The Evelynton Listed by Aftab Neezamdeen, REALTOR® with Iron Gate & ERA Grizzard
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The Evelynton Listed by Aftab Neezamdeen, REALTOR® with Iron Gate & ERA Grizzard

hello my name is Aftab Neezamdeen I’m with ERA Grizzard with the Iron Gate team I want to introduce you to my newest
listing here in Claremore de located in Osprey Point subdivision it’s 4,400 square feet four bedroom four
and a half baths I want to introduce you to a special person
he’s the homeowner as well as the Builder for this house please mr. Alan Keller doing just fine thank
you hello my name is Aftab Neezamdeen
I’m here with Alan Keller the Builder for this beautiful home we’re gonna
detail a few things that makes this home what Alan Keller built for his late wife
Evelyn and appropriately named Evelyn ten in the Osprey Ridge community so
Alan tell me a little bit about what makes this home so ideal that why did
you build it the way you did I guess that would be the best question well
throughout Orange County and Lake County we were known as the fortress builders
to start with so in in Florida you want something substantial so we built
something substantial all concrete but getting back to the
sentimental value of this this was built for a true southern belle my late wife
and growing up neither of us have raised with any wealth around us except that
that somebody else might have had and to build this for her and for her to enjoy
for the last 12 years of her life was the greatest achievement that I’ve ever
made and there’s some unique points to this home and tell me a little bit about
what’s your favorite part of this house my favorite part is changes as you walk
through the house yes the favorite part is when you enter the front door
you see the massive ceiling but each room has its own special quality yes but
if you want to narrow it down to one room that would be the sunroom off the
which is part of the master bedroom suite you know Alan you’ve been in the
building industry for many many many years and you mentioned one thing which
is called the fortress builders tell me why you believe this home is built like
a fortress everything you see is concrete made in place the columns are
not wood wrapped in walk galvanized metal and then stock code yes they’re
reinforced concrete the house is concrete moldings outside concrete
facial boards they sheriff’s I should call it other boards concrete shutters
all the decoration of line heads this is quite a big home for you I know it’s
4-bedroom 4-bath each one of them self-contained and it
looks like each part of this house was meticulously put together down to the
crown molding even to the moldings around the entire house are the
baseboards go even into the closets it’s amazing tell me how that that took you
what what made you think hey I need to put even them in the closet
well for not only for the family but for guests every bedroom should be a
master bedroom between every closet should have the same treatment it’s the
rest of the house so the moldings that you might find in a lot of parlors or
living rooms or interested to a house carry through every room in the house
including the closets yes so that if you have guests and one of my family our
guests or we have visitors from Europe from time to time
in South America there they are treated no matter which room they happen to have
or whether that room they’re in the carriage house right the guest house out
back there and feel like that they were treated as well as we were treating
ourselves Alan I really do appreciate your time and sitting down with us to
tell us a little bit about this beautiful home the Evelyn tin I hope
that anyone that comes to see this beautiful home will appreciate every
aspect of it Alan Keller is one of the premier
builders and he’s right it is built like a fortress so come on and come and take
a look at it I think you guys would be amazed of what he’s built here at the
Osprey Ridge in Clermont off Lake Minnehaha thank you

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