• Mats Andersson

    Thanks Mike for bringing this information in a calm and informative way. Discovered you in 2012 and been following you since. You are the real deal.
    I love how you take apart the system in a scientific / engineering kind of way rather than just a financial report. The 'money machine' we built just won't last and it's gonna be ugly when it breaks down.

  • Siddharth Sachdeva

    it's the end of the world
    somebody call avengers hahaha
    but I totally agreed when he said that buy when everybody is ignoring it.

  • Silence Lamb

    Are you people daft? Why do you always blame the
    Money? It's the inflated people whom are at fault. You do not buy family homes as investment properties or rentals. Family homes are to be mortgaged by newly weds. Therefore the market for family homes, is marriages – stable marriages. These are gold. This is what the mortgages are backed by. Not property speculators, landlords, renters, and investment properties. This is unethical exploitative hype and will result
    In hockus pockus bubbles.

    Store your treasures in heaven. Matt 6:19

  • D. M.C.

    I agree with you regarding gold and silver, but what happens if China, India or Russia also become sellers of Gold? The price would drop.

  • Thad Horner

    Thanks, Mike. I'm low income so I can't afford gold. But just last week I figured out how to successfully use Bitcoin, not as an investment, but as a useful currency to buy stuff on the internet. So I appreciate your tip about Bitcoin as a usable medium of exchange during a dollar crash.

  • Personal Email

    Mike explaining how the next stock market crash will happen two-fold:

    Just like a pile up in a fog, the crash happens, everyone gets out of their cars thinking its safe, then a semi truck comes and piles into everyone.

  • Mir khaleq Ali

    IOTA Cryptocurrency And The Future Of Money

  • Cem Göknil

    Hi Mike. First of all thank you for this well thought out information. I have two questions. Do you have any thoughts as to where to keep gold & silver? As in which country? For example if you wanted to keep these assets off shore, where would you? Second question is if the crash happens like you say and if the gold and silver starts going up rapidly… would you keep it and trade in gold? Orrr would you sell it at some point? What would trading look like in this scenario since currency wont be worth much? Best wishes.

  • adrian padure

    Thank you Mike! Will come the moment when i'm gonna look to your picture/statue 🙂 and i will drink a glass of champagne !!!

  • Action Figures Inc

    Mike good stuff! In the last month been watching crypto stocks. It's scary but all the research I have been doing looks good. Silver looks like it will push. Bonds Maybe? But, if we go to crypto we lose bonds correct?

  • Don Birnam

    So bitcoin makes no sense, okay im gonna buy this virtual coin, and its gonna be worth a lot eventually for some reason…seems likr a waste of time like watching commericals, i dunno, lifes not all about making moneu, in fact it shouldnt be about that what so ever

  • notthematrix3

    your to old to understand.
    but the very same people the NSA DEPENDS on are creating this peace of art called bitcoin.
    the NSA DEPENDS on a small group of programmers selling security flaws to the NSA and gov.
    and these programmers all like bitcoin for the same reason , you like gold , and if you think
    the NSA has any control over theese people you are wrong , ask snowden 🙂
    So please stiop this S***T and accept you dont know what bitcoin is.
    and how its build.

  • Dennis W

    Don't tell the bitcoin cult that their precious investment is in a bubble. They will come after you. Watch the yield curve. When it inverts watch out below. The Fed is in tightening mode. They usually don't stop until they create a recession. The Bond market tends to run in very long cycles. I wouldn't be overly bearish on bonds. Interest rates tend to bounce back and forth for a long time once they bottom out. I didn't follow how the crash unfolded in 2008 but I have been told that it unfolded and it was sector by sector taking turns selling off. Everything probably won't sell off at once. Institutions will roll their selling from sector to sector.

  • unknown untitled

    Bitcoin is the next Gold. n it's not practical to lose all the internet n servers around the globe at the same time..those friends in Iran and China wont let it down. sounds like you're not informing ppl anymore. in the other hand you want them to give value to your own treasure by fooling them to increase gold demands. Bitcoin is gonna change the world in a way that's not like monetary system it is about technology n u only know smth about monetary systems

  • Parvez Shahidi

    Would Allah still punish us for RIBAH/interest/usury even though the whole world is engulfed in it?
    Islam and Money
    Written by Imran Nazar Hosein, Graduate of Graduate Institute of International Relations in Switzerland.

    Allah will hold you to account for that Riba which you can avoid even if you had to flee to the mountains sides where rain falls and take with you some sheep and goats.

    Imran Hosein – THE PROHIBITION of RIBA (Interest) [FULL VIDEO]

    This shaykh has deep understanding of the harm of RIBA. After listening to his lecture I understood why Allah SWT has declared war on people who deal with RIBA in society, because these people give power to control money to money landers/bankers who in turn put people in slavery and hardship and also can finance a war just by printing unlimited amount of paper money and kills those who oppose them. And the blood of those innocent people are also on the hands of those who give them RIBA/interest on loan money.
    Those who are willingly cooperate with them for a small worldly gain will be with Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal in hellfire for ever because they also financed war against believers.
    Allah SWT is not only very merciful but also stern punisher.

  • James Winterfield

    I understand the symbolic metaphor of the dominoes falling but if they can freeze a citizens account , why can't they freeze a financial institutions negligent financial positions

  • MrLkg721

    I work at a hotel from time to time. When the service lady starts talking to me about Bit-Coin, I just go oh boy…here we go!

  • Steve

    And please everyone. There is a HUGE difference between Bitcoin and Crypto Currency. Is Bitcoin a bubble? Probably… It's fkn 15k for 1 token of it. But there are about 300+ currencies.
    There is no Crypto Currency bubble.

  • Jamillion JAY

    I think we may see silver in the $70 – $100 range by end of year. & in the $650 – $750 range by 2020.

    In 1980 the DOW / Slv ratio was 18.3.
    We’ll see the DOW crash to 10k – 15k range and history will repeat itself, a 15 DOW/slv ratio would make silver $666 – $1,000

    Bitcoin will crash in 2018 but doesn’t necessarily mean the party is over. Will bounce back heading into 2020; the alt coins will do great in 2018!

    RE will take similar route as the 80s & 90s; increases, some dips, slow steady increases… no NINJA loans means we won’t see the crazy bubble of 2007.

    Exciting 2 years ahead!

  • Terry

    So if you wanted to buy some silver and gold stocks. How do you know which ones to buy when there is a ton of different ones ???  Cryptos are the same. To many choices. If you not smart like me. What do we do ???  🙂

  • J. A.

    I think a thorough video on how to move in and out of precious metals would be well received from the prepper community. It's one thing to buy and hold as a hedging strategy… But what do you do when you need to start transacting with your precious metals?

  • Paul M

    This is all bullshit! You only want your videos to be watched, so you can cash in ! Gold clearly underperformed the US Stock market the last 8 years!

  • SilverBird

    FYI, for the "Doom & Gloom"ers in the forum… If you hold CryptoCurrency and the USD crashes, Stock markets crash, real estate crashes…. Your BTC/ETH/LTC/ETC…. is worth a LOT more of those dollars. Same with any other currency/commodity with demand.

    Bottom line is, don't keep all your wealth in USD. CryptoCurrency is not the enemy, people just need to know WHY it's profitable, because it's not magic and it won't always be a practical get rich quick scheme.

  • Mahbub Al Islam

    No only you made a ton of money but you have also made quite a contribution towards humanity. I believe many more will benefit from your educating people on the current status of Global economy. Thank you a lot for that. God Bless.

  • Pascal

    Aaaahm i think im stating the obvious: Mike you forgot to mention USD-Cash 20 Dollar notes as the most important thing to stash for a crysis. Cant buy anything with gold,silver and crypto in most shops… you will need Cash! At least 3months worth of expenses and also food and water for two weeks to avoid the first panic shopping when suddenly all shelves are empty.

  • ezrhino100

    there is nothing more confusing than someone who pumps silver AND bitcoin. however, i don't believe in fundamentals either. at the end of the day, people will take money from any source that gives. it has nothing to do with fundamentals. maloney has to pump silver because his reputation rides on it.

  • anand kashyap

    NO NO NO
    i live in india and i know that it the financil crisis perpation that for which people in inda iare buying gold
    it's just our tradition of loving gold for which we buy gold

  • Russell Craig

    Almost 1 year later and we're still waiting for these markets to crash and for Gold and Silver to pop! How long can this scenario be stretched out before the bubble(s) start to burst?

  • 00rphb

    Yea no mike, Crypto"currencies" are not an alternative monetary system, they are a pyramid scheme that are even more poorly designed then the current one

  • Wayne Swanson

    Mike, I have learned a tremendous amount from you, so thank you for that. The shorter hair is good since now you no longer look like a tv preacher. Way to go.

  • Radostin Radoev

    Hi Mike. Is there any chance we could get pictures of all these custom graphs you show all the time?

  • Sam Poirier

    ''important to get educated, get prepared''…meaning ''buy gold and silver which will profit me''…dude this guys even has his hiair made of gold, a little bit of an interest conflict here

  • Jose Gomez

    Thanks Mike ! Well done it has been very helpful your video. Please I have register to your Chanel but just in case I write my e-mail so you please can sent the ling to get your e-book; [email protected]
    Now is the time for it.
    Thanks again

  • Santiago Ramírez

    Playing the Fed's advocate it can be said that Deficit to GDP ratio can still be doubled from 100% to 200% without much noise. Japan did it and they are still working and eating like always did.

  • Teresa BarnesMatych

    Thank you Mr. Maloney,
    You were the first person to make me aware of the Federal Reserve ~1 year ago after I had severely broken my leg. I heard you use the word immoral when describing their practices. I found I had more time on my hands than I was accustomed to and decided to learn more. I immediately found myself going down a very long rabbit hole.

  • Joshua Fausset

    Now the MSM is using your term: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jessecolombo/2018/08/24/u-s-household-wealth-is-experiencing-an-unsustainable-bubble/#745e8e2f6b93 . I have noticed other YT community members saying it now and then, but your videos were the first place I heard it. Way to spot this glaring bubble and call it right before everyone else!

  • George Montoya

    Its always right around the corner.
    After 2008, gold increased to $1800, and that was it.
    Is all economic activity going to stop. How will be pay for gas, or the mortgage or the electric bill. In general will the economy stop?

  • Walid Amehri

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us, I know that it demands a consistent work to clarify all of this to people, I really loved how you use animation and technology stuff to make your presentations and message simple and easy to understand

  • Alan Hilder

    I've been seeing some of these pointers myself here in Australia. For example the housing market has been falling for a while now, the Australian government keep saying " It all ok ", the wages are not rising ( in real terms, falling ), the government keeps saying that the unemployment rate is low which will drive up wages, the wages don't rise.
    People don't buy extras when they don't know how they are going to eat. If the corporations don't understand that their customers are their worker, the people they pay, Where will the big profits come from, the companies go bankrupt and want a bail out. Just because they have minimised their taxes doesn't matter does it?
    The government and "top economics " keep looking at the figures including the top 10%ers. I suggest removing the top and bottom 10% and see if those numbers come out the same, I don't think so, they will be a minimum of 10% lower. Include the bottom 10% again an the figures will not really move.
    No nation can exist on only the top 10% buying things while the rest starve, the top people will think it is ok right up to the time they are in the bottom 50% ( the rest have died off ).

    Ok, end of my rant.

  • Nina Santana

    Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world who's practically the face of Wall Street and what's his pearl of wisdom to peasants like us?

    – "Don't lose money" XD

  • Joe King

    Thank you Mike, excellent work, I've tanked up on a nice quantity of silver and gold and am recommending my closer friends do the same. I've bought the ticket, now waiting for the ride 🙂 Cheers

  • josh hickman

    Watching this for the first time today in early 19, Crypto market has crashed hard. Has your view on Crypto changed.. Thanks

  • Björn Fuchs

    How many years are guys like you telling us the same thing ? You talking about a meteorite that might impact one day ? Get prepared for the impact ! It´s comming, we just don´t know when ! Please insert another disk into your harddrive ! It´s getting boring !

  • wallythewhale

    With regards to buying gold.. The large majority of Americans live from pay check to pay check. Don't have 1000 dollars in the bank for emergencies. Then how can they develop a portfolio in gold?

  • Gee purrs

    Been selling all my silver. My New York dealer says it's going to 7. I'll buy some more at 8 if it gets there. Other than that 99 percent of my wealth is in rental homes bringing in thousands in rent every month.

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