THE DEATH of Facebook Ads For Realtors 💀
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THE DEATH of Facebook Ads For Realtors 💀


  • Jason Wardrop

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  • Daniel Boatman

    Two questions: 1) I was told the changes won't take effect until the end of the year, do you know if that's true? 2) When creating a video to build a custom audience as you mentioned, would that be able to be targeted at a specific age range, such as 25-65?

  • SacterGraw

    What if my clients don't have (or don't want to find, they havent grown up in this techie era) any time for shooting a video? Lol

  • Jessica TX- Realestate Broker

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I just spent all this time.. just to just have wasted 48 hours of my time… Jason, I can't stay on top of this stuff I want to focus on my business.. I need a pro..

  • Henry Sturgeon

    These all sound like things that were removed in the UK earlier last year. Lots of hype but not as big an issue as it really is

  • Jorge Bargas

    Question Jason, so besides retargeting, we can’t do ads affectively anymore? If I want to create a seller or buyer lead ad it won’t work to it’s full potential? I’m a little confused if you can explain that would be great. Thanks Jason

  • SimonWYHuang

    Just wondering if there's a specific kind of email / bot campaign or funnel needed for Pre-Construction Condos?

  • R Dub

    How do I specifically create this Custom Audience in Facebook? You mentioned creating a video discussing your business but do I have to boost that video or pay for a FB ad?

  • Rami Janoudi

    How big does a custom audience have to be before you notice that it's actually effective and can create lookalike audiences from it?

  • Jason Metz

    I promise not to bother you any more today but need your expertise. I have been in real estate for 4 years and on my wife team. I found out yesterday after 32 years of marriage my marital status is about to change. So I need whatever program you offer that is the most effective to get on my feet. I live in north Scottsdale if that helps at all.

  • ericvintagebike

    Can you expand on creating a video about your business to create a custom audience. Remember many of us are just starting out with FB ads and dont have a database. Also will these videos be placed as fb ad's?

  • Erick Howard

    Hey Jason maybe you've answered this already in a video, if so can you link me to that video. Here is my question. If one like myself is starting off new. I wont have any pixel data in order to do a custom audience in to further set up a lookalike audience. What is the best way to start off to build that data?

  • Conner Jensen

    Thanks for this Jason! I'm going to try to implement this for one of my clients. I love the idea of retargeting video viewers. Thanks for the advice

  • Wilma Rochelle McFadden

    Going to set this up now . I have heard Adam Middleworth talk about this too! Thanks Jason. #Keepitcoming

  • David Dance

    Jason – this is great stuff my friend! I have been watching your videos for months and you've helped me acquire many leads! Quick question : I have always wondered how I can setup a FB Custom Audience to capture anyone who hits ANY page on my website? Is there any special way you need to type in your website when creating the custom audience to ensure the person is captured from any page they go to (contact us, MLS search, CMA request, etc…)? Make sense?

  • Kevin barber

    I was wondering where to find the video you mentioned pertaining to what to do with creating the second and third custom audience and how the correlate with all Look Alike audience. Thanks for the tips!

  • Allen JR

    How big of a custom audience (50% video watch) have you found be effective to (a) starts targeting to and (b) build an LAA?

  • Edris Shabbir

    Will custom audience work if the website has very low traffic, or should there be a minimum number in terms of traction?

  • Andrew Duna

    PLEASE do more videos on targeting without the specific interests and whats working the best with lookalike audiences

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Dude… THANK YOU. I expected you to tell us to buy a course or download an ebook but that was a really valuable fucking tip!! You're the man. Sub'd.

  • David Thomas

    Jason, Love your videos. I am a former realtor but now Agency owner and am running ads for first time in 4 years for a real estate team. Encountered this change. Is there a way to exclude realtors from the ad? My audience is going to be brand new and cold.

  • Mr_Gregorio

    so does the arsenal MKG software still work? I have read a lot of reviews saying no leads are being generated from using your training course and software.

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