The BEST Free Lead Gen Idea for Database Marketing [REALTORS]
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The BEST Free Lead Gen Idea for Database Marketing [REALTORS]

Do you want to know one of the best
strategies that you can use in real estate to generate more leads. Stick around. Today we are talking
about one amazing technique that you can use to generate leads right away. Hi there my name is Michael
Montgomery. Today we are talking all about one simple concept that you can use to start generating leads right away. This is an unsolicited real estate evaluation so you’re a real estate agent. You have access to all of the
information that can help people understand what
their biggest investment what their home is worth. Now do you think that these people
would like to know what their home is worth. Even if they have no
intention of selling. The answer is yes. And this is something that you can
do to help stay in touch with your database and even to meet new people. So how does this concept work. If you’re an experienced agent
awesome you can start sending these out to
people that you have sold homes to. From there you can start to work out
the people that you know. And then even from
there it’s can be people that you don’t necessarily
know if you’re brand new. No worries whatsoever. Even if you’ve never sold a home
this is totally fine. You can start reaching out to people
that you know if you’re brand new you can say
something like hey not sure if you know I’m in real
estate now I’m absolutely loving it as a service to people that I know I’d like to provide you with a real estate evaluation is
that something that you would like on an annual
basis. Most people will say yes if you’re absolutely brand new you can even
say I just want to do some of these for
practice. From there you get their information and you send them these real estate
evaluations. Again if you’re experienced. Start with people that you’ve sold
homes to. Now one of the key words here is
annual. So when you start sending this. Make sure that you have a reminder
in your CRM to send another one to them the
following year. So how does this look. It’s not in depth. Honestly I pull a few comparables. I put it into a report for them and then some people say let’s go
meet them in person. Some people say
let’s mail it. Ideally if you can meet them in person are great. But we also have to take into
consideration that people are busy. Most of mine just go out through
mail. I send a quick e-mail or text or a phone call to the
person say look it’s coming in this week. Do you want me to mail it or do I me to come do it in person. Oftentimes they want it mailed. So I mail it to them with a nice little note and then I follow up after a week or so and say hey did you receive
the port. Did you have any questions. And they also use that as an
opportunity to see if they want to grab lunch or coffee and you can connect with them a little bit further. If you’re new and you only have a few people to
send this to. No worries. Simply what you’re going to do is
after you’ve sent off the report you’re going to ask the person if they know
of anybody else that could benefit from
receiving one of these reports you might get two or three other names from that. So this is an amazing strategy to
start generating leads from your database
right away and you can do this years over years because it’s an annual
real estate review. People will love this and they will start sending you
names because you are going to be at the top of their mind start sending this and you will see an increase in your
business right away. Thank you very much for watching
this video. We’ll see you in the next lesson.

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