but I don't see how to download that Excel Form.  Help, please. Irene Wright

  • Spread The Word

    Hey Seth, new follower… awesome content. As someone looking to invest in raw land to build a cabin on and invest in for flipping in the future… Would using this be ideal? I'm a complete newbie to RE and would appreciate your input regarding using this service.

  • Eva Parys

    I am a Realtor for the past 18 years and did not know about "agentpro247" it is wonderful tool.Thank you so much!!!

  • EcstaticOrange

    He Seth, this is an old video so you probably won't be revisting this one, but in case you do —- will you, or someone else who views this, let me  know where you are arriving at the $300 ( three hundred dollar transfer value ) that you say the owner paid for this property, because when I'm looking at the screen, it says the transfer value is $2,850,000? What am I missing. I'm not understanding. Please explain.

  • Charlie Romeo


  • Diane Haney

    Hello Iam trying to find out to get a copy of my title to my and my old boyfriend mobile home we agree that we no longer could live together so we made the agreement that one would stay and when one if us passed away the other one would take it over so what can I do

  • Prashanth Homes

    Hi Seth, great info on searching for property details – I had a few questions :

    1) Does AgentPro247 pull this data straight out of MLS ? Is this similar to a Realist report that a realtor generally pulls out when we inquire about a property ?
    2) Does the report include any additional lien information on the property along with the mortgage info ?
    3) What is a good place to get a comprehensive title search to be able to determine if the tile is clean on the property?

  • Tracy S

    Hello Seth – your youtube on how to research property is very helpful – thank you! I looked up and down your blog for the spreadsheet you are using in your presentation and cannot find it, could you please show me or send me the link please?

    PS i just started with Jack Bosch and am excited to hear that is how you started! Thank you, Tracy

  • Sacha Walker

    Hi, I'm reviewing your spreadsheet, which is awesome BTW and I cant seem to figure out your total investment cost formula. Could you plz explain it to me?

  • Esther L. Diaz

    Hello Seth. Thank you for the information. You mention that we could download the spread sheet but I could not find anything that would allow it. Would you clarify how and where is the link to do so? Thank you.

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