The Art of Raising Capital for Real Estate with Darren Weeks
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The Art of Raising Capital for Real Estate with Darren Weeks


  • Edward Ornelas

    Hey morris! what are your thoughts on storage container built homes such as honomobo. I've been looking at them extensively and have a few empty properties I would like to build on for rent. They're relatively affordable and after calculating The ROI, it could be very profitable. My concern is since they're unorthodox would you believe the value of these homes would decrease?

  • The Daily Drew

    If my llc buys a property outright. Then do a cash out refi to purchase a 2nd property. Can i take out a cash out refi to buy a 3rd property? Just looking for an opinion.

  • James Campbell

    The devil is in the details. Clayton, can you make some videos on the step by step details of one of your $40,000 single family homes where you borrowed $40,000 from a private investor with a 5% return to them? For example; who does the investor write the check to? Escrow accounts? How does the private investor get paid? How does the property management company get paid? Who does the title search for the out of state/out of country investor? The process of both you and the private investors name is on the title? If you die 2 months from now how does the private investor get his money back? After the house is paid off how do you get the private investors name off the title? Can the private investor sell the house without your knowledge? What do you do if the private investor wants out after only 1 or 2 years into an eight year commitment? Etc, etc. It's these details that have me stumbling. If the property rents for $700 a month with 40% contingency that leaves $425 a month that would go directly to your investor right? That would take 94 months (8 years) to get the private investors money back to him?

  • Goody PR

    Awesome interview! Thank you Clayton Morris and Darren Weeks for sharing these real estate investment tips for raising capital!

  • Murray Wilkinson

    Darren Weeks should write a sequel to the Art of Raising capital(How to pay back the Capital you raised).I've yet to meet anyone who has made money from Darren Weeks.

  • Firefly

    Omg thank you so much for putting this video and interview together!! I have been searching on youtube for practical ways to begin my journey on becoming wealthy but could not find much except for either inspirational videos or ones where people have an ulterior motive to sell something.
    Great information thank you!

  • Big Blue

    Agree.. your a real teacher. Most other people on youtube always try to sell you their "techniques " you give very good information

  • Rich Ruelas

    Darren gave some great advise like working for free to gain knowledge. Also some great tips on how to negotiate the returns to offer investors

  • Nathaniel Ortiz

    What kind of business did he have? And what kind of funding did he raise? Was it a reit? Venture-capital? Private Equity?

  • Alex Pal

    Clayton, this was a really great interview man! Thank you very much for sharing and cheers to your continued success

  • Carlos Moreno

    I’m thirsty for knowledge, I’m hungry for wisdom…. thank you for not letting me starve or die of thirst!

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