The Cast Of “Full House” Answer Fan Questions
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The Cast Of “Full House” Answer Fan Questions

– Around these two, I always wear a cup. – If I had a nickel for
every time you’ve said that, I’d have a full cup. – But it’d be a Dixie
cup, it’s my dick, see? Good night, everybody, hello, good night. Can you say that on BuzzFeed? You can say that on booze feed. (upbeat music) – My first impression of
them was that they were all so very funny and kind. – Well, Dave does the impressions. – I do the impressions. I am gonna, I swear, I’m gonna poke you right in the eyeball. – I was nine years old, so
I knew who John Stamos was, ’cause my sisters were in love with him. Just about everything I wore,
I wanted to wear at the time, although now I can look back and think, that was not a good choice. – Luckily, I was little enough that I had plausible deniability
that I was not in charge of making those choices. – Kimmy Gibbler had the most
atrocious wardrobe ever. – I have to say, those high-waisted jeans, I don’t know, I don’t
know what I was thinking, I don’t know why I
thought they looked good. – We wore some dresses one time, and we liked,– – that’s before we started the show. – Yeah, that was just, – We weren’t on the show at that time. – We were in my home.
– Yeah, that’s true. – My hair is not naturally
curly, so I spent a lot of nights sleeping in those terrible sponge rollers. – Looking back, maybe
we should’ve given her a simpler hairdo. Everybody wondered,
how do these three guys that knew nothing about
raising girls, or doing hair, manage to get her hair
looking like that every day. – Danny always stayed in his own bedroom on the second floor. – Then, eventually we turned
the basement into Joey’s room. – The attic became a
recording studio for Jesse. – DJ got her own room which
was, I think, Michelle’s room, which was weird because we
had an extra room with Jesse. There’s an extra room there,
why didn’t Stephanie, DJ, and Michelle all get their own room after Jesse moved into the attic? Interesting. – Yeah, I mean I had
cousins that are twins, so I could tell them apart. – Which makes total
sense, ’cause, you know, the Sagets and the Olsens, very similar. – I think Ashley has a mole
that Mary Kate doesn’t. – I would know them almost
by the back of their head, I could tell who was who, just by mannerisms and stuff like that. – I just wish they would
wear nametags all the time. – I could never tell them apart, ever. I still can’t tell them apart. – When they announced that
they were bringing back Fuller House, and the
fan reaction to that, was the first time where I was like, “oh, wow, this show means
a lot to a lot of people” – We’re goin’ home, I go, “let’s celebrate, let’s
go to a strip club.” and it was like, and we were like, “we
can’t go to a strip club,” – No alcohol, though,
there was no alcohol. – There were hats they were very specific. – You teed us up, you teed us up with, you knew somebody there. – It was very quiet. I said, “I know the
guys, they’ll let us in, it’ll be very quiet, no
one will know we’re there.” We walk in, sneak in, we sit down and, “hey, hey, tonight the guys
from Full House are here. How about that, girls?” – “The famous Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Let’s bring out Tiffany.” – Sweetin and I went into
the bathroom to take a break, and while we were in the stalls, some fans followed us in there and were
passing pads of paper and pens underneath the stall to
ask for our autograph. So I thought, “wow,
we’re really famous now.” – The only review I read was, “this show won’t last
through Thanksgiving.” – And that we were a Three
Men and a Baby ripoff. – They loved gum. And they were too little to chew gum. So if you were chewing
gum, they always would stop and try to pry your mouth open. And they’d say, “what having? What having? Or, they would, “got gum? Got gum?” “what having?” So funny. – There was a time when Mary
Kate didn’t want to do a scene, and she, or her hands had peanut
butter all over them, and she was just like,
“I wanna watch my hands, I wanna wash my hands, I’m gonna sing, I’m gonna sing if I don’t wash my hands.” And, like, didn’t want to do the scene, and it was the cutest thing ever. – When they wanted to stop
working, they were just like, “I’m done, I’m done, I’m gonna sing if you make
me stay here, I’m done.” And, we’re like, “okay,
guess that’s a wrap.” – If I did have a crush
on anyone, it was probably Scott Weinger. Although we are closer friends
than boyfriend, girlfriend. – Mickey, Mickey Rooney. He showed us his boobs. – People always ask if, like, “oh, did you think John was so cute?” No, he’s, like, my family. – He married one. The girl who played big Michelle, – Oh, yeah. – You just remembered. – I just remembered. – I’m gonna say, if I had a crush on or if I was in love with
anyone, it was gonna be Comet. – I never wanted to say, “Oh
my, Gee Oh Dee,” on the show, so I used to just say, in my
personal life, “Oh, My-lanta.” I think a babysitter of mine
used to say it all the time and I just loved it. So, I just asked the writers
if I could say that instead, and it became a thing. – The cast raided the set so thoroughly, that by the time I thought,
“Oh, I should take something,” there was nothing left. So, thanks guys. – I took the Mr. Woodchuck puppet. – Yeah, my favorite. – I still have him. My dog ate his face. – I took my pillow person,
which is no longer around. It was very sad, my dog
chewed it up one day. – No, I didn’t take one souvenir, because John Stamos took ’em all. – He took, like, the ceramic
duck that was in the kitchen. – Bunnies, I have a couch, I have. I have the sign from
Wake Up, San Francisco. – There was a pig, like a plush pig, that I think he took as well. – We went on a date. We went to Disneyland. Now, she says it wasn’t a
date or something, and I say when you make out on the
Matterhorn, it’s a date, right? – Were you making out with
her, or somebody else? – I said, “why do you tell people we made out on the Matterhorn?” He goes, “’cause it sounds funny.” I think the real truth is,
we’re too old to remember. – Never thought it in my
life, and so happy I get to. – You know, over time, we realized how incredibly successful the show is, but I don’t think we ever
thought 10 years ago, that we would be coming
back and doing this. – And now look, they’re bringing
back all these old shows, from the Gilmore Girls to Will and Grace. We’ve certainly started a trend. – We are a fun group, even coming back and doing
this incarnation of the show. It’s still, I mean, look at him. We just, you turn and look
at someone after 30 years, and they’re there, and they’re Joey. – I absolutely knew that
Full House would turn to Fuller House, just like
I know that Fuller House will become Fullest House
in 20 years from now. (upbeat music) – Are we up to 30 seconds
of usable material yet? (upbeat music)


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