Tampa Waterfront Homes for Sale – Tips When Buying – Lance Mohr – Tampa Realtor

Hi, my name is Lance Mohr and I’m a real estate
agent in Tampa and I wanted to do a video today because I had a gentleman call me, actually
someone I knew in Tampa. He had one of his friends that was looking for a waterfront
home in Tampa Bay. It was more of an acquaintance and the gentleman was looking at Tampa waterfront
homes for sale and they decided to buy a lot so they contacted a real estate agent and
they didn’t know at the time this real estate agent really didn’t have a clue in what they
were doing so let me just tell you about his experience and it was really almost catastrophic
for this gentleman and his wife. They almost bought a $600,000 lot that was on the wrong
location. So what happened is he was talking to the
agent, they were looking for Tampa waterfront homes for sale and then they went to the lot
and they decided to build something so the agent starts sending them information. They
found one that was advertised on the Gulf of Mexico. It was a gorgeous lot on the Gulf
so they went under contract on it, they paid $600,000 and they put $50,000 earnest money
down. Well what happened is they get a little before closing to find out that this lot was
not on the Gulf, it was across the street on the intercostal- big difference. On the
Gulf it was probably worth $600,000 but on the intercostal when you have neighbors 50
yards across from you it was not worth anything near $600,000 so I talked to them to figure
out what happened and I asked them, I said well the listing agent advertised it on the
Gulf. I said well didn’t you see a survey? And he said no, they kept on giving us excuses.
They were paying cash for the property. The listing agent kept on giving his selling agent,
his realtor excuses about the survey and I said, “Okay but when you came to town didn’t
you meet your agent and meet the listing agent at the property and look at the property and
see where all the stakes were for the survey?” He said no and I said okay well didn’t your
real estate agent at least call the title company and ask them for a plot map or did
you see the plot map of the property and he said no. He didn’t know what to do. He was
new to all of this and I completely understand that. It is hard to ask a question or know what
to do when you don’t know what to ask or what to do. He relied on his real estate agent
and his real estate agent didn’t really have a clue on what the heck they were doing. On
the other side the listing agent just seemed completely unethical as well as the seller
so I basically told him how he could get out of it which was pretty easy and there are
outs in contracts, there always is but he ended up getting out of it. He lost $50,000
but I told him first off the seller needs to provide. It is up to the seller and I’ve
done waterfront listings before on the lots and I tell the sellers, look if you want me
to list it, you are going to have to get a survey. I have even had sellers that have
come to me and said if I have the listing I have the survey but I went out there and
there were no stakes anywhere. You are going to have to pay a surveyor $100.00 to go stake
the property because I need to meet the potential buyer and the realtor out there and we need
to walk it or at least they need to walk it and they need to know what they are actually
buying. So you have to get a real estate agent that one knows what the heck they are doing
and keep in mind you as the home buyer, you as the consumer if you are buying waterfront
homes in Tampa or anywhere for that matter in Florida or anywhere else you have to do
your due diligence. Do not just figure all real estate agents are the same because this
gentleman literally was weeks away or not even that far away from buying a $600,000
lot that was not facing the Gulf. Unbelievable! So anyhow, do your due diligence. If you have
any questions on anything, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m doing a bunch of these
video series right here so you can always look at my other videos or type in the search
box as far as finding different videos and stuff. If you have any questions don’t hesitate
to give me a call. I would love to help you out and I would love to answer any of your
questions for you. Take care and I wish you the best of luck. Please visit

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