The Dish: S6:E32 – Patti Cornette, Berkshire Hathway Home Services Beazley Realtor
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The Dish: S6:E32 – Patti Cornette, Berkshire Hathway Home Services Beazley Realtor

many of you could be on the hunt for a
new home but how about a new neighborhood to sink your feet into
that’s right miss patty Cornett of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beasley
Realtors is joining us because she knows just the place for you that’s right
yeah so talk to me about this new neighborhood so today we’re gonna talk
about Aiken you know because we’re in the CSRA so Aiken is a party so we’re
gonna talk about a new neighborhood that we’re doing over and Aiken called
Somerton village and this neighborhood we’re putting the streets in right now
but we will probably start building houses in there and about January or
February so everything will happen fairly quickly though when something
like that takes place oh yeah oh yes we’re gonna have 330 houses in their
total that have a nice pool and they’re on the hunt for a new home but also
everything else that comes with it you know it’s gonna help them check off and
say okay I want to make that my new home that’s right so pool that’s going in
Whittle and sidewalks and street lights I mean just a really quaint little
neighborhood right off a whiskey Road and of course I don’t know if you’ve
ever been to a can but downtown and oh my gosh I love it
it is just a great place to go and walk around there’s great shots down there
beautiful area it is so I know what else were you gonna we’re gonna have houses
in there that’ll be anywhere from 180 up to about 250,000 so ranch and two
stories love it and so I know that Aikens not the only area because you I
mean you do you’re everywhere I am yeah boys about Georgia and South Carolina
right but we wanted to concentrate today you know we are mainly you and I know
that new one that’s coming up plus we have another one which is in Beach
Island which is the retreat at storm branch and you’ve never checked that out
please do so that is that’s gonna be about 400 houses total but we’re already
building in there but the Lots in there are anywhere from a half acre okay up to
about three acres Oh spices native lots yes I love that and so why is right
now we talk about time to buy why is right now such a good time to purchase a
new home well we still have low low interest rates so that’s like free money
yeah you know so we would still want to take advantage of that you never know
when things will change that rates will go up but right now you know you can get
a lot of house for the money and you know interest rates are low you can get
great you know now you see houses tending to go more to the ranch all in
one level for these baby boomers so getting over age you don’t want to scale
down and any all one just one level but you have so many options with what you
guys do and so much experience that you guys have I mean you’re gonna have
something for everyone really it’s just a matter of them waiting with you and
kind of talking through what it is that they’re looking for now you also
mentioned when we talked before you have homes available they’re built called
Bill Beasley homes bill nicely hung that’s right about that
so bill Beasley Homes is one of the largest builders in the area okay and
they built in about fourteen neighborhoods currently Wow and they’re
gonna be the sole builder for the neighborhood Somerton village that’s
going to be an Aiken and if you’d like more information on the new neighborhood
Somerton village you can text be HHS Beasley
that’s bhh Beasley with a Z two three one nine nine six and we can send you
text messages about that neighborhood and how fun and easy of that you get
them right on your phone and you can visit Augusta real estate the number for
the letter you dot-com for any other information that we may have missed that
you need thank you so much Patti for joining us we appreciate it all right

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