Testimonial | Realtor® Shaun Guardanapo | Reno Homes for Sale
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Testimonial | Realtor® Shaun Guardanapo | Reno Homes for Sale

We had gone on realtor.com and put in
that we were interested in the home and a couple of Realtors got back to us but
Shaun was consistent and persistent and let us know what was available. It was
clear from the get-go that Shaun was very motivated, very knowledgeable, and he
wanted to work with us. So I remember having this conversation that hey this
guy’s really on the ball. So what happened was I got a hold of him and I
said actually we’re not looking up in Reno area anymore we want to look more
down in Gardenville area and you know I don’t want to put you out cause I know you work out of Reno he said nope I’ll cover that area too. So he made trips down there we
spent several days looking at houses. That’s what kind of made it clear for us
was that he was going to do put into work that needed to be done to
find us a home that we wanted and he did. It was painless, seamless. He had
everything done on time. He answered every question. Sometimes I’d email him
at 8:30 at night figuring oh he’ll back with me in the morning and I would
get an emailed back from him response within five minutes so it was clear once again
that he knew what he was doing; that he wanted to make sure we got the house
that we wanted. It was an absolute pleasure working with him Oh absolutely. We had such a good
experience with him that we have already passed on his name to other folks that
are looking to move to the area. And our daughter and son-in-law are working with
Shaun right now to get their home as well. If you can have the opportunity to
work with Shaun to buy a house up here, I would recommend you do it. You’re not
going to go wrong. It’s going to be to your benefit.

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