Texas REALTOR® Magazine Minute – April 2018

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act becoming law. and that’s something to celebrate. But people started working on Fair Housing long before 1968. And fair housing efforts didn’t stop in 1968 either. For example, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development recently advised landlords that refusing to rent to anyone because they have a criminal record could be discrimination. Also, local laws enacted long after 1968 have added to the protections of the Fair Housing Act. San Antonio, for example, prohibits discrimination based on veteran status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. And don’t forget the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. In 2011, the code banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. And in 2014, the code prohibited based on gender identity. Read more about how fair housing affects your business, and download a PDF about fair housing to share with buyers, sellers, and renters at

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