The End Of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Explained
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The End Of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Explained

There’s a lot to unpack in the latest Godzilla
flick’s ending, from what the human characters might do next to what this rapidly expanding
fictional universe could imply about the future of the ancient beings known as Titans. Let’s break it all down and explain the ending
of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Monster spoilers ahead. Godzilla: King of the Monsters ends exactly
the way you’d expect it to: With a massive Titan vs. Titan showdown in the ruins of Boston,
as Godzilla and Ghidorah battle it out for apex predator status. The film ultimately reveals that Godzilla,
who seems to be working side by side with humanity, has prevailed by showing us the
King of the Monsters chowing down on one of Ghidorah’s heads before blasting the remains
of the alien monster with his atomic breath. And then this exchange happens: “Good thing he’s on our side.” “For now.” It’s an ominous postscript added by Monarch’s
resident mythologist, who seems to understand that even though some version of a balance
has been achieved with Godzilla’s victory, it could all go very wrong at any moment. The line “For now” might just seem like a
teaser for more sequels, but Dr. Chen’s warning speaks to the fragility of life on Earth in
the wake of the film. Everything old is new again, and that means
new rules for everyone that could be breaking at any moment. Midway through the film, Godzilla managed
to chew off one of Ghidorah’s heads before the Oxygen Destroyer weapon was deployed and
rendered Godzilla dormant. Ghidorah was unaffected by the Destroyer because,
it turns out, he’s an alien species who invaded the Earth millennia ago. “A barren land laid to waste by the vile brute
known as…Monster Zero!” Being an alien means he’s also capable of
regrowing his head, but what about the original noggin? We have to wait until a post-credits scene
to find out what happened, but it turns out that extra severed Ghidorah head was picked
up by fishermen and offered to Alan Jonah and his eco-terrorist group. Jonah’s original plan was to awaken the Titans
one at a time to “restore balance” to the world, and that plan fell apart when Ghidorah
woke up all the Titans himself. So what can Jonah do with a Ghidorah head
that he couldn’t do before? Well, he could just be selling off the creature’s
DNA as a valuable resource, or he could have grander designs. A resurrected Ghidorah under the control of
a human master could change the game for all Titans, and Jonah himself could be the King
of the Monsters. That’s if he can manage to bring Monster Zero
back at all, and that’s a big if. “So this plan is what you would call a long
shot.” “Well let’s get started.” It’s been a common feature of Godzilla films
for decades now that Mothra emerges as a benevolent, self-sacrificing figure who wants to live
in harmony with humans rather than battle them, and the Queen of the Monsters lived
up to that legacy in this film. After defeating Rodan, a weakened Mothra sacrificed
herself in battle against Ghidorah to help Godzilla, with her essence falling on the
King of the Monsters to give him a little added boost when he needed it. “Mothra can’t die now.” Luckily, that’s not the end of Mothra. News clippings in the film’s closing credits
suggest the Queen is simply regenerating, and will eventually emerge from another cocoon. The film also suggests that when she does
return, Mothra won’t be alone. The Chen twins seem to be more than just two
scientists with an intense interest in monsters. Their devotion to Titans, plus their status
as twins, points to them being the MonsterVerse version of the Shobijin, the twin fairies
in the original films who worship Mothra on its home of Infant Island. We very likely haven’t seen the last of them. Throughout the film we see references to Kong,
the king of Skull Island who was the star of the second film in the MonsterVerse and
who will return again next year to battle Godzilla. What we never actually see in the film is
anything new from Kong himself, even as Titans around the world are waking up and responding
to Ghidorah. So why didn’t Kong respond? Well, the simple answer could just be that
he’s on an island and isn’t equipped to cross through the storms that surround it and make
his way across the ocean, but there may be more to it. News clippings at the end of the film note
that Titans are making their way toward Skull Island, seemingly setting the stage for Godzilla
vs. Kong. If Kong is powerful enough to have resisted
Ghidorah’s orders, that places him in rare company alongside Mothra and Godzilla as one
of the strongest monsters on the planet. His absence is not a sign of weakness, but
a sign of strength…and, of course, a sequel. Early in the film, Dr. Stanton theorizes that
Godzilla is able to move so quickly underwater because the earth is, in fact, hollow, and
the Titan is using tunnels under oceans that have yet to be discovered by man. His theory is laughed off, until the Monarch
team follows a dormant Godzilla into the depths later in the film and discovers that there’s
more than just tunnels. There’s also an entire underwater city down
there. News clippings in the film’s closing credits
reveal that this information has been made public, and now the whole world knows that
“Hollow Earth Humans” once worshipped and co-existed with The Titans. Of course, the underwater city we see in the
film was presumably destroyed by the nuclear explosion that was set off to re-power Godzilla,
but if there really was a culture of people worshipping “The First Gods,” it’s hard to
imagine that city was the only one. Even as the cities of the world are destroyed
by the Titans, Godzilla: King of the Monsters also does its best to keep a human heart at
its center. Much of that heart centers on the Russell
family, which was torn apart by Godzilla’s battle in San Francisco in 2014. As the film goes on, Maddie has to watch her
mother, who was once her hero, become what she calls “a monster” before earning redemption
by sacrificing herself in the fight to defeat Ghidorah. “No sequel for you.” When the dust settles, Mark and Madison are
the only two members of the family left. The film leaves their future open-ended, but
we already know Millie Bobby Brown will return for Godzilla vs. Kong, so the Russells are
clearly planning to stick close to the Titans for at least a little while longer. King of the Monsters spends most of its runtime
focusing on the title monster, Godzilla, and three other key players among the Titans:
Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan. Despite what the trailers might suggest, though,
these creatures are far from the only Titans in the film. Though we only glimpse a few of them, they
often seem to be creatures we’ve never seen before in Godzilla films, most prominently
the giant spider Scylla and the mammoth creature Behemoth. But Monarch is never done searching, and the
revelation of alien Titans as well as underwater cities leaves them with more places to look. The world of Titans is vast at the end of
the film, but there’s always room to grow, and we can probably expect more Titans to
emerge along with more sequels. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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