The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 3 | #TomFerryShow
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The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 3 | #TomFerryShow

– Welcome to Tom Ferry Show. Today we’re talking about
Instagram and Facebook Live to get more listings and some
old school geographic farm that’s gonna dominate. (techno music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry show. This is episode three or four of our listing attraction
series sharing with you 16 of the 33 listing attraction strategies, we talked about at the
success summit this year. So I’m curious, have you made a comment? Have you shared some of this? What have you executed on? Get back to or on
YouTube, or wherever you are, and make sure you leave a comment. Let me know, are you
getting value from this? Do you want more? Did you go back to Did you download all the goodies yet? Are you implementing? Are you executing? Do you want more listings? Well, I’ve got four more
for you, here we go. I’d like you to consider the following, look at the impact that Zillow reviews have had on agent success. I have clients today that literally say, “Tom, I’ve got 35, 42,
107, 300 reviews on Zillow and I’m getting come list me calls. This is actually not the
strategy it’s a set you up to have you recognize the
value of an endorsement, the value of someone saying
I used your services, their services, they produce this result, we would absolutely use them
again, here’s five stars and they’re posting on this
site that we got to drive to. So we started looking at this strategy and a longtime friend Ken
Pozek, great real estate agent. He came up with this
concept, so shout out to Ken. Where he said, “What if I
took that same review strategy “and actually ask my
seller to write a letter “to the neighbors as a just
sold letter from your seller “to all the neighbors endorsing you.” I’m gonna just read you a
little bit of the letter, but it’s gonna be here and
you go back to and download a copy. You’re gonna want to use this one. Check it out. Hey, neighbor, I just wanted
to send you a quick note about our real estate agent Ken Pozek, as you may or may not
know we moved to Georgia for a job promotion, we
interviewed three other agents to sell our home in Crystal Downs. We chose to work with Ken
because his marketing plan was more thorough than
anyone else we interviewed. He proved that he had the
most market knowledge. The thing that impresses most about Ken, was his consistent communication,
his negotiation skills, and his understanding of
the appraisal process. The bottom line as they go on to say, if you’re ever thinking
about selling your home, you should absolutely give Ken a call, here’s his contact info,
phone number and email. We’ve loved living here in North Hill and we’ll definitely miss it. Thanks again for making
it such a great place. The person’s name and their address. The question is, did the homeowner
actually write the letter? Of course not. Because
you’re gonna say to them, you’ve experienced before,
hey, did you write a review? And they’re like, “I
don’t know what to say,” so you prompt them a little bit, and you give them the idea and
they’re like, “Okay, good.” In this case, imagine
you just sold the house, you closed the deal, they’re happy. You’re already thinking I’m
gonna send out my just sold, you wanna take it to the next level. You wanna to use the power
of that review based strategy to get more opportunities
before anybody else does in the marketplace. So you go to your seller,
and you’re like, “Hey, Sean, “thank you so much for all
the kind words and I know “we’re celebrating, we’re
excited your home is sold. “How would you feel about writing a letter “that I could then mail on my behalf, “for you guys to everybody
in the community, “letting them know, just
like that Zillow review “that I asked you to do,
so they can see the power “of what we do for people.” They’re either going to say yes or no. If you did a great job,
they’re going to say yes. Then you say, “I took the
time to draft something “based upon our experience
in working together. “The highlights, the things
that you said really mattered “to you, I’ve gone ahead
and emailed you a copy. “Could you just review
it, make any adjustments “and send it back?” Guess what, you do that,
they’re going to go, tweak, tweak, bam, send. Now what do you do? You take that letter, you print it out. With your contact information. It’s not on your letterhead. You don’t put it in an
envelope that’s coming from Banana Real Estate. You put it in an envelope that any one of the neighbors would send
if they were sending out an announcement to the neighborhood. Hand addressed. Hand stamped. It’s gonna get opened
like 80-90% of the time, hand addressed, hand stamped. You put that letter inside
there and guess what my friends your phone is going to ring. Ken Pozek good on you buddy. This is an excellent,
easy to implement strategy on your next just sold. Alright, the next one,
speaking of just sold, going old school to new
school, it is so powerful today what we can do with this little device. I want you to imagine you
just sold this property. So this is property x, 1234 Banana Street, you’re standing in front of
it, you put the sold sign on and you go wait a minute, I live in 2018, what do I have to do? I grab my phone. I go to Instagram if I have
one of my assistants there or somebody on my team, I’m
on one, they’re on another, Facebook and Instagram
simultaneously and I shoot a video. Hey, it’s Tom Ferry,
with Banana Real Estate, I’m standing in front
of 1234, Banana Street. We just sold this property
and closed and you know what the sellers are elated
because of our marketing plan. But we got a problem. We actually had over 3000
people look at this home online and we had 127 potential
buyers through the property, and guess what, we had
eight different offers. The challenge now is we got
one very happy new neighbor, but I got seven other buyers
crying in their soup desperate to find a home in this community. So if you or someone you
know has any interest or thoughts of selling in 2018 or 2019, and you’re interested in a one party show or a private showing, just
to see the buyers interest. You don’t need to clean up the house, you don’t need to redo everything, there’s no nice homes on the market, the buyers I have, they’re cash ready. They got their loans in order. They’re wonderful people. They want to buy a house
in this neighborhood. If you know someone or
you’re thinking about it, would you let me know, would
you send me a private message or call me at 5551-212-555-1212 and allow me to have my
seven buyers come and look at your home right away. Thanks again, guys. Oh, hi, Mom. Hi. Yes, yeah, we did it. We sold it. They were really happy. Yep, thanks so much. I’m actually interacting with
people as I’m doing this live. Here’s what’s great, you should be doing that
every time you take a listing, you should be doing it
every time you make a sale, on the buy side, on the sell
side doesn’t make a difference. But if we want to attract more sellers, you know what I want to do? I now want to take that, I
want to go in and I wanna boost it on Facebook in a five mile radius to every single person that
owns a home in that area. You could pick age and all that fun stuff and boom, and everybody in
the neighborhood suddenly knows you’re the one, you
listed it, you sold it and you got seven more
buyers, two more buyers, whatever the number is. You do that my friends with a phone number or say DM me, or maybe
you’re super advanced and you’ve got a Bitly
link that they can click on and go to a landing page
and fill out the form and do the conversion side,
whatever you want to do, but this one, 100% no brain required. All right, let’s go to number three. This one’s going to be detailed, Sean we got to put up our entire list of everything we’re recommending. If you’re a geographic farmer, you already know how valuable this is. You already understand that
today a geographic farm for a listing agent is
equal to if not greater than their entire database when
it comes to come list me, and referrals, and opportunities, because you’re adopting 200,
500, 5000, 10,000 people in this community and you’re becoming that hyper logo expert. What I want to talk to you about today is a revitalization strategy of your farm. So if you’re a longtime
farmer pay attention. If you’re considering a
farm for the first time, you follow this plan and
your phone is going to ring. So we call it the domination campaign. Here is your to do list, A through G. So this obviously assumes,
you’ve got a property that you’ve already
listed, so if you go back from all the things we discussed so far, we’ve already given you
a whole bunch of ways to get a listing in one
of these communities. So I’m assuming you gotta
listing in the area, first thing is, you do a direct mail
piece called coming soon. We’re going to give you samples,
you’re going to see them you’re going to go back to, we’ll actually show you all
these great different samples that you can utilize. So a coming soon, hey, this
property is coming on the market you can’t give the address
but you can kind of say in this area, maybe
show a photo maybe not. Know your rules in your
state and in your providence. B, mail address listed, now
we’ve secured the listing this property is available,
if you’re interested call. Then you mail on open house invitation. Hey, we’ve got an open house coming up we want to let you know about it. D you want to mail a testimonial
card or a review on a note. So literally you’re taking a
review from Zillow or Google or wherever you house your
reviews and you’re doing an endorsement of you as a
listing agent, specifically, and your mailing it to that
entire geographic farm. Then what happens? The property sells and you do a just sold. But if you got a price reduction, you can send that one first
that’d be a bonus on my list. Mail the just sold card,
maybe, the just sold letter like we just talked about. Then F you mail we have
more qualified buyers than we have nice homes for sale. Then the last one is,
your mail a market update. I know there might be someone
like, “Oh, my goodness, “Tom, that’s a lot of direct mail.” Yes, there’s this wonderful
thing happening right now as the world switches
almost exclusively to this those that are doing
direct mail are killing it. Why? Because think about your
own direct mail right now, outside of the politicians, and bills, and even then the vast
majority of it has gone away. So now it’s an opportunity for you, especially, doing a b c
d e f g you’re literally you’re doing this to them
7,8,9 times around one listing, guess what they’re gonna know who you are. They’re gonna know what you do. They’re gonna see your success, and bam, your geographic farm is revitalized. The woman, the extraordinary
coach that shared us, this strategy with us, Eileen Rivera. She basically said, “If you
don’t get a come list me call, “quit the business.” If you do all of that and you
don’t get a come list me call, it’s official, maybe you
should have never gotten that listing in the first place. She was adamant about it, because she’s like, “Tom,
I’ve been doing this forever. “It makes it work every single time one “of my clients implements it.” So that’s number three. Let’s do the last one. I’ve been doing this for a long time. There was a wonderful
agent in Beverly Hills, named Joe Babajian, I’m dating myself, for all my friends on the West side, you remember who I’m talking about. Joe figured out very early on, long before he and I did
some coaching work together, that he basically had a
presence in the marketplace, a brand that was established
and at that time, he didn’t want to start a team. He was like, I don’t want a team. I don’t want to manage people. I just want to go on listing appointments, take listings and sell houses. He had it very simplified in his mind. So we talked about, how could you go out to the marketplace deliver
value to a ton of agents that if they have the
opportunity to get a listing, they would be more … the likelihood of them
getting it, if they partnered with Joe Babajian, it
went through the roof. Guess what, it became one of the best
listing approaches strategies for a mega producing agent. So if you’re watching this
right now, and you’re brand new, you might be asking yourself,
well, who inside the office or in my area could I
basically, walk in and say, “Here’s Joe Babajian, he’s my partner,” and you split that first
listing and then you do the geographic farming
campaign that I just shared, and you do the live
video after you sell it. You implement all these things, but you just got to
get that first listing. Maybe you’re partnering
with that rock star agent, if you are that rock star agent, you need to be asking yourself,
how can I deliver more value to all these new agents,
emerging agents, veteran agents, that have maybe felt like
they’ve lost a little like a pizzazz in the marketplace. They’re not as consistent
with their marketing, and you go to them, not with
ego, and this braggadocio. But just, “Hey, if there’s
ever a time where I could be “of assistance, I’ve been
doing it with a few agents “we partnered 50-50 and
everybody wins in the deal “and if I can help you, leverage my brand “and help you get more business,
I’d be honored to do so.” Well, I’ve got clients now
that are around the world that are doing sales
meetings in their office where they’re contributing,
these are the things that we do and this is how we do it and here are some
stories, and case studies, and examples, and they’re
contributing to the agents so everybody gets better
and guess what happens, it’s walk up afterwards and go, “I got this $3 million listing
and I’m not exactly certain “how I can get it as my … “Here’s the story, what do you think? “They want me to reduce the commission, “I’m not exactly certain.” Hey, bring me in and let’s see if we can
work on it together. That, my friends is another
easy, no brainer way for you to win more listings. So we’ve gone through 12, I
can’t wait for the comments. I can’t wait for the feedback. Let me know what you’re thinking
on the next week’s show. We got four more for ya. Then we’re going to be done with this and we’ll switch gears again and maybe start thinking
about your 2019 plan and how you’re going to
win in the fourth quarter. Just setting the tone
for what’s coming next. Thank you so much for watching. Share this with a friend or
two, give me lots of comments. I need more comments on on the blog, that’s where all the goodies are. Or on YouTube, or on Facebook,
or Instagram, or on LinkedIn, or on Twitter, I’m there baby, let’s talk. Thanks so much for watching. Remember, always your strategy matters and now more than ever, your
ability to list more houses that’s what rules. Hey, I’m Tom Ferry, and I want to say, welcome to real estate. There’s a pretty good
chance no one’s told you there’s an 87% failure
rate every five years in this business and
there’s only two factors, agents don’t have the tools and they don’t take the right action. I’m going to invite you
to click the link below and get access to the tools so
you can win in this business.


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