The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 1 | #TomFerryShow
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The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 1 | #TomFerryShow

– Hey, today we’re going
through the first of four different listing attraction systems, so you can be totally
dominant in your marketplace. (rock music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Super excited to share with you guys today a four part series where I’m
going to walk you through 16, there we go, 16 different
listing attraction strategies. We’ve shared 33 of them
recently at the success summit, and here’s what’s great. I’ve identified four for this week, and I’ll do four each week,
giving you an opportunity to become more listing dominant. What do we know, right? It’s cliche, we’ve all heard it before, but you gotta list to last. I would actually take it one step further, and tell you that whoever is dominant at listing property is in control. The business has control of their time, and more importantly with the wide variety of marketing tactics I’m
going to share with you over the next four weeks. You’re also going to be able to say, I want to market to this price point, or to this area, or all
these different sources, giving you a plethora,
yes, first time used on the Tom Ferry Show, of opportunity, so you can win more business. Now very quickly if
you go to, if you’re not already there, on my blog, you’re going to see all these
different marketing samples, right, all the things
that we’re discussing, all the things I’ve got here on paper. You’re going to have
access to to download, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And by the way, while you’re there, I would strongly recommend you take the listing attraction
test, which is a little pdf we have for you, where you can go through
and say here’s the 12 different sources that
Tom’s clients are using around the world, how am I
doing in each one of them? What are my goals? And then what are the
actions I want to take? You’re going to find
it extremely valuable. So make sure you get back to and download all of that stuff. So let’s begin with four. I’ve got two online, two offline, two old school, two new school, to help you immediately
start winning more listings. The first one is this, if you’re
living in the United States over the last five years
we’ve had a 50% appreciation, 50% increase in home values on average over the last five years. So what should you do? You should go back and
identify every one of your past clients, and quite honestly, every one in your sphere that owns a home. And what do we want to do? We want to divide up the list. Let’s just say it’s you know, 50, you don’t want to do 50 in one week because that would be overwhelming. That would be a project that
would take you a ton of time. I’m actually thinking
about two a day, you know, so over the course of x
weeks, I’m going to do two a day and here’s the plan. You ready? We’re going to build
for them a beautiful CMA to let them know the value of their home. That’s the first part. You’re going to do as if you were going on a listing presentation, so you know, doll it up, make it fantastic. Make it beautiful. Show photos, show graphs. Show them what’s happened to home prices in their area over the last five years, two years, three years,
whenever they bought the home. You’re educating your
customer on the good decision they made to buy that property. Now in addition, as we’re
sending out those two pieces every day, we want to add
a little note right here, where it says name,
you’ve done really well. I’m curious have you had any thoughts of trading up or trading down? Let’s talk in the next week. And by adding that
little yellow sticky note right on top of the CMA,
it’s better than just putting it in the mail and
saying here’s the information, here’s what’s going on. You’re letting them know, I’m
thinking about you personally. I’m thinking about you personally. So what are we going to do? We’re going to do that beautiful CMA. We’re going to add that
little sticky note. And then we’re going to follow up. We’re going to make some phone calls. And when we make those phone calls, you know, it’s hey Shawn,
I was thinking about you. I was thinking about your house. I was, you know, so
excited for the increase in value you’ve had over
the last three years, since you guys purchased the property. Are you guys excited about it? And you saw my note, have you guys had any thoughts of selling? You know trading up, trading down. Just engage them in that conversation. Now remember, because
we’ve taught this script many times before on the Tom Ferry Show, when you ask that question, have you had any thoughts of selling? Pause, pause, right. Don’t jump into it. Don’t say more. Because home prices and
this is what’s going on in the market. Just shut up and listen. And by the way when they go, uhhhh, that means yes. Right, that uh, well,
like they’re not sure if they want to share it. If you get an emphatic
no, you can always say, well are you living in
your dream home now? Well no, we probably need
to redo the backyard. We need to do this. And they’re going to share with you, you’re engaging with a past client, someone in your sphere, on something that is meaningful to them,
the value of their home, and the difference you’ve made for them. So that’s campaign number one. Now I promise you, when
you just start to send every person that you
know who bought a house in the last five years, an updated CMA, that personal note, you’re
following up with a phone call, you’re engaging with the right questions, we’re not expecting that every one of them is going to say, hey
that’s it, I want to sell. But what do we know, people get divorced. Kids move away to college. They get pregnant, they get job transfers. They get promotions. Things change all the time. You know and I know, every
agent watching knows, you sold somebody their dream house, and eight months later
they had to sell it. It happens. Let’s get ahead of the curve. So that’s strategy number one. Strategy number two, and this went bananas during the summit. I just loved seeing everybody doing this on their Instagram. It’s that Instagram hack I shared probably seven or eight months ago with you where you’re actually going
to do on your Instagram story a couple polls. So here’s the first one. It’s going to say, are you
living in your dream home now? Yes or no. That little polling device on Instagram. And here’s what’s great,
the vast majority of people are going to go no, no, no, no, no. And a few will say yes. And then the next one
shows up where it says, have you had any thoughts
of selling in 2018 or 2019. Now again, yes, no. Obviously you’re going to
get a whole bunch of no’s on the first one. You’re going to get a
few no’s on the next one, and what are those? Those are listing leads my friends for free on your Instagram. Now this one’s so good
you don’t want to do it like every month, you
probably want to do it maybe twice a year, right. Especially as you’re
growing your Instagram base. But here’s the kicker. Once you get those yeses and no’s, then you want to send them
all private DM, right, on Instagram. Hey Shawn, thanks so much. Hey Mintz, thanks so much
for acknowledging them. And if they said no, you can say, hey do you want to meet? Shall we have a conversation? Shall we engage, shall we connect? We have clients that are getting listings every single day from
this strategy my friends. This one is a no brainer, as
in 100% no brain required. Unless you’re not on Instagram. Then you might need a
brain, so pay attention, it’s 2018. This one, a little more advanced, right. I went old school, past
clients, sphere, easy. New school, right,
Instagram, Instagram stories, polling, you’re going to
have to find the poll. You might have to Google, you know, how do I do that, right. You could ask a 13 year
old, they’ll show you. This one is such a money maker, I’m almost nervous about
sharing it with you. I watched so many people walk up to me, this was like the seventh
point that I shared of 33, and people were literally
walking up to me at break like if I just do that
one, I’m going to kill it. So here’s what it is, non-owner
occupieds and investors. Non-owner occupieds and investors. So what do we need to do? First thing is obvious. Contact your local title rep, right, that guy or gal that helps
you is just absolutely amazing and say, I’m looking
for every single person in my community that owns
x number of properties. That owns x number of properties. Now you may say, I’m comfortable
dealing with investors that own two properties, five properties. I said to the group,
find the ones that own seven to 10 properties
because they’re really in the business, right. They own these houses,
they’re accustomed to rentals. They know the game. And if you’re comfortable
in that conversation, and you do what I’m
going to ask you to do, you’re going to win. And all you need from this
strategy is one or two, and it’s going to be a bunch
of transactions for you over the course of your career. So what do we want to do? First, go to your title rep and say, show me every person that own
under LLCs, S corp, C corp, all the different ways
that they’re kind of, you know, identifying or hiding themselves or protecting themselves, I should say, from taxes, et cetera,
right, in their corporations. How many properties they own, you’re going to identify all of them. You’re going to get a list of I’d say no more than 50. At the summit I said 100
because I was being aggressive, but if you had 50 different families that you could start
marketing yourself to, using the tactic I’m about to share, you’re going to win one. And that’s all you need. Ready, so you got your list of 50. Here’s what I want you to do. One at a time, you’re going to say, okay Jillian, I’ve identified her, she owns seven properties. I’m going to then create
a CMA on all seven of the properties and
bound them into a book. Now if I really want to win, if I really want to bring value, what am I going to do? I’m going to identify in
each one of those pages, you bought this property in 1991 for x, today in 2018, it’s
worth y, congratulations. And I’m going to hand write that on there. I’m going to let people know, I’m doing my research. I’m bringing you value. I’m thinking about you Mr
or Mrs or family prospect. So I’m going to create CMAs on each one, bound them all in a book, and then I’m going to
send them this letter. Name, I noticed you
owned several properties here in our area, congratulations. I work with several
families and investors, helping them with property
acquisitions and trades. I’m sure you receive
hundreds of these a month. Why do you think I’m going to say, I’m sure you receive
hundreds of these a month? Because here’s a hint, they don’t. They’re going to be saying to themselves, why don’t, I should be
receiving these things. I’m a real estate investor. I own these properties. How come my agent isn’t
even sending me this stuff? Very important. Hundreds of these a month. To show you I’m serious about
creating value for my clients, I’ve included a CMA on
each of your property’s current values, take a peek. Here’s the hook, ready,
if there’s a property that’s under delivering, perhaps we can discuss alternatives. If there’s a property
you’ve already depreciated, and there’s no more tax advantage. If there’s a property
where it’s already gone up as high as it’s probably going to go based upon your understanding
of the knowledge, if you’ve got under performing assets, we should talk, it’s so. I can’t even believe I’m sharing
this on the Tom Ferry Show. This is going to be so bananas because I’m going to get some email from somebody, totally random in like Kansas City, who’s going to go, dude, I did that and I got this one investor
and I got like six properties. It’s going to be that bananas. It’s all about execution, but this is good stuff. Alright, so back on that letter. Right, take a peek. If there’s a property that’s
currently under delivering, perhaps we can discuss alternatives. I’ll follow up with a
call in the next few days. I look forward to connecting soon, Tom Ferry, Banana Real Estate. Right, now, do I want to send
this in my brokerage envelope? What do you think? You probably want to send it
in a federal express envelope, a U.S. mail envelope, you with me, so it’s nondescript, doesn’t
look real estate oriented, it’s got the book of all
the properties inside there. You know, you got beautiful photos, you got a cover letter right here. I’m doing this research for you. If there’s anything I can do to help, my friend, you’re going to win. Now what are you going to do afterwards? You’re going to call, right. You’re going to call. If you can get access to an email, you’re certainly going
to send them an email. You know be mindful right. Like you’re doing your
research to find out who these people are and what information you can get, but at the minimum you gotta make the phone calls. And you gotta call and you gotta call and you have to call and
you have to call some more. And then call seven more times. And then call in the morning
and call during the mid day and then call at night. And then reverse it. And you want to do this until guess what, they finally, yeah my wife
and I have been looking at your package and we’re thinking about our property over on,
you know, banana street, and yeah we actually are
thinking about selling. Thanks so much, let’s meet. That’s what’s going to happen. Do your research, identify what list you’re most comfortable,
the type of investor you’re most comfortable going after, and attack. This one is really strong. Make sure you get to, download all the letters. Download all the stuff. Remember, 50 or 100 of these. You get one or two clients from it, and those one or two clients
can be trading properties with you for the course of your career. And that’s what this is about. Alright, the last one. We’re going to go into the future here. What do we know today? Facebook, Google,
YouTube, on any given day, I think it’s Google, YouTube
first, then Facebook, those three are the three
most trafficked sites on the planet. Think about what I just said there. Right, Google, people like,
Google is a verb, right, it’s what we do now. Like you’re talking to Google, Google find me this, Google find me that. Let me go research this, let
me go find the information. You know what’s happening? The vast majority of people
that are thinking about selling their home, buying their home, they’re researching home
values in Newport Beach. Right, or home values in Creda Del Mar or home values in you know Bananaville or whatever their city is. And guess what? As they’re doing those searches on Google, do you know that Google
will give you access to who those people are. And you can then run ads on
the second most popular site called YouTube. So I’m going to show you
guys a video in a second, but I want you to imagine,
I’m looking, you know, homes for sale, thinking about selling. What’s happening with
prices in my zip code? And then like a week
later after I did this, my wife says, oh my God,
you gotta watch this video of Steven playing tennis. And I go on to YouTube,
and I go to the video, and I hit go, but the
first thing that happens is I see this commercial. Are you looking at homes for sale in Newport Beach, California? I’m Tom Ferry with Banana Real Estate. So far this year we’ve helped 36 families buy and sell real estate. If you’re looking to
save time and save money, click the link below or contact us at 949-867-5309. Click the link below. So think about that. People will literally be,
they’ll be sitting there like on their phone
going how did they know? Click link, yes. This one’s an advanced one. Gary Vanderchuck and I
actually talked about this in January at his event saying, this is the next evolution of doing ads, where you’re literally
getting people on Google searching for one thing,
and then when they go to YouTube, that super
popular site that now gets more traffic than all
cable companies combined. Let me say that to you
again, more traffic than all cable companies, like all
of them together combined. That’s how much traffic YouTube gets. And now you’re going
to be running ads there to win sellers. So those are the first four of the 16 we’re going to be sharing over
the next few weeks with you. I can’t wait to read your comments. Which one do you like? Which one do you already do? Which one are you going to do? Which on are you never going
to tell any of your friends about because you want to
do it before everybody else? So let me know, and
make sure you race back to and download
all the free goodies because that’s where it’s all at for you. So get there today. Thank you so much for watching. Remember always, your strategy matters and now more than ever,
your ability to list a large number of properties,
that’s what rules. Hey I’m Tom Ferry, and
I want to say welcome to real estate. Now there’s a pretty good chance no one’s told you there’s an 87%
failure rate every five years in this business. And there’s only two factors. Agents don’t have the tools and they don’t take the right action. I’m going to invite you
to click the link below and get access to the tools so
you can win in this business.

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